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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDEVELOPED

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Astrology, 13:let them work with Vulcan when dealing with the undeveloped or average man and with Uranus whenAstrology, 21:of the horoscope of the average man or the undeveloped man presents no such difficulties. It mightAstrology, 30:upon the broad sweep of some of these responses: Undeveloped humanity is primarily conditioned inAstrology, 59:The Masters do not study the charts of ordinary undeveloped man. There is no profit in so doing.Astrology, 70:and their response differs from that of the undeveloped man or the self-centered person. This willAstrology, 75:accepted series of planetary rulers for the undeveloped and average man. A new combination ofAstrology, 76:inadequate, generalization: [76] Average and undeveloped man, living below the diaphragm and withAstrology, 89:planets which govern in the case of ordinary or undeveloped man have ceased to influence theAstrology, 94:being the spokes of the great [94] wheel. The undeveloped man goes from Aries to Capricorn and toAstrology, 119:being transmuted into intellect. Gemini - In the undeveloped man or the average man, theAstrology, 120:the soul waxes. The fluidity of Pisces and the undeveloped Gemini gives place to the responsivenessAstrology, 121:the selfish aspirations and experiments of the undeveloped man give place to the selflessness ofAstrology, 133:in the normal manner for the ordinary average or undeveloped person, the Word is "And the WordAstrology, 135:and profound conviction. The low grade and undeveloped Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross manifestsAstrology, 136:the superficiality and the airy nature of the undeveloped Aquarian deepens gradually into theAstrology, 170:Hierarchy and in the life history of the undeveloped and average man. Materialism, the fight forAstrology, 209:is potent in the lives of the average or undeveloped man who responds more easily to the planetaryAstrology, 226:from the esoteric standpoint or from that of the undeveloped man. This will be an interesting pointAstrology, 228:in form. Individualization. Self-consciousness. Undeveloped and average man. Human experience.Astrology, 283:the sign via Venus, Mercury and Saturn, for the undeveloped man is influenced by those qualitiesAstrology, 289:no indication of true self-consciousness. In the undeveloped man, it is far more instinctual thanAstrology, 291:in the case of man, involving an unprepared and undeveloped nervous system, glandular system andAstrology, 331:man during the three stages of his development - undeveloped, advanced and upon the Path - to theAstrology, 333:then through all the signs. [332] [333] Sign Undeveloped Man Advanced Man Disciple Initiate 1.Astrology, 367:This leads in the earlier stages and with the undeveloped person to a fluid versatility; in theAstrology, 379:round of the zodiac, followed by average and undeveloped humanity, or from the angle of theAstrology, 403:futility. But this is only due to the relatively undeveloped state of his "receiving apparatus."Astrology, 505:to the savage in the darkest part of the undeveloped areas of the world, so would a discussion ofAstrology, 512:planets dominate and some of the non-sacred. In undeveloped man, the five non-sacred planetsAutobiography, 22:instincts of the animal, the child and of the undeveloped person always precede intellectualAutobiography, 89:influence is nil and whose power to serve is undeveloped. I mention this because this is one of theAutobiography, 106:of the cultured and educated Negro towards the undeveloped members of their race is reasonable andAutobiography, 231:and have no meaning at all. If a person is undeveloped then the probability is that their starsBethlehem, 125:His method was so brief and concise, and remains undeveloped as to detail. The way out, in thisBethlehem, 142:because they work with the collective, though undeveloped, consciousness. From this stage we passBethlehem, 143:from the average man, and still further from the undeveloped. The divine is the Whole, informed andDestiny, 14:and interpreted unsatisfactorily by their undeveloped consciousness. These people are found inDestiny, 17:human beings (even the best of them) were not so undeveloped and so superficial in their judgmentsDestiny, 36:the love aspect of the soul remains totally undeveloped, whereas the mind nature is potentlyDestiny, 88:in this case closely associates itself with the undeveloped aspect of the Leonian influence. In theDestiny, 122:- focused as they are upon the astral plane and undeveloped as they are mentally - theyDiscipleship1, 85:The temporary ideal (intended to guide the undeveloped aspirant) can become a barrier, separatingDiscipleship1, 471:and have, therefore, less background and more undeveloped resources. You have passed and areDiscipleship2, 634:at will, which symbolizes to him the, as yet, undeveloped phase of ashramic conduct. These pillarsEducation, 101:even though his power to think remained entirely undeveloped, he was turned loose upon the worldEducation, 104:of men are as yet practically untrained and undeveloped, they have little power of discriminationExternalisation, 31:told you before, but all as yet so small and so undeveloped that the success of their effortExternalisation, 122:knowledge or effort. The minds of men were undeveloped and not adequate to such a task, any moreExternalisation, 142:feared its potent effects upon the unready, and undeveloped people. Its use has, however, beenExternalisation, 