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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNFOLDED

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Patanjali, 78:in him certain latent powers which - when unfolded - put him in touch with the soul of all thingsPatanjali, 123:as Sons of God with all the powers of the God unfolded and consciously used on the physical planePatanjali, 268:revealing first, the latent possibilities to be unfolded through the medium of the formPatanjali, 295:downwards, is reversed, turned upwards and unfolded. At its heart is the light of love. ThePatanjali, 297:That which is remote or the future is likewise unfolded to him. Patanjali, 304:the fifth or Aryan race, being awakened but not unfolded in the fourth race. These are: The centerPatanjali, 321:awakened, faculty is developed and powers are unfolded. Third, that as this fact is graspedPatanjali, 355:as yet veiled; their true significance will be unfolded in the sixth or seventh races which are toPatanjali, 426:has developed them to their full extent and unfolded the full flower of the soul. The law of causePatanjali, xi:in Heaven is perfect." Step by step there is unfolded for us a graded system of development,Problems, 150:knowledge and science; it has, however, not yet unfolded on any large scale its latent beauty ofPsychology1, 41:to it awareness of its ray life, progressively unfolded; its awareness then is the awareness ofPsychology1, 274:or illegal sex relations. Think of the horror unfolded in those words! Women, practicing thePsychology2, 6:one of the seven sacred planets, the Plan as unfolded upon the Earth is a part of a dual expressionPsychology2, 68:constitute the kingdom of God. Intellect must be unfolded before the intuition can be correctlyPsychology2, 210:from the moon chain where already much had been unfolded. They have not worked up to their presentPsychology2, 285:loving, living, human being. They are unfolded sequentially in time and space and, as a result ofPsychology2, 304:conscious thought; [304] characteristics are unfolded by brooding consideration. To all this I callPsychology2, 312:mental forces which, down the ages, have been unfolded in a man and nurtured with care. It can bePsychology2, 415:which we call self-consciousness is gradually unfolded and perfected until the ajna center, or thePsychology2, 470:to its concrete conclusion, one mental process unfolded and presented in consciousness will savePsychology2, 477:deceived and well-intentioned) and when he has unfolded in himself - through misapplied stimulationPsychology2, 596:disciple who knows the needed next truth and has unfolded in himself the "sense of contact" and theRays, 79:comes and by which the consciousness is unfolded so that it can become the foundation of the higherRays, 110:is absolutely essential that the will-to-good be unfolded by the disciples of the world so thatRays, 123:Thus the sense of synthesis will be unfolded. 3. All creative art will be fostered by thisRays, 134:and [134] the nature of the divine Plan unfolded so that purpose and goal may be presented toRays, 134:and including the Lord of Life Himself - must be unfolded; the essential and spiritualRays, 140:focused and reoriented, and his group will is unfolded so that it includes and swallows up theRays, 328:Logos will unfold before those who have unfolded the second divine aspect, Love, and who areRays, 376:man but which is only consciously and definitely unfolded within the periphery of the great Ashram.Rays, 391:of God. Intelligence and love have been fully unfolded in the Master, but the will is embryonicRays, 469:the possible ideal, and this ideal must become unfolded and manifested in substance upon theRays, 478:wherein the mind principle is developed and unfolded and man becomes a mental creature. ThisReappearance, 26:the aspect of His reaction to knowledge, as it unfolded itself to [27] Him. We have been selfishReappearance, 84:Just as, during the Piscean Age, there was unfolded in humanity a mass responsiveness to knowledgeSoul, 130:into the full light of the soul? Can divinity be unfolded through physical means? Or, accepting theTelepathy, 54:the physical plane, down through the ages, have unfolded one sense after another; one form ofTelepathy, 109:this - when the love nature or second aspect is unfolded or unfolding - becomes the "seed or germ"
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