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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNEVOLVED

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Astrology, 16:interpreted for the average man and for the unevolved man, they can and do indicate the personalityAstrology, 22:of the Hierarchy. They produce an effect upon unevolved man, enabling him to function as anAstrology, 78:related to the five non-sacred planets, but in unevolved or average man, are focused almostAstrology, 178:signs: Instinct, governing desire - Cancer. Mass unevolved consciousness. "I desire." Intellect,Astrology, 182:which distinguish the man upon this Cross - both unevolved man and the aspirant to divinity. WeAstrology, 182:finding for each arm a distinctive phrase: Unevolved man Gemini - Changeableness. Instability.Astrology, 327:trace, at this time, the cyclic appearing of the unevolved. They are the "material units" whichAstrology, 334:knows whether the subject is relatively unevolved, whether he is an advanced man or whether he isAstrology, 340:as they find expression in Cancer upon: The unevolved man as he demonstrates form control. TheAstrology, 395:considered in such cases from: The angle of the unevolved man who will be centered In one or otherAstrology, 412:- as far as man is concerned - they play upon unevolved man, upon evolved man or upon disciples andBethlehem, 182:for which each sign stood. Even primitive man, unevolved and ignorant, was aware of theBethlehem, 196:alter, and the crude so-called sins of the unevolved man, and the faults and failings of theDiscipleship1, 699:development. It might be stated that: Unevolved or savage man responds simply to prana or physicalDiscipleship2, 303:as the following statement might have been to unevolved prehistoric man: "There is naught in theExternalisation, 50:work perforce proves destructive, owing to the unevolved condition of the masses of men. That isFire, 863:the physical or magnetic effect that many quite unevolved souls have upon others. I refer to thatFire, 1090:sin or self-will, self-satisfaction, to remain unevolved upon the higher planes. Yet both groupsHealing, 317:to grip its vehicle - as is the case in the unevolved; or with purpose and intent, when the bodyHealing, 446:approaching an electric shock. No more. For the unevolved, death is literally a sleep and aHercules, 88:his lower mind and emotional being. The unevolved Cancer native is immersed in the mass; he is anHercules, 143:conscious disciple; not a sordid one of the unevolved man, as is often thought. Again, one mustMagic, 207:it is intended and will not work harm to the unevolved. This rule, when followed will bring about,Magic, 295:quite accurate in its delineation for the unevolved and for the unawakened, but is quite in errorMagic, 300:approaching an electric shock. No more. For the unevolved, death is literally a sleep and aPatanjali, 305:three major centers are so powerful in the most unevolved person even in their unopened state thatPsychology1, 40:of World [40] Servers by the sign oo..o; and the unevolved masses by o o o. Forget not, that in allPsychology1, 131:process. Again symbolically speaking, the unevolved man emits or manifests no light. The light inPsychology1, 199:that he can, through an inner mechanism as yet unevolved in the majority, respond to the planetaryPsychology1, 220:in essence, the correct food for man; and for unevolved men, and from the standpoint of the animalPsychology1, 272:to assimilate experience. Those souls who are unevolved come into incarnation with rapidity; butPsychology1, 272:incarnation. The process is under law, but the unevolved progress under group law as do thePsychology2, 54:freer it will be from the limiting karma of an unevolved conditioning vehicle. A close study ofPsychology2, 156:Treatise to deal with the development of the unevolved and undeveloped man in connection with thesePsychology2, 270:the effect of the present stimulation upon the unevolved masses. Thousands and thousands of men andPsychology2, 285:of energies. I would reply as follows: 1. Unevolved man, and low grade human beings are aware [286]Psychology2, 291:Mental Body This provides (in the case of the unevolved or the highly developed) the followingPsychology2, 291:the following possibilities: Ray One In unevolved Man The will to live or to manifest upon thePsychology2, 291:or endurance upon the Way. Ray Four In unevolved Man Aggressiveness and that needed push towardsPsychology2, 293:da Vinci or a Shakespeare. [293] Ray Five In unevolved Man The power to develop thought. The spiritPsychology2, 418:(This is true whether one is considering the unevolved masses or the materialistically mindedPsychology2, 436:around him. When this is the case, the man is unevolved and the cleavages or gaps in hisPsychology2, 614:little registered or noticeable effect upon the unevolved man or upon the average man who is
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