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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDESIRABLE

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Healing, 95:and controlled by astral reactions of an undesirable kind, such as worry over non-accomplishment,Healing, 112:therefore the working out into manifestation of undesirable, subjective conditions - vital,Healing, 119:are ignored, because the conditions which are undesirable are regarded as the result of lack ofHealing, 119:feelings, his complexes and his fixed ideas and undesirable thoughts, and to focus them upon theHealing, 119:and carries away wrong psychological tendencies, undesirable complexes, leading to erroneousHealing, 126:identifying himself with that which is undesirable until, as soul personality, he repudiates theHealing, 192:lead to much necessary trouble and consequent undesirable effects. These effects will be overcomeHealing, 198:lack of vitality, over-activity, and other undesirable reactions which inevitably produce disease.Healing, 208:in the form nature can be fostered, and making undesirable tendencies powerful. We mightHealing, 222:a part of the divine plan, no matter how undesirable it may appear to those who idealize purity ofHealing, 243:are not the result of emotional conditions or of undesirable mental processes. They are notHealing, 300:producing consequent physical ill health and the undesirable effects which we have already studiedHealing, 311:the working out into manifestation of an inner undesirable factor, and when the inner and the outerHealing, 313:for a time, for it is nature's cure of certain undesirable conditions. Fevers not only give warningHealing, 353:can to encourage and to sympathize, to point out undesirable attitudes, to end wrong ways ofHealing, 375:all that is needed is the elimination of the undesirable and the misunderstood interpretations ofHealing, 385:that healing might be detrimental and basically undesirable from the standpoint of the soul. PeopleHealing, 451:- the good and the bad, the desirable and the undesirable, the [452] past and the future (for theHealing, 502:pain, but because the sensitivity of the form to undesirable contacts disappears, and with it painHealing, 556:to the patient will prevent any return of the undesirable emanations from the patient which haveHealing, 594:possibilities of difficulties, resulting in an undesirable effect upon the physical organs foundHealing, 595:through them. There would be an unwholesome and undesirable stimulation or devitalization of theHealing, 614:(so-called) mental and divine healing, are [614] undesirable and not in line with the projectedHercules, 146:and psychoanalytical prurience are both undesirable. Sex is an energy. It can be inhibited,Hercules, 151:that form, emotion and mind are all evil, undesirable things, to be got rid of. To my mind, it isHercules, 171:would produce an inflow of force that would be undesirable; also this symbol is sometimes calledHercules, 199:that an old foolishness has come to an end, an undesirable friendship will cease, devotion to someInitiation, 134:life of service ahead. That matter of an undesirable type in his bodies is shaken loose, and theInitiation, 135:will result in his taking out of his body undesirable matter, and building in new and betterIntellect, 219:such postures is that they lead to two rather undesirable reactions; they lead a man to concentrateIntellect, 221:he cannot shut his eyes and remove himself from undesirable psychic surroundings. Intellect, 257:the spiritual life. There is a third category of undesirable results which should not be omitted.Magic, 147:of desire in that direction. All seems arid and undesirable, and all fails to satisfy the ardentMagic, 184:becomes aware is that which he knows to be undesirable and the revelation of his own unworthinessMagic, 184:of his own unworthiness and limitations, and the undesirable constituents of his own aura burst onMagic, 187:these forces will serve but to stimulate undesirable conditions, to foster that which should beMagic, 204:in of energies which but serve to stimulate the undesirable aspects of his life, just [205] as theMagic, 214:forms, of shaking out of the bodies matter of an undesirable nature and of breaking down theMagic, 276:watching Brothers that men will transcend all undesirable eventualities and make the goal. One wordMagic, 342:- towards that which we call dark, evil, and undesirable, it produces in those of you who areMagic, 420:not to waste time in attacking that which is undesirable, but must [421] instead bend all hisMagic, 589:is after all a striving to change that which is undesirable so as to give the human unit conditionsMeditation, 65:void and neutralized should the groups contain undesirable elements. Certain things, therefore,Meditation, 70:Some of the effects, such as the elimination of undesirable matter, and the building in of new, theMeditation, 96:automatically throw off all that is lower and undesirable. b. What do I mean by the dangers ofMeditation, 99:and a very dangerous transference of force to undesirable centers. This lack of alignment is theMeditation, 102:tissue of the body and stimulating centers of an undesirable character, or be a vivifying factor,Meditation, 120:under discussion. This may lead at times to undesirable results. Therefore, I shall with brevityMeditation, 198:results on the physical [198] plane in a most undesirable stimulation of the sex organs. In theMeditation, 220:most difficult colors to consider. It ranks as undesirable. Why? Because it has been considered asPatanjali, 258:and