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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIFIED

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Glamour, 220:the searchlight of the mind. The generated unified light is turned upon the glamor by the power ofGlamour, 232:which they have jointly created by their unified light on to the glamor to be dissipated, holdingHealing, 143:agent. Their interplay, relationship and unified function are an expression of the One LifeHealing, 155:play during the divine creative activity are unified in activity by the full expression of theHealing, 163:Yet these many subdivisions function in a unified manner, and the body is a correlated whole. EachHealing, 164:atomic structure, and is also animated by the unified life of the whole, directed from the head byHealing, 164:the brain, or what we might call the brain as a unified organism. The three glands, carotid, pinealHealing, 185:the impulse of love, in the basic center. This unified fire is then raised by the use of a Word ofHealing, 336:the vagus nerve and the fires of the body are unified and raised, producing purification and theHealing, 454:In death, both the threads are withdrawn or unified in the life thread. Vitality ceases toHealing, 589:the divine will, expressing divine purpose and unified with Being (as identity and not as aHealing, 657:of related auras is, all of it, directed as one unified effort towards the area of disease in theHercules, 51:was that there was a sense which synthesized and unified the five senses and so constituted aHercules, 65:of Hercules, the aspirant. He is soul and body unified. This was the problem to be wrestled with inHercules, 85:sign wherein the duality of form and of soul is unified in the physical body. The opposite sign toHercules, 101:the universe, the spiritual and physical. They unified in themselves the two poles. They wereHercules, 159:unity, the one-pointed going forward, the unified personality, conscious of the soul, determined toHercules, 162:of spirit, and these three are a trinity unified by life that pervades them all. The otherInitiation, 52:know personally are workers in a great and [52] unified scheme of endeavor may encourage these realInitiation, 179:and are not a conscious, coordinated, unified stimulation that involves the whole man. A man,Initiation, 221:its own plane. In occultism it often means the unified triad - Atma, Buddhi, Manas; Spiritual Will,Intellect, 54:which makes the human being (composite, yet unified, as he is) a thinking, feeling and aspiringIntellect, 58:in all its four aspects, is completed and unified as a functioning entity on the physical plane.Intellect, 82:aspects of the human being are synthesized and unified and brought into harmonious relation withIntellect, 112:three parts of the meditation, but reacting in a unified manner the physical or form nature hasIntellect, 159:prerogative of the soul, produce, in the truly unified and coordinated man, results which differIntellect, 163:and instinctive energy are finally tamed and unified in the complete self, which ultimately formsIntellect, 182:and man are at-one. The Self and Not-Self are unified. Tauler expresses it thus: "In this union...Intellect, 225:Still others prefer to preserve the thought of a unified personality, linked to and hiding withinIntellect, 266:touch with one another through the power of a unified realization. This integrating group ofMagic, 21:in existence and in function and yet are unified and brought into relation through the medium ofMagic, 24:or of mental force and do not pass beyond that unified life-consciousness of which all the aboveMagic, 39:The soul therefore may be regarded as the unified sentiency and the relative awareness of thatMagic, 42:Yet these many subdivisions function in a unified manner and the body is a correlated whole. EachMagic, 42:its atomic structure and is also animated by the unified life of the whole, directed from the headMagic, 43:the brain, or what we might call the brain as a unified organism. The three glands, carotid, pinealMagic, 49:world soul, but is indivisible, coherent and a unified entity, thereby symbolizing the unity andMagic, 50:them into certain activities. This coherent unified body of light and energy is the symbol of theMagic, 50:the nature of the energies displayed and the unified nature of the form and work that some idea asMagic, 81:on with itself, welding separated units into a unified homogeneous whole. Mind repels through itsMagic, 285:or psychic, and the existence aspect - are unified and realized. Meditate upon these words, forMagic, 326:the universal religion, the One Church, and that unified though not uniform approach to God, whichMagic, 354:in mass [354] formation, banded together and unified by a common aspiration. Such are the majorityMagic, 385:Later, the soul and its instrument become so unified and at-one that duality disappears, and theMagic, 386:of God, then the three aspects of mind are unified. These we touched upon earlier, and called them:Magic, 386:mind. Intuition or pure reason. These have to be unified in the consciousness of the aspirant. WhenMagic, 402:all into being. When the world of thought is unified, then the outer world will fall into aMagic, 407:and progress. Secondly, those