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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNFOLDMENT

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Psychology2, 585:food for thought and indicated a sequence of unfoldment which is individual, racial and universal.Psychology2, 589:here. When the psychic is at the Aryan stage of unfoldment and is not simply at the Atlantean, thenPsychology2, 601:have brought the whole subject of the mystical unfoldment into disrepute, particularly in thisPsychology2, 602:a restoration of balance and a more wholesome unfoldment becomes possible. The true and valuablePsychology2, 606:because its purpose, its place in racial unfoldment and its contribution to the "doctrine ofPsychology2, 608:takes place at certain definite points in the unfoldment of the human being, but is more likely toPsychology2, 613:They are indicative, [613] therefore, of unfoldment. But unfortunately they are not understood forPsychology2, 613:emerging out of the development and the unfoldment of the psychic powers brings me to a widePsychology2, 614:the Atlantean consciousness and of the mystical unfoldment. I would like here to point out thatPsychology2, 614:womb recapitulates the various stages of animal unfoldment, so the human being, during the years ofPsychology2, 615:to control and to determine the processes of unfoldment to which the child and youth will bePsychology2, 632:and the new religion is to bring about the unfoldment of the human consciousness, to institute andPsychology2, 646:a partisan spirit, Religious unity and spiritual unfoldment within and without the churches,Psychology2, 657:principle underlying the new technique of world unfoldment and integration. The development of selfPsychology2, 711:until some understanding is gained of egoic unfoldment, and of soul contact, with its consequences:Psychology2, 712:the human being is to find adequate time for the unfoldment of his consciousness, and for thePsychology2, 724:all that is possible, but under the plan of unfoldment for the Aryan Race, the activity needed forRays, 10:driving these lives onward to self-conscious unfoldment, they might proceed more earnestly and moreRays, 34:ahead and which is essentially different to the unfoldment of pure consciousness. Had you graspedRays, 35:Formulas of Approach or Rules deal with the unfoldment of group consciousness, because it is onlyRays, 44:remember how, in all my teachings upon occult unfoldment, I have used the word Identification. ThisRays, 55:the manifested world, the impulse towards the unfoldment of consciousness, and the influence ofRays, 61:the first and earliest phase of his unfoldment. That is the personality. I would like to callRays, 61:I would like to call attention to the word "unfoldment," for it is perhaps the most explicit andRays, 61:of identification. According to ray type this unfoldment proceeds, and each triple stage of theRays, 61:proceeds, and each triple stage of the lower unfoldment makes possible later (in time and space)Rays, 61:possible later (in time and space) the higher unfoldment in the world of the Spiritual Triad. WhatRays, 75:the apotheosis of vision and the prelude to an unfoldment in the general massed human consciousnessRays, 81:he now starts off upon the way of the higher unfoldment, of which the first step is contact withRays, 95:humanity a response to that influence, and an unfoldment on a large scale of intuitive perception.Rays, 109:as the Piscean Age has been one of personality unfoldment and emphasis, personality focus andRays, 116:shining forth"; he must now prepare for the unfoldment of the monadic consciousness and for theRays, 122:form a basis or foundation from which the next unfoldment can emerge and on which a more spiritualRays, 123:rapidly developed as the training proceeds. The unfoldment of the sense of vision and of the senseRays, 124:phenomena, all evolutionary development, all unfoldment within the capacity of the four kingdoms inRays, 128:two main groups: those who are working with the unfoldment of the initiate consciousness in theRays, 132:as we now understand it ceases; yet evolutionary unfoldment proceeds along new lines which areRays, 147:is the inspiring energy behind all evolutionary unfoldment, and which creates the medium or channelRays, 156:we enter upon the consideration of certain major unfoldment, major spiritual happenings and aRays, 170:[170] initiated disciples; the objective is the unfoldment of group awareness and of lovingRays, 174:presence of initiates of the same standing and unfoldment. It is their united focus that enablesRays, 178:the last analysis, constitutes the main field of unfoldment and of acquired wisdom for allRays, 185:whereon humanity received its major direction or unfoldment was such that the [186] emotional,Rays, 207:make Their reports; decision is made as to new unfoldment; certain types of energy, cosmic andRays, 207:refers not Only to the human kingdom and its unfoldment, but to the three subhuman kingdoms alsoRays, 236:center, Shamballa. Paralleling this line of unfoldment of the individual, there has also been aRays, 251:the Masters to Their disciples, due to the rapid unfoldment of the mind principle and the growth ofRays, 272:Forget not that selfishness is a stage of unfoldment, and that it is a necessary stage wherebyRays, 283:- a transformation which is brought about by the unfoldment and the development made possible uponRays, 