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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNFOLD

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Astrology, 93:incarnating soul: Express the will to be and do. Unfold the power to manifest. Enter into battleAutobiography, 298:of the pattern of her life as it was to unfold. She was strong enough to have knowledge of theBethlehem, 277:of the kingdom whose citizens are immortal, to unfold that which in ourselves is divine, and whoseDestiny, 115:the sixth ray. Through doing this, there will unfold in your consciousness an idea of theDiscipleship1, 23:that the purpose of these groups is to unfold in time the three major powers of all illuminedDiscipleship1, 28:major faculties which the spiritual man can unfold; other faculties and developing capacities areDiscipleship1, 29:of the possibilities and of the Plan will unfold before you as your minds increase in sensitivityDiscipleship1, 113:take place as you transit out of the effort to unfold and to manifest divinity into that moreDiscipleship1, 214:friend of olden days, and you need not further unfold that aspect of your nature. Build up yourDiscipleship1, 242:of you are to submit to such a discipline and to unfold your spiritual natures with such purposeDiscipleship1, 266:and contact is to be achieved, for you will unfold by that method. What you have done is known andDiscipleship1, 356:do. Be ready to give of your wisdom and power to unfold and teach when the need arises... In yourDiscipleship1, 459:Might not the ideas underlying the Lord's Prayer unfold to you with greater clarity if you took itDiscipleship1, 550:is much you can do to increase your ability to unfold continuity of consciousness between theDiscipleship1, 650:do. Have patience as you watch this group work unfold, for as yet you see not the real purpose orDiscipleship2, XIII:service to one's fellow man the centers will unfold naturally and safely without attention to them.Discipleship2, 18:and the results will follow spontaneously. II. Unfold to you and reveal the techniques of work,Discipleship2, 105:in unison and in deep reflection the plans unfold, and each disciple and initiate sees occultlyDiscipleship2, 297:qualities which would-be initiates must unfold is the constant recognition of a focused controlDiscipleship2, 314:is it not so? Your main hope is that as you unfold your latent possibilities, you will be able toDiscipleship2, 577:because you are at the stage wherein you could unfold too rapidly, and so bring about needlessEducation, 53:race), it is now possible for the love petals to unfold. The energy flowing from the outer tier ofEducation, 68:I would ask them to live redemptive lives, to unfold their innate mental sensitivity, and to workExternalisation, 102:you got them, or are you trying to cultivate and unfold them, my brothers? Another of the aspectsExternalisation, 153:any more than a bud which has started to unfold its petals in the light of the sun and subject toExternalisation, 186:into intellect; intellect is beginning to unfold into intuition. The significance of God, theExternalisation, 199:appearing which, in the new world order, will unfold into that major synthesis so much desired byExternalisation, 264:- is it not possible that He Who may come will unfold to us the nature of the Will or Purpose ofExternalisation, 291:to its assistance, I shall not deal. I seek to unfold somewhat the Doctrine of Divine Messengers,Externalisation, 394:progress, to awaken to the light within, to unfold the Christ consciousness and to find the Path ofExternalisation, 527:the fourth kingdom in nature (as they gradually unfold over the aeons) and then, via these, to theExternalisation, 564:to the cosmic dense physical planes. [564] To unfold - within the periphery of the hierarchicalExternalisation, 579:modes of cultural interests, and free also to unfold the higher abstract mind and to interpret itsFire, 540:lower three petals become vibrant and begin to unfold until fully developed. b. Second Group ofFire, 542:with intense rapidity. The three higher petals unfold, and the nine-petalled lotus is seenFire, 545:atoms increases, the petals of the lotus unfold, and the spokes of the radiatory fire come intoFire, 546:to the Ray of the Monad, so will the petals unfold. For instance, if the Ray of the Monad is theFire, 619:is the preserver of that which will some day unfold into spiritual man. It will thus becomeFire, 703:enable him to build his own body of causes, to unfold his own egoic lotus, and gradually to freeFire, 769:in the egoic lotus of the incarnating jivas unfold in differing order and at different periods, soFire, 769:at different periods, so the egoic groups also unfold diversely as to time and sequence. ThisFire, 776:ray. The three circles of petals which will unfold as the result of incarnation. The particularFire, 822:Ignorance, but remain unopened and only begin to unfold as the second circle is organized. II. TheFire, 824:so will be the tendency of the petals to unfold. For instance, in the case of the majority of men,Fire, 825:petal in each ring is for them the easiest to unfold. For both groups the "knowledge" petal is theFire, 842:of this round but the bulk of them will unfold it in the second root-race of the next round, andFire, 870:it to spring apart from the next circle, and to unfold. This threefold energy becomes interactiveFire, 883:the first two Initiations, the two outer circles unfold, the energy of the two is set free and theFire, 1007:circle of egoic petals is beginning slowly to unfold. If students will