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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIT

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Fire, 317:likeness between these is pondered on. Man is a unit, functioning as a unit in the causal body. HeFire, 317:is pondered on. Man is a unit, functioning as a unit in the causal body. He is a triplicityFire, 325:vehicles are negative; hence he is the central unit of positive electricity that draws and holds toFire, 327:the Human Hierarchy, the fourth creative. Every unit of the human family has to attain this masteryFire, 333:them all together coherently so that he is a unit. A planetary Logos similarly does the same, withFire, 334:in the solar ring-pass-not. A man is a coherent unit in objective manifestation for very briefFire, 356:is applied to different uses, yet which forms a unit. In this unit there are certain areas of moreFire, 356:different uses, yet which forms a unit. In this unit there are certain areas of more vitalFire, 364:each scheme. This does not mean that every human unit passes a period of incarnation in eachFire, 367:physical plane, through the life of the human unit, imprisoned in physical form. Psychically theFire, 381:necessitates the study of the solar system as a unit, of the astronomical and orbital relation ofFire, 381:endeavor to get some grasp of the scheme as a unit, as a body corporate with its seven centers andFire, 387:is one hundred and five, when the synthesizing Unit, the Lord of the World Himself, is counted asFire, 409:that solar system. This likewise persists as a unit by itself, yet has no existence apart fromFire, 410:Group and group. Subdivision and subdivision. Unit and unit. 45 Cell and cell. The interrelation ofFire, 410:and group. Subdivision and subdivision. Unit and unit. 45 Cell and cell. The interrelation of allFire, 412:the manifestation of light. 45 I use the word "unit" in connection with all that is in any degreeFire, 417:be said, and to expand the concept from the unit to the group, and from the group to the totalityFire, 419:mankind. Man now knows himself as a separated unit of consciousness; he now distinguishes betweenFire, 431:the solar physical - Seven centers of the human unit in ether of the fourth order. The beauty ofFire, 435:termed "the bottom up." Therefore, the mental unit of men in this fifth subrace will receiveFire, 458:took place, and the self-conscious unit, called Man, came into being. I have somewhat dealt withFire, 464:The fourth Creative Hierarchy, viewed as a unit functioning on this planet (and leaving out ofFire, 466:the seventh or physical plane, regarding it as a unit. On the seventh subplane or the lowestFire, 468:manifestation they are, for instance, the only unit in form [469] permitted to pass beyond theFire, 472:the mother of the form, but the self-conscious unit, MAN, should realize his independence of theFire, 504:emphasis upon the fact that all that the human unit can comprehend is the manifestation of theFire, 507:three atoms, which have been termed the mental unit, the astral permanent atom and the physicalFire, 507:the following purposes: It separates one unit of egoic consciousness from another unit ofFire, 507:one unit of egoic consciousness from another unit of consciousness, yet is itself part of theFire, 508:upon the atom. They hold hid the memory of the unit of consciousness. When fully vibrant they areFire, 508:logoic, dense physical body and that: The mental unit is found in logoic gaseous matter. The astralFire, 509:and eventually in the cosmic etheric. As each unit of consciousness, through self-induced effort,Fire, 509:if I pointed out that the Egoic Ray of the human Unit 67 with which we are [510] concerningFire, 512:agency, which eventually will make of the human unit a Master of the Wisdom, a Lord of Love, aFire, 514:that they are seen as dissolving. The mental unit, having a position within the causal bodyFire, 514:now as one) begin to interact with the mental unit, and a similar process is set up and is pursuedFire, 514:fire, and fire by friction, and only a blazing unit is left. This blazing unit, through theFire, 514:and only a blazing unit is left. This blazing unit, through the combined heat of its being, burnsFire, 515:atom. The difference between the mental unit and the astral and physical permanent atoms. To doFire, 518:Being. The difference between them: The mental unit is in a unique and peculiar position as regardsFire, 518:of his mental body, of which the mental unit is the unifying factor. This is - as has been earlierFire, 526:our consideration of the mystery of the mental unit, and note wherein it differs from the otherFire, 526:The fundamental difference between the mental unit and the other two atoms consists in the factFire, 526:very facts of evolution itself, for the mental unit is the first aspect of the personality triad,Fire, 529:of the fact earlier stated that the mental unit possesses but four of the streams of force. Each ofFire, 530:or to grasp certain aspects of truth. The mental unit suffices for his need, and no bridge existsFire, 532:each plane, with the one exception of the mental unit. Those of the animal groups are upon theFire, 536:lower sheaths of the microcosm, and the mental unit. This latter is that which embodies the firstFire, 537:from the angle of vision of the human unit. It has