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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIFY

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Astrology, 482:it (in this world cycle) flows the will to unify and to bring about synthesis. This is the forceAstrology, 597:of Love-Wisdom. This basic energy is the will to unify, to synthesize, to produce coherence andAstrology, 605:I - The will to initiate. Ray II - The will to unify. Ray III - The will to evolve. Ray IV - TheBethlehem, 129:plurality, separated units. Christ came to unify, to bring together and to unite in one allBethlehem, 263:in our lives, time for us to begin to blend and unify the deeper elements of the world of realityDestiny, 118:side of life to search for that which could unify the three lower physical levels and this is inDiscipleship1, 8:The first objective is, therefore, to weld and unify the group so that each person in it can workDiscipleship1, 168:Conflict. Hence your power to harmonize, to unify and to comprehend. At the same time (thusDiscipleship2, 188:a great invocative cycle wherein invocation will unify, blend and bring together the two methodsDiscipleship2, 710:and humanity is very great, provided that you unify all these forces into one intelligent, servingEducation, 11:or developed, into functioning activity and to unify it into a whole. Education, 93:with the present, his capacity to correlate, unify and bridge, in the different aspects of his lifeExternalisation, 268:through the agency of One of Them, Who will unify the energies of all Three, and so produce thoseExternalisation, 486:the politics out of the churches, and which will unify the spiritual intention of all the religionsExternalisation, 573:Mysteries. These Mysteries, when restored, will unify all faiths. Groups of spiritually-mindedFire, 351:embrace certain other solar systems and unify them with our own system so that one complete vitalFire, 1160:of spine, alta major center and throat, as they unify in the head) is paralleled by anotherHealing, 183:can arouse the basic center, and with it blend, unify and raise the three fires. [184] One of theseHercules, 67:speed, and also a constant effort is made to unify and coordinate the many and varied aspects ofIntellect, 24:mass education. In this way, we may ultimately unify the methods of the past and of the East withIntellect, 45:produce [45] that bridging body of men, who will unify the achievements of the two hemispheres andIntellect, 52:for man to [52] coordinate them and later to unify them, in consciousness, with the indwellingIntellect, 205:the three aspects of the lower nature, and to unify mind, emotion and physical body into anMagic, 20:force or soul, and that which these two use and unify are in reality one vital principleMagic, 576:in the different centers, how to transmit and unify them and then by an act of the will how to passPatanjali, 60:on into the mysteries and has learnt how to unify the soul and the lower man so that they functionPatanjali, 407:power to visualize the past as a whole, and to unify what knowledge he has of the life of God as itProblems, 162:mode of spiritual Approach which will serve to unify their efforts and establish the seed at leastPsychology1, 38:conscious life behind the illusion, begins to unify the forms into one coordinated whole, in orderPsychology1, 120:recognize [120] this duality and seek to unify the dissociated aspects. When the true nature of thePsychology2, 234:[234] close psychically. It is this instinct to unify which underlies all mysticism and allPsychology2, 676:Servers seeks to discover these people, and unify them into a coherent group. In conclusion, itPsychology2, 710:and influential in their effect on others; they unify and blend and gather around them groups ofRays, 754:of what was happening did more temporarily to unify the world and heal the cleavages among nations
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