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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIQUE

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Astrology, 71:and Saturn again bring about great changes and unique revelation, but their effect is veryAstrology, 147:of the Sun, for in Leo there is an almost unique condition where humanity is concerned as the SunAstrology, 183:reason that the constellation Libra occupies a unique place in the Great Wheel, for it is theAstrology, 285:The true Leo type must react in a new and unique manner to the proffered opportunity, and when IAstrology, 297:the triple relation of the Sun to Leo which is unique in our solar system, and hence the importanceAstrology, 355:and Initiation. It relates humanity in an unique way to Gemini. In the coming world religion thisAstrology, 356:an unusual situation in the solar system and a unique relation. The cosmic line of force fromAstrology, 360:to our Earth, establishes in time and space a unique situation, for it incites to trial efforts orAstrology, 383:of the Ageless Wisdom. [383] Venus holds a unique relation to the Earth, different to that of anyAstrology, 403:stunned by a sense of his helplessness and his unique futility. But this is only due to theAstrology, 472:Aquarius. Pisces has, however, at this time a unique relation to the seven constellations whichAstrology, 541:liberty and organize for the New Age with its unique civilization and constructive synthesis, orAstrology, 549:evolutionary concern. These are expressed in a unique manner for humanity through Aries, Gemini,Astrology, 600:itself through humanity in a manner which is unique and peculiar. I would here remind you of aAutobiography, 20:Bible was the greatest personal loss. It was a unique Bible and had been my cherished possessionAutobiography, 54:I found that these Soldiers Homes were quite unique and that Miss Elise Sandes herself was a veryAutobiography, 180:greatly loved by me and the children. She was a unique person, rippling with wit and mentality. SheAutobiography, 237:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter VI A third unique thing which the Tibetan has accomplished, and thisAutobiography, 286:Finally, this experiment in adult education is unique in that the senior students can become schoolBethlehem, 13:outstanding episodes, and in their practical and unique relationship not only to the individual butBethlehem, 14:recognition in no way [14] detracts from the unique task of the Christ and the unique functionBethlehem, 14:from the unique task of the Christ and the unique function which He came forth to fulfil. It isBethlehem, 33:the unit in the human family, and also upon the unique mission of Christ Himself. Christ came toBethlehem, 34:we consider the message of Christianity and its unique contribution, let us not forget the past,Bethlehem, 45:the altitude which Christ reached. His was a unique and cosmic mission. But experience of eachBethlehem, 47:God, make the new step possible. The moment is unique and urgent. The call is to the individual butBethlehem, 55:in the imaginations of men; only today is the unique lesson which He came to teach producing theBethlehem, 70:the stable-cave where the infant Child lay. A unique event had happened in the cosmos, and theBethlehem, 89:many modern scientists of eminence as probably unique in its constitution and its purpose. ItBethlehem, 90:humanity, as revealed to us through Christ. This unique function of Christ as the custodian and theBethlehem, 125:and all religions there is an experience unique, and not to be accounted for by evolution fromBethlehem, 167:serve. Christ demonstrated an entirely new and unique way in which to speak and to meet the masses,Bethlehem, 167:such a mind were to utter the entirely new, the unique, this would mean nothing to other men. HisBethlehem, 168:fate is determined, and eventually the new and unique idea becomes the popularly and publiclyBethlehem, 177:century. One is that the Gospel story is not unique, but has been paralleled in the lives of otherBethlehem, 177:of other Sons of God; secondly, that Christ was unique in His particular Person and mission, andBethlehem, 185:continuity of perfected divine men, He had a unique function. He summed up in Himself and broughtBethlehem, 208:In none of these respects was Christ really unique. But His suffering was based upon His uniqueBethlehem, 208:unique. But His suffering was based upon His unique vision. The lack of comprehension of theBethlehem, 259:the final resurrection into life. His work was unique in its time and place, for it marked aBethlehem, 259:of the Kingdom Humanity had also reached a unique stage in its development. The race had becomeBethlehem, 259:coordination. This, on a scale so immense, was unique. There had been isolated personalities. Now,Bethlehem, 259:of its Founder, Christianity has also had a unique mission in inaugurating the era of service.Bethlehem, 260:present and future meet in Him, and give Him His unique significance. He founded the kingdom of GodBethlehem, 280:and our own hope of heaven that the really unique things which Christ did have largely escaped ourBethlehem, 283:I am entering is but perfection of myself, a unique perfection, my wholeness is a unique wholeness;Bethlehem, 283:myself, a unique perfection, my wholeness is a unique wholeness; not yet then am I a beingBethlehem, 283:but can they tread that way without me? 