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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIFYING

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Astrology, 581:in human evolution) and its group use. It is a unifying, synthetic force, but can be used as aAtom, 134:of definite self-initiated endeavor, and then unifying himself with that group. This is all that isDiscipleship2, 97:protection. My love goes ever out to you and my unifying desire. Will you not aid me in my task?Discipleship2, 106:to have a group enterprise, for it is a major unifying factor, and the inner Ashram with which youDiscipleship2, 163:with its disrupting and at the same time its unifying result, and the release of certain impressiveDiscipleship2, 458:of every world faith. So go on with the work of unifying, my brother - in rain or shine. I haveDiscipleship2, 458:to it. Its theme must grow out of the work of unifying - out of the work you have set yourself. MyEducation, 35:age will endeavor to teach man the science of unifying the three aspects of himself which areEducation, 145:linking all three periodical vehicles and unifying all seven principles. The triple personality andExternalisation, 4:rent or torn asunder, and the amazing process of unifying the two worlds of physical plane livingExternalisation, 65:by the Plan (which are of a spiritual nature and unifying in their effect, breeding not hatred andExternalisation, 325:to their inner belief and knowledge. The task of unifying the men and women of goodwill is todayExternalisation, 331:along the line of interpretation of ideals, of unifying and of strengthening other groups. ThereExternalisation, 343:human evolution), and in its group use. It is a unifying, synthetic force, but can be used as aExternalisation, 478:which right action should be taken, and towards unifying inter-allied policies. They have beenExternalisation, 483:Christ as His great hour draws near is that of unifying, synthesizing and integrating all theseFire, 205:or Will aspect takes ever fuller control. The unifying triangles are produced by the action of theFire, 317:or vitalizes all three bodies or aspects, unifying them into one, and bringing about - by means ofFire, 383:buddhi or corporate action, (for buddhi is the unifying principle of groups) and, in the process ofFire, 433:third Logos is felt at the fifth Initiation. The unifying heat of the second Logos is felt at theFire, 499:in every kingdom of nature, and will produce unifying results within those kingdoms of a kindFire, 518:his mental body, of which the mental unit is the unifying factor. This is - as has been earlierFire, 881:relationships, of the galvanizing power of the unifying life, and the attractive power of one unitFire, 1062:and the "elements" in every kingdom, and those unifying radiating centers will be found. The wordFire, 1169:of Magnetism. This is the law which produces the unifying of a personality, and though it is anHercules, 60:on the physical plane really begins the labor of unifying soul and body. This is the theme of thisInitiation, 16:and so on to the completion. Since buddhi is the unifying principle (or the welder of all) , at theInitiation, 56:themselves [56] closely with the work of unifying, as far as may be, eastern and western thought,Intellect, 81:becomes the instrument of the Self and acts as a unifying agent." - Bailey, Alice, The Light of theIntellect, 204:rapidly hastened, and is followed later by the unifying with the trinity of man of another factor,Intellect, 210:two directions, and the mind becomes a cohering, unifying agency. The emotional nature, in [211]Intellect, 223:with security. Even then he will only succeed in unifying the vital energies of the body, and inMagic, 143:their quota to that great harmonizing chord or unifying word which it is the function of mankindMagic, 314:into synthesis and unity. This means a tide of unifying life of such power that one cannot nowMagic, 329:of the coming world religion; they are the unifying principle which will eventually save the world.Magic, 385:is only as the first aspect, that of energizing unifying Life (which sweeps all forms and allMagic, 493:He has also, in some cases, succeeded in unifying these three into a consciously functioningMeditation, 339:The intuition (or buddhi) being the unifying principle and thus welding all, at the fourthPatanjali, 168:that the soul passes through great stages in the unifying process and that the word yoga covers thePatanjali, 287:the love nature of his own ego, and through that unifying principle all hearts everywhere are openPatanjali, 369:becomes the instrument of the Self and acts as a unifying agent. 25. The state of isolated unityPatanjali, 418:becomes the instrument of the Self and acts as a unifying agent. Nothing remains for the spiritualProblems, 127:to remember that the key to truth lies in the unifying power of Comparative Religion. Only thoseProblems, 158:theme of the New World Religion will be the unifying of the great divine Approaches; the task aheadPsychology1, 52:or principle which is the coordinating factor unifying the inner quality and the outer tangiblePsychology1, 120:a new science of human culture. Then the work of unifying man - man, the psychic entity, and man,Psychology1, 339:Men are steadily becoming personalities, and unifying into one expression their physical, emotionalPsychology1, 346:energy. F 0 U R. 6 6 3 9 - 24 6. The creator, unifying the subjective and the objective. It isPsychology2, 158:head centers to the impact of soul force, and unifying them into one field of soul recognition. SoPsychology2, 436:an exponent of the Christ consciousness, in its unifying, salvaging and constructive aspects,Rays, 170:not the full significance. Embracing, fusing and unifying the endeavor of all these groups ofRays, 461:a symbolic use of words in order to express the unifying goal of material and spiritual evolution,Rays, 623:to swing the tide into a great harmonizing and unifying movement. As we study the effect of theSoul, 131:a soul and possesses a body, and that there is a unifying medium linking these two in the form ofSoul, 144:either proved or disproved. The possibility of unifying the two great schools of thought which seekTelepathy, 130:is this energy which constitutes the cohering, unifying force which holds the manifested universe
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