284:itself upon the monadic plane. This stage of unfoldment is in reality the Ascension initiation, theRays, 291:keynotes of: The Path of Evolution. The mode of unfoldment upon the Path. The state of divine focusRays, 295:gained in the earlier stages of their individual unfoldment. Thus you will see that from God theRays, 305:and similar faults, based on lack of spiritual unfoldment. The effort to remove hindrances withinRays, 324:of the seven basic energies or rays upon his unfoldment and his history, and (in a briefer manner)Rays, 325:of the place the centers play in his advance and unfoldment, and of the play of energies and forcesRays, 325:has reached a relatively very advanced stage of unfoldment. I gave you the new teaching anent theRays, 328:anchored. It is interesting to realize that the unfoldment of the love nature is that which opensRays, 333:The Hierarchy pursues its own line of spiritual unfoldment as a paralleling activity to itsRays, 333:to regard their own lives and destiny and the unfoldment of the human consciousness as the factorRays, 342:and initiates at various stages of initiate-unfoldment who have arrived at their point of ashramicRays, 346:settles back into a cycle of peaceful growth and unfoldment after the drastic experience of theRays, 348:aspirant has progressed to a certain stage of unfoldment and automatically now has a measure ofRays, 361:the awareness of the higher levels of conscious unfoldment which the third initiation (the firstRays, 362:to the Master Whose primary preoccupation is the unfoldment of the purposes of Sanat Kumara and theRays, 364:to the expansion of consciousness, so that the unfoldment of the organs of sensory perception inRays, 364:equipment for success, is as much a spiritual unfoldment - in that individual's experience - as theRays, 365:art, are just as much an evidence of "spiritual" unfoldment as the rhapsodies of the mystic or theRays, 388:this Will aspect will have reached the stage of unfoldment and expression on the physical plane andRays, 392:It is will which has brought Him here, and the unfoldment of the will nature of the Masters andRays, 398:process to which the Masters submit is the unfoldment of the consciousness of the relationshipsRays, 399:to master the preliminary stages of that divine unfoldment and receive the needed development andRays, 400:reach the same goal via the way of love. The unfoldment of the will has much to do with TheirRays, 400:other than the human, for two reasons: Your unfoldment is still such that you do not and cannot yetRays, 407:working with the soul aspect and with the unfoldment of conscious responsiveness and sensitiveRays, 409:This was due to two causes: The tremendous unfoldment of the human consciousness during the lastRays, 410:problem: the use of the will aspect in the unfoldment of the initiate. It must be remembered thatRays, 412:can contact and know is interdependent, and the unfoldment of the Life in Whom we live and move andRays, 412:manifestation, just as the successful spiritual unfoldment of a human being and his ability toRays, 415:the blended reality which is brought to full unfoldment as evolution proceeds. The energy of SiriusRays, 419:of steadily developing forms which - in orderly unfoldment and at the demand of spirit - meet itsRays, 424:the Higher Evolution are equally of much greater unfoldment; the will aspect is present to a greatRays, 449:the individual process and the evolutionary unfoldment of all forms. It is, therefore, the path ofRays, 450:knowledge that all future intelligent psychic unfoldment must be based. In the above paragraph andRays, 452:deal with what has been called the "conscious unfoldment of the divine recognitions" (which is trueRays, 455:will-created by the Master. But in this task of unfoldment, of evolution and of development, theRays, 463:attitude of mind. Higher abstract awareness. The unfoldment of the intuition and the recognition ofRays, 465:to the "will of God" or of the greater Whole. Unfoldment of the inner spiritual will, overcomingRays, 482:which the human being in all his stages [482] of unfoldment has been occupied might therefore beRays, 504:point at any given time in the disciple's unfoldment and building activity. Register consciousnessRays, 506:posits a fairly high stage of spiritual unfoldment upon the part of the builder of the antahkarana;Rays, 522:has the Lighted Way. In the early stages of the unfoldment of the Christ consciousness and in theRays, 526:degrees and differing points of spiritual unfoldment; They have been chosen for Their aptitude toRays, 529:our study of the esoteric aspects of mental unfoldment to a point where we have lifted the entireRays, 529:We have dealt with certain high stages of unfoldment which remain impossible to any humanRays, 537:a higher fusion with itself. This process of unfoldment creates certain major points of successiveRays, 543:also. With this well-known and well-studied unfoldment I shall not deal, beyond saying that theseRays, 544:possible in the early stages of the disciple's unfoldment; there again, the teaching hithertoRays, 561:that the Cross is strictly the symbol of Aryan unfoldment. The symbol of old Atlantis was a line,Rays, 561:a line, indicating the vertical line of mental unfoldment and aspiration. The ChristianRays, 564:(the sixth initiation). At no stage of his unfoldment does he comprehend the basic purpose and
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