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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNFOLDMENT

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Magic, 9:form and the purpose of manifested being is the unfoldment of consciousness, or the revelation ofMagic, 13:soul, and live in that soul consciousness. 4. Unfoldment. The life at the heart of the solar systemMagic, 13:of the solar system is producing an evolutionary unfoldment of the energies of that universe whichMagic, 14:and this treatise will concern itself with the unfoldment of that soul and its discovery by man. Magic, 34:at sometime or another an illumination, an unfoldment, an uplifting, and a beatitude which hasMagic, 121:way, and that in this incarnation the mental unfoldment is of prime importance. An ancientMagic, 152:process of creative work and of the evolutionary unfoldment of God in nature covered. It is theMagic, 153:but will result, it is hoped, in a more rapid unfoldment during the later stages upon the Path ofMagic, 165:always in mind that in the early stages of his unfoldment only the coarsest and most [166] materialMagic, 166:to be given during the next few decades, the unfoldment of astral vision and hearing will beMagic, 178:and their education. A certain definite unfoldment of the centers, coupled with karmicMagic, 196:man, as in the case of the second aspect and its unfoldment, the energy simply passes through theMagic, 197:Here it should be noted that none of these unfoldment can ever be approached from the standpoint ofMagic, 243:indicating the apparent ebb and flow of its unfoldment. The outstanding cycle for every soul isMagic, 247:in the pituitary region. When, through occult unfoldment and esoteric knowledge, the relationMagic, 285:the above tabulation pictures the second ray unfoldment, and also that the self referred to is theMagic, 330:which will permit it to recognize the next unfoldment of divinity. Magic, 331:of the soul and for the truth as to individual unfoldment to be made clear to those who, rejectingMagic, 351:the need for the price paid. The spiritual unfoldment of the disciple's character must keep paceMagic, 360:the development of sentiency and its allied unfoldment through pain, They are bringing those typesMagic, 374:which play upon the human being and produce his unfoldment constitute his field of experience.Magic, 374:his field of experience. Those two words - unfoldment and experience - should ever be linked, forMagic, 374:to experience in the form world, a paralleling unfoldment of consciousness is carried forward. AsMagic, 374:of consciousness is carried forward. As that unfoldment produces constant changes in realizationMagic, 376:In himself, the aspirant repeats the racial unfoldment, [377] and re-enacts the racial drama; andMagic, 403:we call by the somewhat unmeaning term of soul unfoldment. These two aspects of the scheme for ourMagic, 528:mode of development and the entire procedure of unfoldment of all the evolving units that we callMagic, 536:than an animal, has grown into the genius, what unfoldment is not possible as more and more ofMagic, 583:is a synthesis of hard work, intellectual unfoldment, steady aspiration and spiritual orientation,Magic, 585:The urge emanating from the lunar lords, and the unfoldment of the solar Lord. It is no easy orMagic, 590:majority of cases) the more rapid. Premature unfoldment involves much loss of time, and carriesMagic, 593:and is no true indication of spiritual unfoldment and superiority. It may indicate the latter, butMagic, 595:grasped technically, and when the laws of their unfoldment should be widely known. But more thanMagic, 624:of the soul in this present period of world unfoldment, or he is becoming increasingly nervous andMeditation, 83:the aspirant to work in line with the law. This unfoldment of the centers is a gradual process,Meditation, 304:pupils without exception, that the life of inner unfoldment and development should be paralleled byPatanjali, 17:mental labor has no part ultimately in the [17] unfoldment of the soul. It is only a preliminaryPatanjali, 37:as they give a clue to the entire process of unfoldment dealt with in this book: Aspiration,Patanjali, 49:knowledge" can be seen at differing stages of unfoldment. God consciousness [50] is theirs, andPatanjali, 50:The vision of what lies ahead. Thus does the unfoldment proceed and in each cycle of endeavor thePatanjali, 62:forces used in his work through his body. The unfoldment and awakening of the centers in thePatanjali, 72:working ever towards the one objective - soul unfoldment. Wrong directions of the life currents.Patanjali, 78:perceptions. We are dealing with those forms of unfoldment [79] and of control which eventuate inPatanjali, 109:impressions, The third eye is in process of unfoldment. Later, as the centers are awakened andPatanjali, 129:of his investigations into the laws of spiritual unfoldment, that two factors must be taken intoPatanjali, 166:and so to demonstrate the need for further unfoldment and the nature of the hindrances to thatPatanjali, 166:and the nature of the hindrances to that unfoldment that the man will be ready to say: If this isPatanjali, 187:and richness of reward (such as psychic unfoldment) are not permitted by the true guru or teacherPatanjali, 203:control of the lower psychic powers, their unfoldment paralleling that of the higher powers. ThisPatanjali, 234:lower and higher. The first step towards this unfoldment is concentration, or the ability to holdPatanjali, 