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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNEXPECTEDLY

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Astrology, 310:and when this is carried too far it leads to an unexpectedly futile life. The "lion must emergeAutobiography, 53:can see how deep my feeling went. Then it was unexpectedly suggested to me that I should go andDestiny, 19:over the initial results. Humanity is responding unexpectedly well. There has been much successDiscipleship1, 162:than the rest whilst one member of my group has unexpectedly leaped ahead. Your work is beingDiscipleship1, 752:powerfully and (from his point of view) quite unexpectedly to the realized vibration of the MasterDiscipleship2, 143:with the revealing relations will [143] (almost unexpectedly) produce great and transformingDiscipleship2, 308:Hitherto in the past, revelation has come unexpectedly, as it did to Saul of Tarsus in the BiblicalFire, 1039:the lesser impulses, and can be seen appearing, unexpectedly, as far as average man's knowledge isHealing, 41:This we call death, and it can come quickly and unexpectedly when the soul withdraws withHealing, 653:if the soul intends to prolong the life cycle unexpectedly in order to fulfil some duty, or if theIntellect, 26:to speak in a local figure, and emerge equally unexpectedly into the light of every dayRays, 546:the Master may attempt to impress his mind unexpectedly, and thus train him to recognize what weSoul, 11:the body-mind relation not only in a way unexpectedly rich in suggestion for a more adequate
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