who vision a unified world wherein love of God means love of one'sMagic, 411:of man is developed and the abstract mind can be unified with the concrete. Through their workMagic, 423:of the various schools will some day be unified into one synthetic presentation. Magic, 496:In death, both the threads are withdrawn or unified in the life thread. Vitality ceases toMagic, 517:interlude therefore (from the standpoint of the unified soul and personality) takes place after theMagic, 520:are all in a condition of potent upheaval. This unified triple activity is increased by a cycle ofMagic, 557:of creation. When soul, mind and brain are unified and facility in unification has been achieved,Magic, 572:a state of potency and to harmonize them into a unified rhythm. The capacity, therefore, to work atMagic, 606:of human investigation into one organized and unified whole. Meditation, 356:its own plane. In occultism it often means the unified triad - Atma, Buddhi, Manas; Spiritual Will,Patanjali, 386:the subjective reality which is essentially a unified whole or unity, producing the diversifiedPatanjali, 401:process of form appropriation) is so thoroughly unified and the desire to experience throughPatanjali, 426:He has made a [426] great at-one-ment and has unified soul and body. He stands (as regards thePatanjali, xii:from all objects of desire and stand as a unified whole, detached and liberated from all veils,Problems, 131:The Roman Catholic Church stands entrenched and unified against any new and evolutionaryProblems, 155:through a soporific paternalism), and by the unified effort of the clergy of all faiths everywherePsychology1, 37:he finds himself consciously at-one with the unified divine intent lying behind all appearances andPsychology1, 195:occultist can eventually work in a dual yet unified world of force, and be the creative will whichPsychology1, 226:vehicles and dynamic power are related and unified, then we shall have a full expression, at thePsychology1, 318:entity, as a Being, as a Life in a form. In this unified form Life every human being is a cell, andPsychology2, 4:monad expresses the same purpose as it exists, unified in the Mind of God Himself. This is a formPsychology2, 7:sum total of those energies and forces which are unified, blended and controlled by that "tendencyPsychology2, 222:energy in every form, in all its subjective and unified aspects, into the task of unification. ThisPsychology2, 343:into an instrument for effective world service; Unified, in intent and purpose, with the soul. APsychology2, 393:upon the physical plane, for he is completely unified and linked up with all aspects of himself inPsychology2, 436:bridging and unification, he then becomes a unified personality. Then the mystic can emerge. ThisPsychology2, 608:swing into each other's field of action and a unified magnetic field can be set up which can becomePsychology2, 666:What is of importance at this time is the unified stand which can be made by the men of good willRays, 22:This they can do with the united breath and the unified rhythm. Rule IX For Applicants: Let theRays, 57:lives which, when fused and blended , present a unified sumtotal, animated by desire or aspiration,Rays, 121:processes today; all is working towards larger unified blocs, towards amalgamations, internationalRays, 148:This they can do with the united breath and the unified rhythm. On the surface, this rule appearsRays, 152:of the united breath. The group must attain a unified rhythm. Here you have a relatively simpleRays, 155:in the rule, and also to work with the group in unified rhythm." Thus he goes from strength toRays, 161:all the centers. "The group must attain a unified rhythm." This has no reference in reality to theRays, 163:of the Will as the group is expressing it in "unified rhythm." It is by the use of the "unitedRays, 259:certain initiations and are functioning as a unified group. The simplicity of the subject is greatRays, 335:action in two directions but involving one unified movement, embracing all the five planes ofRays, 407:of spiritual will and spiritual love, completely unified and energetically active in aRays, 497:of development is the complete fusion of the unified personality and soul with the unified MonadRays, 497:of the unified personality and soul with the unified Monad and Spiritual Triad. Only when this hasRays, 621:century; the oldest nation with the clearest unified record is Japan. The United States of AmericaRays, 621:as a young nation, but from the angle of a unified central government, the two Axis Powers areRays, 751:day is not immediate. The concept of easier, unified and happy relations is nevertheless existentReappearance, 154:its telepathic nature, rapport and aspect. The unified, invocative thought of the masses and theReappearance, 156:yet related to each other and are a part of the unified spiritual Approach of humanity. The time isSoul, 84:of the confusion. We are engaged in separating a unified Reality into parts, and in so doing weTelepathy, 69:which could be made available by the pledged and unified Hierarchy to carry out the imminent Plan.Telepathy, 187:the three major Centers will be in complete, unified and synchronized activity, with Sanat Kumara
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