'The unique perfection of myself I dreamed, the perfectionBethlehem, 283:alone: all must reach it together, and that, the unique bliss proper to each. For am I not in everyDestiny, 143:seventy years. It will pass out (by special and unique arrangement) in another fifty years, thusDiscipleship1I - Foreword FOREWORD This book is in many ways unique. Nothing like it has before been published,Discipleship1, 33:must avoid the idea that you are working in a unique way and alone. This is not so. There are manyDiscipleship1, 64:these Lords of Form are souls of great age and unique blindness. But that later, in some farDiscipleship1, 72:them should be remembered: They constitute a unique experiment in the sense that - knowing theDiscipleship1, 95:almost unapparent [95] growth. You are in no way unique or far ahead of the senior world aspirants.Discipleship1, 154:your life will simplify and certain of your unique personality problems will disappear. Then andDiscipleship1, 370:body is also upon the first ray which is an unique occurrence and rarely to be found. It is hereDiscipleship1, 437:the handling of force and present their own unique problems. Your mental body is on the fifth RayDiscipleship1, 501:yet - at the same time - it opens the door of unique opportunity for you. The two major rays (ofDiscipleship1, 509:misery. Your personal problem is far from unique. What has constituted the main difficulty has beenDiscipleship1, 538:of service. I have also for you a somewhat unique task. Think out and design a symbol - an esotericDiscipleship1, 748:cost. Then the Ashram can be a center of unique world potency. Chelas on the thread employ aDiscipleship2as a trained collaborator and initiated an unique and pioneering experiment in new age training forDiscipleship2all of whom were known to A.A.B., to whom this unique and transcendent opportunity was offered.Discipleship2, 12:of words; through this, she has made my books unique. She provides a standard which has noDiscipleship2, 69:days, that your own personal development, your unique problem (so regarded by you) and yourDiscipleship2, 75:I have asked for aid? Why search for something unique and special and different from that of theDiscipleship2, 97:are many. A short, tabulated statement as to the unique work which every Ashram carries on in theDiscipleship2, 109:otherwise could help. They like to show their unique familiarity with hierarchical principles but,Discipleship2, 141:needed by disciples, prior to unfolding a unique kind of ashramic sensitivity. It was intended,Discipleship2, 159:over the undertaking. This Invocation is also unique in the sense that it invokes all the threeDiscipleship2, 161:expresses this complete interdependence in an unique manner. Discipleship2, 199:the immediate future requires. It is also - in a unique sense - the technique whereby the MastersDiscipleship2, 216:this present civilization. This civilization is unique, because it is the result of all theDiscipleship2, 364:to be found between initiations. They have unique reference to the pattern of theDiscipleship2, 375:The first Point of Revelation has necessarily an unique relation to the physical plane, to theDiscipleship2, 377:phenomena. But the initiate-disciple receives an unique revelation and an applied conditioningDiscipleship2, 385:with joy) that this little planet is essentially unique in its purpose and its techniques, and thatDiscipleship2, 388:a light upon the initiatory process which is unique, synthetic in value and enlightening. As I haveDiscipleship2, 428:mental plane and there - for a brief time - an unique process of consolidation and of consequentlyDiscipleship2, 428:greater fusion is brought about. In this unique moment in the history of humanity, this moment ofDiscipleship2, 447:from regarding your planned organization as unique and if you do not attempt to live up so entirelyDiscipleship2, 471:soul relation; these bring with them their own unique difficulties which can be shared with no oneDiscipleship2, 471:which our modern humanity lives; these today are unique and of disturbing importance; they involveDiscipleship2, 678:and of the new era is greater still, and the unique thing which the Goodwill work has to offer isDiscipleship2, 741:with your seventh ray force, makes for almost unique and unusual service; however - and here lies aDiscipleship2, 757:What, therefore, brother of mine, should be the unique realization which this particularEducation, 17:way creative work will no longer be regarded as unique and manifesting sporadically as is now theEducation, 74:which should be immediately inculcated: the unique value of the individual, the beauty of humanity,Externalisation, 76:money. They constitute, in a strange manner, a unique and distinctly separated world center ofExternalisation, 80:that your position in believing this is somewhat unique and that you stand somewhat alone. But thisExternalisation, 209:then to express themselves, and to make their unique contribution to the welfare of the wholeExternalisation, 384:two other people to work with you. There is a unique potency in this triple relationship. GodExternalisation, 432:what is not their own, to regard themselves as unique, superior, and as embodying a super-race;Externalisation, 443:favor weakness towards the Axis Powers at this unique and critical moment. The form or forms ofExternalisation, 445:27th, and the Full Moon of June - Christ's "Unique Occasion" as it has been called - which falls onExternalisation, 480:to the coming Full Moon of June as "Christ's Unique Occasion." (The Reappearance of the Christ,Externalisation, 483:of the past, then humanity will rise again. The unique opportunity which confronts the Christ asExternalisation, 553:great Festivals: the Wesak Festival and Christ's Unique Occasion. One point I must make here, and IExternalisation, 554:stress of war could evoke. This year will mark a unique and peculiar opportunity, based on the fact
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