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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIQUE

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Rays, 728:there is the probability that our planet has a unique relation to the Heart of the Sun. There areReappearance, 15:II - The World Today CHAPTER TWO Christ's Unique Occasion - The World Today In any acceptance ofReappearance, 15:of His coming is nothing new; in it lies nothing unique or different; those who still hold to theReappearance, 15:us, however, to believe that the present time is unique in more ways than one, and that the ChristReappearance, 15:one, and that the Christ is confronted with an unique occasion. This unique opportunity with whichReappearance, 15:is confronted with an unique occasion. This unique opportunity with which He is presented isReappearance, 15:by certain world conditions which themselves are unique; there are factors present in the worldReappearance, 16:curiosity and cannot be hidden. This creates an unique condition in which to work, and one which noReappearance, 16:and more expectant of the unusual and the unique than at any other time in history. TheirReappearance, 17:during the past century, and this will present a unique opportunity for the restoration of trueReappearance, 19:and - for this He too must prepare. Another unique factor which will distinguish His coming will beReappearance, 20:of an inner, spiritual world. All this creates a unique preparedness which presents the Christ withReappearance, 20:preparedness which presents the Christ with unique opportunities and unique problems. All theseReappearance, 20:the Christ with unique opportunities and unique problems. All these spiritual forces and manyReappearance, 20:- Chapter II - The World Today There is also a unique revival of the ancient teaching of the BuddhaReappearance, 20:of enlightenment and there is everywhere today a unique emphasis upon light. Countless millionsReappearance, 21:Way of right relationships. The present time is unique in that it is (as never before) a cycle orReappearance, 22:and in the world. There is, therefore, this unique difference between the expected coming of theReappearance, 22:is now swinging into full tide is part of the unique condition with which the Christ is faced.Reappearance, 23:will inaugurate and which will constitute His unique work - within which all His other activitiesReappearance, 23:are the outer evidence. It was these various unique conditions which the Christ faced during theReappearance, 23:of selfishness and of the world war, the unique sensitivity which men everywhere were showing (as aReappearance, 23:(as a result of the evolutionary process) the unique spread of knowledge about the spiritualReappearance, 23:knowledge about the spiritual Hierarchy and the unique development of group consciousness, showingReappearance, 23:of conferences, confronted Christ with His unique occasion and presented Him with a decision whichReappearance, 30:Today Today, humanity stands at a peculiar and unique middle point, between an unhappy past and aReappearance, 61:the entire world; we have also considered the unique opportunity with which Christ is today facedReappearance, 63:crystalline purity of the early teaching and the unique simplicity of the Christ have disappearedReappearance, 76:to the subhuman kingdoms, but the Christ holds a unique place in relation to humanity. To expressReappearance, 97:Christ is subjecting Himself at this time to an unique process of training. Of this training, HisReappearance, 107:which is the true death of the spirit. He made a unique contribution to the teaching given byReappearance, 110:Jews nor any other people have special rights or unique privileges or may claim Him as their own;Soul, 10:book its especial significance, however, is the unique comparison which the author makes betweenTelepathy, 94:upon which he can draw. This is a statement of unique and unusual importance. Later still, heTelepathy, 128:slant to the teaching by making Christ appear as unique, though the higher criticism (deemed soTelepathy, 139:will all increasingly be focused on this unique substance which is the true form to which allTelepathy, 178:possesses its own differentiated life, its own unique quality or integral coloring, and its ownTelepathy, 188:of the central Triangle of the Hierarchy is unique and far-reaching. Telepathy, 191:as "receptive and distributing agents" in an unique manner: The Ajna Center (the center between the
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