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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIFICATION

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Astrology, 482:the at-one-ment of personality and soul, the unification of humanity or the Great Approach of theAstrology, 597:or the realization of unity. It is the fact of unification as seen from the beginning and asAstrology, 597:of life in manifestation. It is the Will to Unification. Today, as regards humanity, its highestAstrology, 602:the revelation of seven Great Beings: Initiation Unification Evolution Harmonization ActionAstrology, 630:from temporary syntheses until there is complete unification between consciousness and form andBethlehem, 50:savage to the family and the tribe, then to the unification of the tribes into nations under oneBethlehem, 95:fifth. Christ, having produced in Himself one unification or at-one-ment after another, for theBethlehem, 139:three apostles. It is this basic integration or unification which religion should aim to produce,Discipleship1, 12:once in the group itself and later on - when the unification is more complete - in the world atDiscipleship1, 596:bring about in yourself the at-one-ment, or the unification of the aims and purposes which haveDiscipleship1, 597:ever in mind the thought that they aid in the unification of soul and body and in the purificationDiscipleship2, 118:solemn, voiced intent the formula or Mantram of Unification, beginning "The sons of men are one,"Discipleship2, 123:were asked to say as a soul the great Mantram of Unification. Discipleship2, 124:of the soul. 7. Then again repeat the Mantram of Unification, beginning "The sons of men areDiscipleship2, 146:pledge to your Master and say the Mantram of Unification I gave you some years ago: The sons of menDiscipleship2, 303:They are then subjected to a process of unification through the conscious and constant use of aDiscipleship2, 351:the hierarchical sphere of work is producing a unification of initiatory effort which is new in theEducation, ix:about by the increasingly rapid process of unification, the reduction of distances, the growingEducation, 48:of the new education: Civilization, Culture, Unification. The grammar or primary schools might beEducation, 93:education will come with greater ease. 3. The unification in consciousness of the life impulse andExternalisation, 258:bring disaster to these potent seven. Such a unification of objective and of purpose is possibleExternalisation, 258:real synthesis of goal and of purpose and a true unification of vision upon the mental plane, ofExternalisation, 392:extra-planetary response. Much of this task of unification lies in the hands of two groups: theExternalisation, 402:and the June Full Moon, the Festival of Unification carried forward by the Christ, the Master ofExternalisation, 532:will with the universal will, and such a unification inevitably brings knowledge. It is, however,Externalisation, 623:demand of men in all lands. Where there is unification of purpose, of spiritual intention and ofFire, 15:existeth was. The wheels were diverse, and in unification, one. As evolved the great Wheel, theFire, 127:through love and is love, and who seeks this unification and this utter merging not from the pointFire, 144:its point of accelerated vibration or the unification of the two modes of manifestation -Fire, 147:the cosmic law governing the tendency to unification; only in this case, it is not the unificationFire, 147:to unification; only in this case, it is not the unification of matter and Spirit, but theFire, 147:the unification of matter and Spirit, but the unification of the seven into the three, and into theFire, 148:") to their cosmic point of synthesis, or of unification with their source. Their source is the ONEFire, 149:eventual abstraction from matter, and their unification with their cosmic source. Hence also He isFire, 158:end of time and space as we understand it, The unification of the three Fires and the bringingFire, 192:knowledge of group sound, and their complete unification. This causes the most perfectFire, 258:covers the obscuration of the schemes and the unification of the seven principles which theyFire, 453:lines of human endeavor, and thus bring about unification of effort, and economy of force in theFire, 579:the aim of all things to unite; approximation, unification, a simultaneous attraction between twoFire, 732:consideration the term has been applied to the unification of the etheric double with the denseFire, 1050:uses. The united active motion produced by the unification of the three vehicles, the sevenGlamour, 3:is the first indication of a deeply subjective unification which will find its consummation at theGlamour, 4:purposes and plans. It connotes personality-soul unification, wide experience, and a rapid activityGlamour, 95:of dualism should be ended and that a process of unification and an attempt to achieve at-one-mentGlamour, 95:(as it is esoterically called), a physical unification temporarily takes place which serves toGlamour, 97:upon the Path of Purification. When there is unification of these energies upon the physical plane,Glamour, 101:of a relative unity, only to have that sense of unification disturbed by a renewed recognition of aGlamour, 219:and the recognition of the greater light. The unification of the dual light of matter and the lightGlamour, 224:problem upon their hands; they are faced with a unification of glamor and illusion. They are,Glamour, 237:Meditation and recognition of