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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIQUELY

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Astrology, 361:which lies behind the fact that our Earth is uniquely the "planet of releasing sorrow and ofAstrology, 369:ruling planets, and yet both are right. Uniquely for him, Sepharial gives the three planets ofBethlehem, 159:of flesh, and this mountain experience is not uniquely Christian. But Christ was the first toBethlehem, 190:be the custodians of a revelation which was not uniquely theirs, but which had always been presentBethlehem, 259:the kingdom of spiritual lives, and herein, uniquely, Christ emerges. He is the founder of thatBethlehem, 261:In these respects Christ and His mission were uniquely important. He taught us to work towardsBethlehem, 278:the life and hope in all of us. It is only the uniquely significant who understand the true innerDestiny, 111:can be noted in an era wherein the sixth ray is uniquely active, then the reason for the potency ofDestiny, 147:regarded by those who do not know any better as uniquely the Festival of the Christ, and this theDiscipleship2, 174:and take on a new and vital livingness. It is uniquely related to all true and ancient beliefs; itExternalisation, 88:and influential part and is working more uniquely and specifically than ever before in the historyExternalisation, 329:and ideas to the group decision. Let this be uniquely a group effort. 2. Press forward with theExternalisation, 543:of divine purpose down the ages, each of which uniquely altered the point of view and the patternExternalisation, 555:Externalization The Festival of June which is so uniquely Christ's, and which emphasizes HisExternalisation, 641:you do likewise. The spiritual energies are then uniquely available. 6. Discover the members of theProblems, 103:religion, goals, characteristics, culture and a uniquely ancient and most reactionary civilization,Problems, 104:the world war. It was, however, a treatment not uniquely theirs but meted out also to Poles, GreeksPsychology2, 210:as the Christ has done. He, therefore, stands uniquely alone. Just how and why egos come into ourPsychology2, 293:interesting to remember that the etheric body is uniquely constituted; it is the instrument ofPsychology2, 657:The development of self consciousness and of the uniquely separative individual has been the rightPsychology2, 702:and truly to the impact of ideas. This also was uniquely successful. The Hierarchy of souls whoRays, 269:- the three and the six which most uniquely concern the fourth kingdom in nature. Other planets andRays, 270:draw Their needed energy and to which They are uniquely related through Their individual karma.Rays, 281:with the transforming of the personality, but is uniquely related to the interior work of theRays, 420:of all of Them eventually, are curiously and uniquely connected. The Master on this Path works atRays, 501:which we shall be concerned are the methods, uniquely possible on the seven major lines ofRays, 559:Attribute, because these rays are peculiarly and uniquely related to the fourth kingdom in nature,Rays, 690:initiations. It comes from Shamballa and is uniquely (in a sense undefinable and henceReappearance, 16:of the world to what is new or needed is also uniquely different; man has progressed far in hisReappearance, 17:Today, when He comes, He will find a world uniquely free from the grip and hold of ecclesiasticism;Reappearance, 19:interest within a few minutes. This makes it uniquely possible for Him to work in the future. TheReappearance, 21:Right Rapture or Happiness. This message is uniquely needed today in a world in which most of theseReappearance, 29:The Gethsemane experience was an experience uniquely possible only to those Sons of God Who haveReappearance, 73:of power. Today the energies which will be uniquely distinctive of the Kingdom of God are gatheringReappearance, 78:New Group of World Servers; [78] this group is uniquely related to this Avatar of Synthesis. The
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