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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNFOLDED

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Astrology, 40:are functioning are those which the Logos has unfolded, and are the gain of previous incarnations.Astrology, 51:soul. His latent possibilities for this life are unfolded. The effect of the sun sign is sometimesAstrology, 91:effects, of problems presented and of quality unfolded. It is well nigh impossible to be moreAstrology, 210:the strength, character and quality which he has unfolded and developed within himself during hisAstrology, 224:the influence of Uranus finally produces an unfolded spiritual consciousness in contradistinctionAstrology, 231:that time two-thirds of the human race will have unfolded the Christ principle in one or other ofAstrology, 263:begin their control of the self-conscious man (unfolded in Leo) and the energies of the second ray,Astrology, 281:mind of God. The lower concrete mind was unfolded in the first solar system and the higher abstractAstrology, 307:involved in form which is itself developed and unfolded through soul activity; he must be aAstrology, 414:it is the physical body. In the soul, it is the unfolded central bud within the egoic lotus. In theAtom, 137:have developed the powers of the soul, and have unfolded its potentialities, we shall be trueAutobiography, 143:These were the things that were being gradually unfolded in my consciousness in 1916 and 1917. TheyAutobiography, 213:The curriculum of the School was gradually unfolded. We kept the work, and still keep it, fluid inAutobiography, 276:and the whole Science of Relations (as it is unfolded in our evolving world) becomes the practicalBethlehem, 58:all and if the race as a whole has developed and unfolded its consciousness, the message He gaveBethlehem, 249:in a different place, and the consciousness is unfolded in varying localities. But that is all.Destiny, 115:upon the subtler planes are being rapidly unfolded, organized and recognized and it is by means ofDiscipleship1, 28:is another great mind power which has to be unfolded. It is one which characterizes all liberatedDiscipleship1, 53:could be expressed; certain powers could be unfolded and a more specialized experiment be possible.Discipleship1, 54:characteristics and activities which could be unfolded under the incoming new major influences.Discipleship1, 111:rightly developed and sanely used; they can be unfolded safely by the man who is mentally polarizedDiscipleship1, 249:All these discoveries have come to you and have unfolded in your consciousness during the past fewDiscipleship1, 402:enabled you to gather around yourself that which unfolded beauty to you - books and beautifulDiscipleship1, 450:in approaching you. You have learned much and unfolded much during the past two years. There areDiscipleship1, 697:Master and developed and fed by his experience, unfolded as his wisdom grew and his capacity toDiscipleship2, 89:available to it and the knowledge and the wisdom unfolded find expression in definite service. TheDiscipleship2, 223:into manifestation, because they have now unfolded the needed mental capacity. The control and theDiscipleship2, 299:will (as yet embryonic within him) can be unfolded. Elsewhere I deal in greater detail with theDiscipleship2, 382:focus. These are simply some of the capacities unfolded by the individual aspirant and - if youDiscipleship2, 412:fusion with its instrument. But, as the race has unfolded the principle or aspect of intelligenceDiscipleship2, 417:are four aspects of a dual whole and all must be unfolded by the Server. The seven, the forty-nineDiscipleship2, 467:the heart center was alive and its twelve petals unfolded. The fourth initiation, which confers theDiscipleship2, 468:and all that concerns the higher center will be unfolded and occultly consummated, again throughEducation, 18:of the "knowledge petals" of the egoic lotus are unfolded. The man can produce, through knowledgeEducation, 18:power. When two of the "love petals" are also unfolded, then a genius makes his appearance. This isEducation, 20:education, this self-consciousness must be unfolded until the man recognizes that his consciousnessEducation, 53:knowledge petals of the human egoic lotus have unfolded, and the Buddha accelerated the rapidEducation, 53:petals of the human egoic lotus are now racially unfolded (and when I use the word "racial" I meanEducation, 103:follow when the sense of awareness is steadily unfolded. The future of humanity is determined byExternalisation, 99:above, plus that esoteric sense which must be unfolded before the second initiation can be taken. IExternalisation, 120:clearly defined. Gradually the mental element unfolded among these pioneers just as the intuitiveExternalisation, 332:to soul injunction, and inner integrity are unfolded and developed. Where these are present, thereExternalisation, 470:century, the meaning of the resurrection will be unfolded and the new age will reveal its trueFire, 538:When a man has awakened the nine fires, and has unfolded the nine petals, and when he has receivedFire, 541:light. The Petal of Love on the mental plane is unfolded [542] through the conscious steadyFire, 545:that the three lower petals when fully unfolded affect, through [546] their vitality, the threeFire, 546:people are found with perhaps two petals unfolded in the first circle and one still in latency,Fire, 615:and his own powers, and until he has fully unfolded the consciousness of the ego; then, and onlyFire, 647:through our planet, one of these