study the effect of theFire, 1104:felt in four stages: As the three rows of petals unfold. [1105] As the "interior jewel" rays forthFire, 1116:petals" open successively when the three tiers unfold. It is thus apparent what numerous energizingFire, 1191:as yet veiled in deepest mystery, but which will unfold as the true psychology is studied, andFire, 1235:to work with soul energy; to enable people to unfold the potencies of the soul aspect is to putGlamour, 105:possess, such as the capacity to grow and to unfold, to orient the type and to express in time andHealing, 146:all, in the process of evolution, gradually unfold their petals and then slowly turn upwardsHealing, 160:the heart center in the head is beginning to unfold as a result of the growing activity of theHealing, 162:a result the heart center is beginning slowly to unfold and also to reverse itself. The reversal ofHealing, 162:is the inability of the centers to respond or to unfold which in many cases produces disease andHealing, 188:human races which are endowed with the power to unfold the seed of these divine aspects: Lemuria,Healing, 305:was to attain complete control over matter, to unfold the mind principle and to evidence a definiteHercules, 5:process, so that the flower of the soul can unfold more quickly. The inevitability of humanHercules, 54:the word to guard the sacred tree. Let Hercules unfold the power to search without discouragement,Initiation, 137:these three circles of three petals gradually unfold, having a simultaneous effect on one or [138 ]Intellect, 17:[17] and this technique which we will seek to unfold. It deals with the right use of the mind,Intellect, 50:And God, if they but had their freedom, would Unfold Himself in them, would burgeon forth TintingIntellect, 85:supersede their lower expressions. These powers unfold normally and naturally. This they do, notIntellect, 115:to work with soul-energy; to enable people to unfold the potencies of the soul aspect is to putIntellect, 138:then a vast region of spiritual awareness can unfold itself. The soul itself can then become aIntellect, 218:us say nothing about the way we are seeking to unfold the spiritual consciousness; that is entirelyMagic, 55:with which he is surrounded. Enable him so to unfold his latent powers that he can deal with hisMagic, 59:of awareness grows and new fields of knowledge unfold. The first field of knowledge receivingMagic, 70:group work carried forward, and the way will unfold before you, whilst you do the next thing andMagic, 590:himself, leaving his centers to develop and unfold more slowly and therefore more safely. UnfoldMagic, 590:unfold more slowly and therefore more safely. Unfold they inevitably will and the slower and saferMagic, 609:is to develop the esoteric sense, and to unfold that inner sensitive awareness which will enable aPatanjali, 293:development. The emotional nature and the senses unfold prior to the mind, as can be seen if wePatanjali, 380:yet at the stage where it is possible for him to unfold the powers of the soul. The soul aspect isPatanjali, 398:suitable condition can cause them to germinate, unfold, grow and flower forth into the clear lightProblems, 141:our concrete thinking but to prepare for it, to unfold our intuitive perception and to live inProblems, 141:It is the task of the churches to teach men to unfold this latent power of recognition -Psychology1, 72:- the dual aspects of desire. Lower the thread. Unfold the Way. Link man with God. Arise. Quality -Psychology2, 25:and of his character begins to broaden, to unfold, and to improve. Though he is still ridden byPsychology2, 111:and under its stimulation, the egoic lotuses unfold. It could perhaps be best understood if it isPsychology2, 294:(the higher correspondence), are beginning to unfold, and the center of the egoic lotus is becomingPsychology2, 362:and glimpse the possibilities which they may unfold. We will emphasize in connection with each ofPsychology2, 506:which the two coming races will develop and unfold, and thus trains the disciple and the initiate.Psychology2, 598:the difficulties of the psychic powers as they unfold in humanity and on a higher turn of thePsychology2, 598:than would otherwise be the case. They therefore unfold prematurely and before their nature andPsychology2, 653:be possible and this will enable men to unfold their powers - mental and spiritual - normally. ThisRays, 31:the disciple. The "petals of sacrifice" unfold and the sacred sacrificial aspect of life isRays, 328:of the future which the planetary Logos will unfold before those who have unfolded the secondRays, 362:to get this different point of view and begin to unfold within themselves a new sensitivity toRays, 407:from our planet is, among other [407] things, to unfold within Themselves not only sensitivity toRays, 419:to express and certain aspects of life to unfold and manifest. The effect of these intentions ofRays, 556:they make progression; through energy the forms unfold and die; through energy the kingdomsRays, 653:enable him to form his own Ashram; he has to unfold a new phase of selective spiritualRays, 685:freedom "whereby the soul and its powers can unfold and all men be free because of an individuallySoul, 137:Later on, when the spiritual man begins to unfold, he regains clairvoyant power. This time,Telepathy, 38:will be relatively accurate; to develop and unfold a group ability to work as a unit, so that thereTelepathy, 100:to many interpretations, and that these unfold with increasing clarity as he takes one initiation
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