been taught in many occult text books that manFire, 542:of the clairvoyant as dual in effect: The mental unit becomes a radiant point of light; its fourFire, 542:of fire, or the permanent atoms and the mental unit, in all their glory; at the center can be seenFire, 546:full arousing of the spirillae within the mental unit. Here I would point out that there is aFire, 546:is a slight difference in the case of the mental unit, for the four spirillae of the mental unitFire, 546:unit, for the four spirillae of the mental unit are aroused to full activity when the knowledgeFire, 547:bodies, and their mutual interplay. Every egoic unit or monadic force center has a definite effectFire, 548:business efficiency, and the place of the human unit in any trade or enterprise. Men are beingFire, 555:will be applied: Through the group to the unit. Through a more evolved "Kingdom of Nature" to aFire, 568:and our greater center, have a part. It is a unit of His thought, a thought form in its entirety, aFire, 568:and the circle of manifestation regarded as a unit. The second law is the Law of Attraction andFire, 568:holds our planets revolving around our central unit, the sun; that holds the lesser systems ofFire, 587:Magnetic Control, and of Love, form another unit. The Activity Aspect - Ray 3, Planes 3 and 7, andFire, 597:planets, chains, rounds, races and laws form a unit; seen from the angle of human vision theFire, 619:self-consciousness, fanning the flame until each unit becomes fully group conscious and aware ofFire, 623:therefore the force flowing through the mental unit of the Logos), and are concerned with the forceFire, 633:with the individualization of the human unit of consciousness, and with the vitalization of theFire, 682:in relation to [682] man work through the mental unit, and are, roughly speaking, divided into fourFire, 687:or relatively in connection with a human unit. Considering the same subject from below upwards itFire, 691:via the logoic correspondence to the mental unit. (These correspondences involve a concept far inFire, 693:quality which emanates from the logoic mental unit on the cosmic mental plane; this necessarily hasFire, 698:the etheric, and the dense physical become a unit. They represent a peculiar type of electricalFire, 698:permanent atom, and all of which work as a unit. One group, the highest, is connected with theFire, 699:with the spirillae in the logoic mental unit and as long as His will-to-be persists, the energyFire, 709:of the egoic lotus, and thence to the mental unit, which has appeared upon the fourth subplaneFire, 710:and controlled through the medium of the mental unit, the astral permanent atom and the physicalFire, 710:all the ability to function as a self-conscious unit, that entity we call Man. 37 Mahadeva sits atFire, 732:student who ponders upon the place of the egoic unit in the body of the planetary Logos, and in theFire, 733:incarnations. From the point of view of any unit involved, a pralaya is a period of quiescence, ofFire, 733:point of view of the great whole with which the unit may be involved, a pralaya may be consideredFire, 733:from one direction into another. Though the unit may be temporarily devitalized as regards itsFire, 734:five types of pralaya which concern the human unit are as follows: (1) The Period of PralayaFire, 736:purpose in action, which is stored in the mental unit. These are wrought into faculty in devachan.Fire, 737:realization, and therein lies bliss for the unit. Separation is no longer felt, only unity andFire, 738:incarnations and concerns the relation of the unit to his group on the egoic plane, prior to theFire, 739:to the karma of the planetary Lord, for the unit is now consciously associated with planetaryFire, 741:of pralaya, in so far as they affect the human unit; each unit finds its ways eventually into oneFire, 741:in so far as they affect the human unit; each unit finds its ways eventually into one of the cosmicFire, 746:for it is the means of bringing to the unit under development the capacity which will produce:Fire, 758:perversion of the plans, and of disaster to the unit involved. The second group will be lessFire, 769:in material sheaths, and the self conscious unit appears on the physical plane. If all that H. P.Fire, 770:This egoic impulse in any group or any group unit makes itself felt as a pulsation, or access ofFire, 771:an abstraction as far as the self-conscious unit is concerned. The work has been begun, theFire, 773:begun. Finally the vibration reaches the mental unit at the base of the lotus bud, and the lunarFire, 774:will the fifth spirilla be an active functioning unit in a sense incomprehensible now. StudentsFire, 775:to the astral permanent atom and the mental unit. This force is circulated four times around theFire, 775:(this being the fourth round) until the mental unit is again contacted and the energy becomesFire, 775:centralized in the fourth spirilla of the mental unit. Then and only then do the lunar Pitris beginFire, 775:stage of advanced intellectual man, the mental unit takes the primary place. In this case there isFire, 775:there are only four spirillae in the mental unit and the moment that that is in full activity, theFire, 776:bear in mind the fact that as soon as the mental unit has become the apex of the atomic triangle a
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