soul light. Unification of the three lights. The process of alignmentHealing, 126:One Reality, the disciple progresses from one unification to another, making mistakes, arrivingHealing, 175:into the head center, signifying the complete unification of all the energies throughout the entireInitiation, 18:initiation brings about a more complete unification of the personality and the Ego, and on higherInitiation, 18:the Christian doctrine of the At-one-ment. One unification takes place at the moment ofInitiation, 19:to the burning of the web that leads to the unification of the bodies of the personality. TheInitiation, 99:we must recognize that as mankind completes one unification after another, the "Heavenly Men" onInitiation, 174:the matter aspect. It concerns literally the unification of the self and the not-self till they areIntellect, 55:as plan and as purpose, and it is this that the unification, which meditation brings about [56]Intellect, 106:belief... It brings about an at least momentary unification of the mind by the predominance of oneIntellect, 191:well as declare and affirm. "The first step in unification is the annihilation of separationIntellect, 191:has become separated from imperfections, while unification is the declaration of a thing's unity...Intellect, 191:thing's unity... Accordingly, the first step in unification is to deny that God has a partner andIntellect, 192:put admixture aside..." [192] "Our principles in unification are five; the removal ofIntellect, 192:denying that phenomena have any connection with unification or that they can possibly attain to HisIntellect, 192:from God, because it is universally agreed that unification is the concentration of thoughts,Intellect, 194:of Christianity, there is the same basic goal: Unification with Deity; there is the sameMagic, 39:of mediatorship, of attraction and of unification. This is the paramount soul characteristic, forMagic, 50:flowing force, that force being a blend or unification of two types of energy in varyingMagic, 139:work. On the physical plane, these tend to the unification of the personal life and to theMagic, 248:outside of form, from the central sphere of unification and from the focused point within thatMagic, 287:combined will of the soul and of the lower man, unification and realization are brought about. ItMagic, 336:race. This work will be that of the conscious unification of the soul and its vehicle ofMagic, 385:that, here and now, they are ONE. The unification of the self and of the not-self is his objective.Magic, 402:could be taken to produce that synthesis and unification in the world of thought which would makeMagic, 405:which could if duly utilized, bring about the unification, consciously and intelligently, ofMagic, 407:of the entire body and not of the part. The unification to which the forward looking people aspireMagic, 409:with the situation and adequate to the task of unification and synthesis. This period has beenMagic, 503:between the various aspects of man, so a similar unification has to take place in connection withMagic, 503:all departments of human thought and life, this unification is proceeding and in the training nowMagic, 557:soul, mind and brain are unified and facility in unification has been achieved, furtherMeditation, 79:for the three lower vehicles. It forces the unification of the higher and lower, and it attractsMeditation, 187:of the Lords of Flame. It leads to complete unification, and marks the man out henceforth as one inPatanjali, 224:balanced synchronization and the complete unification of the two parts of the physical body so thatPatanjali, 226:and with the rate of the egoic impression, Their unification into one coherent whole [227] so thatPatanjali, 256:(and then inadequately) by such terms as unification, realization, identification, nirvanicPatanjali, 369:of the effect-producing cause (the unification of the modifications of the chitta or mind stuff).Patanjali, 401:of the effect-producing cause (the unification of the modifications of the chitta or mind stuff).Patanjali, 401:is also by the same method, one-pointedness and unification. The old commentary makes this clear inProblems, 94:whole and are working towards an inevitable unification; they recognize the problems of thePsychology1, 76:abstractly and concretely, and is the point of unification. This Life has also much power today inPsychology1, 125:with the astral body. Another material unification will have been accomplished. Psychology1, 322:gift of synthesis and his prerogative [322] of unification, for - as earlier said - he blends inPsychology1, 344:of the fourth creative Hierarchy. This unification of the three major results of the activity of aPsychology1, 355:age which produced the required at-one-ing or unification (preceding the taking of the initiationPsychology2, 83:electrified forms. 4. Beauty or Art At-one-ing Unification Harmonizing electrified forms. 5.Psychology2, 87:gradually shifting into the realm of soul unification, until eventually (but not for quite a while)Psychology2, 222:subjective and unified aspects, into the task of unification. This is potently taking place in thePsychology2, 225:in the human consciousness, have produced unification with the soul. The higher at-one-ments,Psychology2, 232:with matter also emphasized, thus completing the unification and the desired at-one-ment. But thePsychology2, 234:This instinct or trend towards synthesis and unification can be linked up by students with the laws
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