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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIT

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Fire, 1218:of [1218] consciousness and the part each unit plays in the general progress of a group. InFire, 1218:nature of his own group. The elevation of a unit results in the raising of the group; theFire, 1218:the raising of the group; the realization of the unit brings about eventually group recognition;Fire, 1218:group recognition; the initiation of the unit leads finally to planetary initiation, and theFire, 1218:be revealed, when He has brought each atomic unit to the stage of self-realization. Then He willFire, 1221:"Divine Goat," symbol of the group, viewed as a unit. Law 6. The symbol contains a flaming rosy sunFire, 1235:all atomic forms. There is, for instance, that unit of energy which we call the atom of theFire, 1245:point of positive life which in the human unit we call the "Jewel in the Lotus." It should beFire, 1246:jewel, which is essentially the true spiritual unit, a momentous happening, and are undergoneFire, 1247:the law in the three worlds as far as the human unit is concerned. It will be apparent, therefore,Fire, 1248:in the monadic vehicle and is conscious in that unit of force. [1249] This has been expressed inFire, 1249:effect of this coherence is a manifested unit on the physical plane as well as on the subjectiveFire, 1251:for the "heat of the love nature" of the human unit and who add to that search a cultivation of aGlamour, 71:proceeds and the desire life of the family unit becomes marked and emphasized, constituting thenGlamour, 76:own inherent atomic structures (for an atom is a unit of active energy). This produces counterpartsGlamour, 216:the personality and the soul are seen also as a unit. This is done through the dedication of theGlamour, 221:demands from the lower aspect of the human unit and from humanity as a whole, meet at a point ofHealing, 3:chitta or mind stuff which an individual human unit can use and impress, constitutes the fourth ofHealing, 6:in the whole will be reflected in [6] the unit self, and many of the ills from which man suffersHealing, 6:this time. But no group of people can work as a unit unless they love and serve each other. TheHealing, 78:of the relation of the etheric body, as a unit, to the physical body, I would like to point outHealing, 82:the undesirable effect of energy upon the energy unit which we call the atom. It should beHealing, 143:and negative; each can be described as a unit of resistant force and of dynamic energy; each is aHealing, 190:difficulties which arise in the individual unit; these are based on the conflict of the pairs ofHealing, 230:the first lesson in responsibility. The family unit was not stable as it can be now, but even itsHealing, 230:step forward; the segregation of the family unit and the growth of the sense of responsibility hasHealing, 230:things are, however, happening today. The family unit, on a worldwide scale, is being broken up,Healing, 246:Law of Return, which governs the relation of a unit of life in form to its emanating source. "DustHealing, 260:time, presented the idea of the sacrifice of the unit, consciously and deliberately offered for theHealing, 268:possessive love of Jehovah for a distinct unit within the fourth or human kingdom. St. Paul summedHealing, 314:the healing group together into one functioning unit of force. When this has been done, then theHealing, 354:group of brothers, and to his group as a unit of several souls. Forget not that such a unit is inHealing, 354:a unit of several souls. Forget not that such a unit is in itself a separative concept from theHealing, 354:indeed feel, think and function as one complete unit - several personalities and one soul - it willHealing, 355:human ideas, and thus swing - as a "telepathic unit" - into one united train of thought. They have,Healing, 358:is some definite work to do, you will work as a unit with hearts and minds as one. Healing, 374:can function together with impersonality as a unit and with true interplay of love, such a groupHealing, 417:but likewise in the study of the human unit. Underlying all the physical sense attached to rhythm,Healing, 419:mark the points for the disappearance of the unit into pralaya. We need here to remember that it isHealing, 421:with the planetary Logos and the human unit, for the analogy holds good. We have a correspondenceHealing, 421:these building devas (on the same Ray as the unit desiring manifestation, or on a complementaryHealing, 497:contact - shatters the kama-manasic body, as a unit, by an act of the mental will, [498]Healing, 522:negates the free will of the individual unit thus enclosed or enfolded. It assuredly does militateHealing, 610:our human comprehension - the comprehension of a unit in one of the kingdoms which constitute HisHealing, 714:is not yet generally recognized as an electrical unit; its nature as pure atomic energy is not yetHercules, 7:aspirant, and demonstrated the part which the unit must play in the eternal Enterprise. A greatHercules, 11:our planet; that the planet is itself an energy unit composed of a multitude of energy units, andHercules, 18:all three parts coordinated into an integrated unit. Then there is the spiritual nature, with itsHercules, 43:"the one who it is," the uprising of the unit against the whole, individuality versus the group,Hercules, 43:habit of the Whole; and Sin, the revolt of the unit in the