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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNINTERESTING

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Atom, 83:found in the Standard Dictionary is a profoundly uninteresting one, and is as follows: Man is "anAutobiography, 91:yet in this life they are such very ordinary, uninteresting people. These famous people seem toBethlehem, 77:We must live as sons of God in the setting - uninteresting, drab and sometimes sordid - in whichHercules, 177:from irritability and selfishness in that uninteresting circle where he was living as a humanHercules, 203:doing the next thing correctly. That sounds very uninteresting, but whatever is your duty, do it.Intellect, 24:is no easy thing to do. Viewed from its most uninteresting aspect, education can briefly be definedMagic, 203:and calm. This sounds a platitude and most uninteresting. Yet what is really being stated is thatPsychology1, 208:lifeless, and his music (if he composes) will be uninteresting, though technically correct in form.Psychology2, 158:obey our soul, it seems to us so familiar and so uninteresting that it can evoke but littleTelepathy, 175:activity. These virtues may seem to you dull and uninteresting, but they are most potent and
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