255:stage. The evolutionary nature of all growth and unfoldment is dealt with here and the aspirant isPatanjali, 255:method of every natural process and this soul unfoldment is, after all, but one of the greatPatanjali, 262:value, particularly in the early stages of soul unfoldment, yet the ideal condition is that ofPatanjali, 267:of the seven Lords of the Rays is not equal. The unfoldment of the life of the various planetaryPatanjali, 267:Their vehicles are therefore not uniform in unfoldment. This is a vast subject and cannot be morePatanjali, 268:secondly, the latent possibilities capable of unfoldment in the present world cycle through variousPatanjali, 270:Effect and the entire process of evolutionary unfoldment are recognized and that which is, is seenPatanjali, 270:These three stages in the three worlds of human unfoldment correspond to the three dimensions, andPatanjali, 293:primarily. The heart in the earlier stages of unfoldment upon the Path is the central organ; laterPatanjali, 293:light has its abiding place. In the process of unfoldment, heart development precedes headPatanjali, 293:love of God, through meditation a synchronous unfoldment takes place within the head. The twelvePatanjali, 326:prove stumbling blocks to the progress of soul unfoldment. [327] Patanjali, 349:its colorfulness, and according to the stage of unfoldment so will the colors be beautiful, clearPatanjali, 358:concern the development of the Master and the unfoldment of the Christ into that higher state ofPatanjali, 358:activity has been demonstrated, based upon an unfoldment of the love nature. With safety now thePatanjali, 358:terms serve to throw light on this process of unfoldment. The first great realization which thePatanjali, 361:power is an indication of spiritual growth and unfoldment. Such is not the case. Those disciplesPatanjali, 378:superhuman. The goal of the true aspirant is the unfoldment of these higher powers which can bePatanjali, 379:the two final methods given as resulting in the unfoldment of the siddhis are the only ones thatPatanjali, 380:to note here that the first cause producing the unfoldment of soul powers, whether higher or lower,Patanjali, 381:of Raja Yoga has naught to do. It is part of unfoldment on the left-hand Path. The gaining of thePatanjali, 382:laws in occult development and in spiritual unfoldment is given in the words "As a man thinketh, soPatanjali, 383:by his own effort, to a state of spiritual unfoldment. It might be noted here that these threePatanjali, 409:the necessity therefore for this process of soul unfoldment to be carried forward and potentialPatanjali, 416:contained a complete picture of the soul and its unfoldment. Patanjali, 421:of knowledge, as in the early stages of his unfoldment; neither is he engaged with knowledgePatanjali, 424:to be impersonal where his own spiritual unfoldment is concerned. Yet the very earnestness of hisPatanjali, viii:the various Yogas have had their place in the unfoldment of the human being. In the first purelyPatanjali, x:this science and the rules it provides for man's unfoldment, is indicative of the general trend ofPatanjali, x:contained a complete picture of the soul and its unfoldment. In the Gita we have given us (in itsProblems, 55:or the secondary schools, the intellectual unfoldment and control of the mental processes will beProblems, 55:whilst in the colleges and universities the unfoldment of the intuition, the importance of ideasProblems, 62:- Europe, Asia and America - to the general unfoldment of humanity. The progressive revelation ofProblems, 62:were relatively few in the early stages of man's unfoldment but today those numbers are rapidlyProblems, 147:and its mode of development and of evolutionary unfoldment. In these divine attributes (for that isProblems, 149:To all these above truths, essential to human unfoldment, must be added another. This truth is onlyPsychology1, xvii:speed is an essential factor, if the present day unfoldment is to be rightly utilized and thePsychology1, xvii:and for humanity, and not for the personal unfoldment of any particular aspirant. The individualPsychology1, xviii:that one-third who will be held over for later unfoldment. We are training men and women everywherePsychology1, xxi:is his lack of interest in himself, in his own unfoldment and his own personal fate, and allPsychology1, xxi:great creative Plan, its laws and technique of unfoldment, and the work of the Builders of thePsychology1, xxiv:and individual - leads inevitably to an unfoldment of the mental apparatus (with a subsequentPsychology1, 19:the planes, except in their relation to man's unfoldment, nor shall we deal with the macrocosm, orPsychology1, 22:of expression, and also awareness of its psychic unfoldment. No study of the rays is possible apartPsychology1, 25:as it will be later. Science is a psychological unfoldment in man due to this ray influence, and isPsychology1, 41:is God-conscious only potentially, and in that unfoldment lies, for the soul, its own growth upwardPsychology1, 69:to the nature of time and space, and that mental unfoldment which it is the glory and the destinyPsychology1, 114:which concerns his fellow disciples spiritual unfoldment, within the radius of the circle in whichPsychology1, 158:process, in its wondrous beauty, sequence and unfoldment, [159] stands forth to our awakeningPsychology1, 178:wonders of the universe, and of hastening the unfoldment of the latent powers in mankind. These
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