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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNFOLDMENTS

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Autobiography, 270:the time comes when he is ready for those great unfoldments of consciousness which we callBethlehem, 34:have their universal parallels. Some of these unfoldments in the race lie in past racial history.Bethlehem, 40:which will bring about that first of the great unfoldments which we call "the new birth." Once thatDiscipleship1, 129:life for adjustments to be made and for needed unfoldments to be brought about. Two or three monthsDiscipleship1, 141:all before it is your next achievement and unfoldments. May the power and the blessing of yourDiscipleship1, 148:present life is primarily one of training and of unfoldments in connection with the sensitive,Discipleship2, 670:by little, you will perceive the quality of the unfoldments which presented opportunity can giveDiscipleship2, 675:and to the constant consideration of karmic unfoldments within his personality scope. He has noEducation, 21:of the four minor rays. These four attributive unfoldments in man, through the activity of the soulEducation, 71:and relating of basic trends to past racial unfoldments and to ancient racial episodes will proveEducation, 137:souls so that certain destined evolutionary unfoldments may be carried forward, and the attainmentExternalisation, 147:the Hierarchy chooses to produce the desired unfoldments and changes upon the physical plane [148]Externalisation, 407:just as the religious movements, the cultural unfoldments and spiritual ideas are sent forth fromExternalisation, 408:to be learnt and mastered by man, and spiritual unfoldments always outpaces the outer expression ofExternalisation, 410:the work of Christ, Who summed up in Himself the unfoldments of the past and the hope of theFire, 1209:take on its true importance. Then the nine unfoldments of each hierarchy will be somewhatFire, 1247:and upon which to make a series of cosmic unfoldments is one who has worked primarily upon theGlamour, 267:the Wisdom have any appreciation of these final unfoldments and then only in the sense of theHealing, 283:son of God (with no intermediate or necessary unfoldments), and its contradictory position of usingHealing, 382:centers will bring about major changes and unfoldments, and this not only in the perceptiveHealing, 709:means of sound will be one of the first healing unfoldments [710] to be noted at the close of theIntellect, 58:a crisis is reached and new developments and unfoldments become possible. All this time, the twoMagic, 16:are the sum of its emotional and mental unfoldments and its assets are those which it has succeededPatanjali, 258:in the lower nature and that this causes certain unfoldments and experiences to take place; thesePatanjali, 294:yoga aphorism "energy follows thought," all the unfoldments and developments [295] which thePatanjali, 354:The other senses are capable too of profound unfoldments, but they are peculiarly hidden in [355]Patanjali, 399:lives up to date. The product of the contacts, unfoldments and developments which have governed himProblems, 83:creative powers, spiritual potencies and psychic unfoldments which will prove and demonstrate thePsychology1, 3+4:form-identified existence, through the varying unfoldments of a conscious response to divinePsychology1, 97:firm basis for all our forward looking. Had the unfoldments of the nineteenth and twentiethPsychology2, 239:Insight. We have, therefore, the following unfoldments and possible developments, each of whichPsychology2, 261:to premature development and to the undesirable unfoldments of what might be termed (injudiciouslyPsychology2, 331:of ambition through activity and the succeeding unfoldments, to the stage of approach to the divinePsychology2, 367:This series of spiritual happenings or unfoldments of consciousness in the life of the individualRays, 367:are focused in Sanat Kumara. Some gauge of the unfoldments which can lie ahead of humanity willRays, 658:in the nature of seven planetary initiations or unfoldments; the word "initiation" is not to be
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