Whole. Hercules, 50:The disciple, like Hercules, is a separated unit, divided from the mainland, the symbol of theHercules, 81:family, of the race, the nation, and the family unit. Where the aspirant is concerned, the story isHercules, 89:Capricorn represents the group [89] which the unit consciously enters, and also "the father of allHercules, 101:physical birth and of the identification of the unit with the mass, the work of incarnation wasHercules, 104:aspect to the higher, and of the individual unit to the great sum total. It was theseHercules, 149:unsuccessful. When he finally dealt with it as a unit, he gained the victory. Cruelty. TheHercules, 151:nature and physical nature are functioning as a unit. Then the man passes into Scorpio where hisHercules, 161:in liberation; for we are held in the human unit, we are imprisoned to the planet not by someHercules, 191:first time humanity is a coordinated complete unit with mind, emotional nature and physical bodyInitiation, 12:narrowed down to the moment wherein the evolving unit definitely apprehends that (by dint of hisInitiation, 32:into being, and the self-conscious, or rational unit, man, began his career. Another result of theInitiation, 38:stated, at the head of affairs, controlling each unit and directing all evolution, stands the KING,Initiation, 54:his Brother. the Master K. H., work almost as a unit, and have done so for many centuries and will,Initiation, 65:he comes to know himself as a complex, complete unit, a replica in miniature of the outer world. InInitiation, 66:unity which holds the system as a homogeneous unit. The major part of this instruction is usuallyInitiation, 71:the relative insignificance of each unit of consciousness, and also its vast importance. His senseInitiation, 97:and involves the apprehension by the human unit of purpose and of will, and his intelligentInitiation, 110:man, though a triplicity, is yet an individual unit. The human being is a form through which aInitiation, 110:connected with the initiations of a human unit. They are too occupied with greater affairs and withInitiation, 114:which lies outside of the separated human [114] unit on the physical plane. This covers the periodInitiation, 114:is seen is first to be noted, so with the human unit undergoing spiritual unfoldment. The medium ofInitiation, 123:series is his. He sees the solar system as a unit, and gets a brief revealing which opens to hisInitiation, 137:petals, hiding within these petals a central unit of three petals; these in their turn secrete theInitiation, 156:until the sentences and speech of the finite unit, man, in their myriad differentiations areInitiation, 158:for evolutionary purposes, the entire Word as a unit, the sanction of the assembled Lodge has to beInitiation, 162:be Said;' or the Logos of our Solar Logos. The unit of consciousness is then perfect, as the LogosInitiation, 179:in mind of the relative value and place of the unit, or cell, in the body of a Heavenly Man. TheInitiation, 179:body. They mark the point in evolution where the unit recognizes in fact, and not only in theory,Initiation, 200:seven centers, The head, considered as a unit, The heart, The throat, The solar plexus, The base ofInitiation, 219:called the Five Initiations. Jiva A separated unit of consciousness. Kali yuga "Yuga" is an age orInitiation, 222:Permanent atom Those five atoms, with the mental unit, one on each of the five planes of humanInitiation, 222:the five planes of human evolution (the mental unit being also on the mental plane) which the monadIntellect, 13:drift away from the standardization of the human unit, there emerges a group to whom we give theIntellect, 32:self-culture can be applied by every individual unit who [33] is capable of desiring this largerIntellect, 52:that it is an integrated and coordinated unit, then there is set up between the two a moreIntellect, 81:within us or the Higher Self) function as a unit, as a coordinated whole, thus expressing perfectlyMagic, 7:relation of the part to the whole, and of the unit to the totality. The present book will deal moreMagic, 8:all forms, whether it be the form of that unit of energy which we call an atom, or the form of man,Magic, 10:of a self-conscious identity. This developed unit has eventually to be merged, with fullMagic, 11:one standpoint, the attitude of the submersed unit in the group impulse and the inability of thatMagic, 11:in the group impulse and the inability of that unit to change the impulse or evade the issue; itMagic, 11:produces group results, at the expense of the unit. This attitude of mind is inevitable until theMagic, 16:also equally true of mankind as a whole. That unit in nature, which we call the fourth or humanMagic, 19:entire human being, first, within itself as a unit, and secondly, its responsiveness and sensitiveMagic, 21:These three aspects are seen in man, the divine unit of life. First he recognizes them in himself;Magic, 74:the evolution of the race as well as the racial unit, man. Head Center - Base of the Spine HeartMagic, 87:stabilized when soul and body are a functioning unit. The relation between the pineal gland and theMagic, 89:mind and the abstract mind function as a unit, and the motivating principle is love. The soul,Magic, 98:the mind, and the light in the head form one unit, the creative power of the solar Angel canMagic, 117:First principles deal with the differentiated unit and with evolution through heterogeneity.
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