303:and emphasizing an aspect of the will, hitherto undeveloped in man. Capacity to direct energyExternalisation, 321:in the fact and use of goodwill. A great but undeveloped potency is still locked up in mankindExternalisation, 432:holds not those who are mentally and emotionally undeveloped; they are complete realists and seeExternalisation, 466:and not on the shoulders of the unthinking, undeveloped and suffering masses. This is a major pointExternalisation, 526:the educational work of all nations, so that the undeveloped masses can become - in due turn - theGlamour, 86:available, constitute the etheric body of the undeveloped and frequently of the average man. ItGlamour, 86:It will be apparent, therefore, how much the undeveloped man is the victim of mass energy of a lowGlamour, 87:from the world of prana, where the entirely undeveloped man is concerned, or from the lower astralGlamour, 132:those in whom the Christ consciousness is as yet undeveloped, it becomes simply a nice concept andGlamour, 178:they will lose much valuable experience, leaving undeveloped their powers of discrimination. ThisHealing, 30:future time (dependent upon certain factors yet undeveloped) I may deal with them. In thisHealing, 43:downwards and with the stalk upwards in the undeveloped man, but are turned upwards in the case ofHealing, 139:and use. The objective before the primitive or undeveloped man (again unconsciously effective) isHealing, 139:and activity. It is only in the life of the undeveloped individual that clear simplicity is to beHealing, 152:upon the path: The sacral center for the undeveloped and the average man. The throat center for theHealing, 180:to union with the divine. Like all else that undeveloped man has touched, we have perverted andHealing, 180:the diagram of the centers of the ordinary or undeveloped person. It is impossible for suchHealing, 187:safely stated, as the spiritual will is as yet undeveloped in those who seek to arouse kundalini.Healing, 192:difficulties to which humanity seems heir. In undeveloped humanity, the conflict (from the angle ofHealing, 213:head center nor the heart center is awakened in undeveloped man, or even in the average citizen.Healing, 217:interplay or their lack of interplay, to an undeveloped condition, unawakened and sluggish, and toHealing, 290:Karma was, for infant humanity and for the undeveloped individual, a group matter. The man was aHealing, 409:state of consciousness (whether developed or undeveloped), and the second death becomes possibleHealing, 429:and therefore to the world of glamor. With undeveloped people and with the average type of man, theHealing, 461:substance; they are (even in the case of the undeveloped man, and still more in the case of theHealing, 473:the law of love; and the solar plexus for the undeveloped and emotionally polarized persons. All IHealing, 477:greatly aided by cremation. In the case of the undeveloped person, the etheric body can linger forHealing, 487:any mental prison of the soul. These are the undeveloped and average persons who, after theHealing, 488:there is no physical brain and where the mind is undeveloped, the inner man finds himselfHealing, 491:that even in the case of the most ignorant and undeveloped man, the moment of complete restitutionHealing, 500:no longer dealing [500] with average man or with undeveloped man. We shall be concerned with theHealing, 500:soul in relation to its form aspect. With the undeveloped or the average man, the soul plays a veryHealing, 551:and average advanced person; if he is quite undeveloped and relatively a low grade human being, theHealing, 553:still lies far ahead. When the patient is an undeveloped human being and low down in theHealing, 553:suggestions of the healer. This is all that the undeveloped man can do. It will be obvious to youHealing, 560:render the life of the average man or of the undeveloped man so trying and difficult. He may sufferHealing, 579:forms of discipline would be very good for the undeveloped and the lowest type of human being, butHealing, 610:of humanity is awakened everywhere; the most undeveloped races are in process of achievingHealing, 623:directed in the case of the average or undeveloped human being; through this system of glandularHealing, 682:can be brief and fleeting as in the case of the undeveloped man, or it can be of long duration,Healing, 694:the lowest aspect of the will remains as yet undeveloped, and only self-will (which is determined,Hercules, 20:aspirant, but when linked to stupidity and an undeveloped mentality, they fail to be as useful asHercules, 67:new impulses make their presence felt; new and undeveloped lines of approach to spiritual truthMagic, 17:people accept it as a fact; one is the gullible, undeveloped, childlike person who, brought up on aMagic, 193:faculties and the mental apparatus totally undeveloped and latent. When this is the case then -Magic, 336:Those cultural methods also which will take the undeveloped of the race and carry them forward to aMagic, 525:the human kingdom, and on the other we find the undeveloped types which are more animal than human.Magic, 525:the many and varied types, the developed and the undeveloped, the intelligent and the unintelligentMagic, 541:in line with the fancies and the whims of the undeveloped along spiritual lines. It must beMeditation, 220:dark and lurid reds in the emotional body of the undeveloped man rises ever to one's vision. Yet -Patanjali, 145:Karma. Those seeds and causes which are yet undeveloped and inactive and must work out to fruition
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