to the child stage of the human race. It is undesirable and dangerous. Patanjali, 360:and no smile of satisfaction, contact with the undesirable being again possible." And Dvivedi'sPatanjali, 380:in order to purify conditions, eliminate undesirable entities and so make it possible for thoseProblems, 50:one important thing. What education can do along undesirable lines has been well [51] demonstratedProblems, 96:not arouse in the Jewish reader above all an undesirable reaction. There is little usefulness,Problems, 97:great philanthropists and this in spite of undesirable and devious business methods, which haveProblems, 107:others with an almost frightening rapidity. The undesirable aspects of civilization are present,Problems, 108:conditions and to ignore that which is evil and undesirable, the Negro problem, both in Africa andProblems, 154:- hope through repudiation of the ancient and undesirable, hope because of their ceaseless demandProblems, 169:wrong hands and permitted the selfish and the undesirable to lead. The word "spiritual" does notPsychology1, 114:of an experiment and may prove premature or undesirable. The teaching given in these new groups,Psychology1, 122:order high or low, elementals of a desirable or undesirable nature, flowers, fruits, and vegetablePsychology1, 270:leads finally to physical conditions which are undesirable. Nevertheless, at this time, it is thePsychology1, 296:higher centers; a marriage will be regarded as undesirable and the parties ill-mated where one isPsychology1, 304:training, is equally false, abnormal and undesirable. There is no better training school for aPsychology2, 80:His power, the capacity to destroy that which is undesirable in the life of the disciples. ForgetPsychology2, 149:and the power of divinity. It "rejects the undesirable in order to find that which the heartPsychology2, 158:ever to be found, nevertheless, even in the most undesirable types of human beings; it is evoked inPsychology2, 161:the urge to devaluate the unreal and the undesirable, to discipline the lower nature till thosePsychology2, 261:incident to premature development and to the undesirable unfoldments of what might be termedPsychology2, 271:God's countenance, which reveals that which is undesirable and must be changed and renounced, andPsychology2, 368:and personality expression might be definitely undesirable. The third ray personality, emphasizingPsychology2, 420:of the conscious interest elsewhere. This is the undesirable side or expression of the same powerPsychology2, 430:mental breakdown, and to generally chaotic and undesirable conditions. An intelligently appliedPsychology2, 449:or a great opportunity will be lost and certain undesirable developments will appear and need laterPsychology2, 453:no serious effects, even when there may exist undesirable conditions, or they may mean that thePsychology2, 457:ideology or thought will be regarded as an undesirable symptom, and an effort will then be made toPsychology2, 474:were normal and right in Atlantean times, but undesirable and unnecessary in our day. He isPsychology2, 475:as [475] definitely a recovery and as definitely undesirable as are some of the Hatha-yogaPsychology2, 476:and imprisoning. The interest evoked in these undesirable cases is such that the man BecomesPsychology2, 476:of these lower psychic powers is normal, though undesirable. For the man who is a mental type orPsychology2, 476:abnormal (or should I say subnormal?) and most undesirable. In this discussion with which we arePsychology2, 483:separation of the good and high values from the undesirable, the cultivation of that spirit ofPsychology2, 483:one case there is found a blind acceptance of an undesirable lot because it is the will of God andPsychology2, 483:creates them; that there is no pain and nothing undesirable; he is urged to recognize that he isPsychology2, 490:and guide humanity. They can also be used by undesirable entities and forces. They can, therefore,Psychology2, 494:first is that dreams were originally regarded as undesirable, probably because they revealed orPsychology2, 497:to the surface not only those things which are undesirable in his unrecognized "wish-life" but alsoPsychology2, 498:creative occupation and so drive out the undesirable elements in the life through the dynamicPsychology2, 511:of wisdom but seek for the reason of the undesirable reaction against them in the latent inertia ofPsychology2, 519:the modern physical ills and a large number of undesirable psychological conditions will then bePsychology2, 532:fanatical celibacy. This latter is a s much an undesirable extreme as the other and produces mostPsychology2, 532:extreme as the other and produces most undesirable results. Frequently in the case of a male mysticPsychology2, 532:with the training of the young, certain undesirable tendencies - now so prevalent - would neverPsychology2, 541:even when the motive or motives are mixed and undesirable, or purely selfish. A business magnatePsychology2, 545:is usually unduly great and so produces these undesirable conditions. These again are oftenPsychology2, 545:control. It is, however, far better for the undesirable results to work themselves out in thePsychology2, 578:plane standing revealed, but not understood. Its undesirable potencies were then let loose upon thePsychology2, 583:personality of the medium is perhaps still more undesirable. So completely is the medium divorcedPsychology2, 585:control of the physical powers is deemed highly undesirable. Lack of psychic control should also be
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