petals becomes unfolded on etheric levels, so that atFire, 698:of the threefold lower man; when they [698] have unfolded three of the egoic petals and are inFire, 704:significance of the first five petals which are unfolded in the egoic lotus, he may touch upon theFire, 714:After each initiation the Lotus is more [714] unfolded and light from the center begins to blazeFire, 757:and it is only possible when the fifth petal is unfolded. Third. The conscious cooperation of theFire, 763:the Ego may be, and the more the petals are unfolded, the greater the beauty of the surroundingFire, 763:the rays of the sun. The nine petals are fully unfolded, forming a gracious setting for the centralFire, 776:the three atoms simultaneously through the three unfolded petals of the outer circle, and the manFire, 828:the two Halls; the outer circle of petals is unfolded, and the central ring is ready to open. 63Fire, 841:in which the first or knowledge petal is fully unfolded. They are so called as they represent onFire, 842:upon the moon chain. They have two petals unfolded and the third is for them at this time theFire, 842:to pass on to the probationary path, having unfolded one tier of petals, and organized the second.Fire, 853:organized, and perhaps with several [853] petals unfolded. This has necessarily a profound effectFire, 855:are all organized, and have a number of petals unfolded whilst some are in the final stages ofFire, 855:They are those Egos who have not yet completely unfolded the final tier of petals, but whose livesFire, 860:fully active with their twelve petals completely unfolded that the central circle of petals in theFire, 867:carried out until the two circles of petals are unfolded, and the third is organized. Thus he isFire, 871:the knowledge petals are being organized and unfolded come under the primary influence of theFire, 877:three sacrifice petals in the three tiers are unfolded that this particular type of energy isFire, 883:and is organized as each of the three circles is unfolded. They form, therefore, a synthesis ofFire, 1112:atma. d. Finally, therefore, when the petals are unfolded they are therefore transmitters of lifeFire, 1116:vibration because, when the inner circle is unfolded, the jewel is revealed, and the three "veils"Fire, 1122:which [1122] can reach him. The egoic lotus is unfolded, and the central "fire" displayed. EachFire, 1198:are functioning are those which the Logos has unfolded, and are the gain of previous incarnations.Fire, 1226:as the two inner rows of egoic petals are unfolded; knowledge would not reveal it, and it is onlyGlamour, 47:and when his mental aspect is more developed and unfolded, he will know that the Law of the GroupGlamour, 91:and mental forces which down the ages have been unfolded in a man and nurtured with care; it can beGlamour, 174:the mind of the individual has been gradually unfolded until it becomes the dominant aspect in theHealing, 178:of The Secret Doctrine, there is much to be unfolded anent the relation of the "lunar Lords," theHealing, 194:itself when the entire center is esoterically unfolded or awakened. It is present all the time inHealing, 290:effects. The personality not being thoroughly unfolded and integrated, the man was still involvedHealing, 588:solar system. In that system intelligence was unfolded and was retained within [589] substance inHealing, 683:when the intuition or "buddhic perception" is unfolded. This carries with it the assertion as toHealing, 685:the sense of responsibility, and which - when unfolded - indicates a steadily growing soul control.Healing, 687:- through the activity of those spheres - having unfolded the divine aspects, passes now into theHealing, 690:registered in the heart of the initiate, he has unfolded all possible types of knowledge which theHercules, 19:family. All three parts of his nature have to be unfolded; his mind must be well-stocked andHercules, 21:of the Straight and Narrow Path: the Dot has unfolded into the one and become the axis around whichHercules, 51:in the human being that, when developed and unfolded, may bring new powers to bear upon thisHercules, 101:the number of a perfectly developed and unfolded human being, and of the balance achieved betweenInitiation, 141:After each initiation the lotus is more unfolded, and light from the center begins to blaze forth -Initiation, 169:the second initiation "the secret of the sea" is unfolded to him, and through this revelation twoInitiation, 170:and gaseous bodies of the Supreme Being is unfolded before his amazed vision. The two secretsInitiation, 225:of divinity. These potentialities will be unfolded during the course of evolution. This Triad formsIntellect, 40:training and instinct and has been tremendously unfolded by our modern educational systems, so theIntellect, 84:preceding factors, the powers of the soul are unfolded. Each vehicle through which the soulMagic, 41:of the monad, the will. When the soul has unfolded all its powers and has learnt to include withinMeditation, 75:themselves change in appearance, becoming unfolded, and the rotary movement becomesMeditation, 85:in each center. If the lotus is only partially unfolded, then only some of the petals receive theMeditation, 359:of divinity. These potentialities will be unfolded [360] during the course of evolution. This TriadPatanjali, 50:The holding of the consciousness already unfolded and its utilization, and from the point achievedPatanjali, 69:becomes active, and the thousand-petalled lotus unfolded. Cosmic sight. This is of a nature
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