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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIT

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Magic, 118:that seeks the good of the group and not of the unit. All that tends to synthesis and divineMagic, 224:humanity as a whole and of the individual human unit. It is the battleground whereon must be foundMagic, 225:as we understand it. In relation to the human unit, the secret of liberation lies in the balancingMagic, 264:cup to drink, and unutterably bereft seems the unit of consciousness. Conscious then only of theMagic, 275:an analogous state of consciousness to the human unit through its subjective force existence, andMagic, 307:1. The world glamor. This sweeps an isolated unit, otherwise free from individual conditionsMagic, 321:we have seen the place that the tiny sentient unit, employed by an individual human being, plays inMagic, 332:The atom has been recognized as an energy unit, but as yet the energy which sweeps atoms intoMagic, 339:to the state and nation, from the family unit to the world, and hence the big organizations,Magic, 352:a curious indefinable sense. The benefit to the unit reacts upon the whole. A Master carries HisMagic, 364:of the great plan and the fact that the smallest unit is an integral part of the whole. It enforcesMagic, 378:by a direct act, of the necessary mental unit or mental apparatus of thought, within the causal orMagic, 379:to develop the energy centers of the human unit, stimulate the brain and make him fullyMagic, 382:the psyche, the ego or the soul and of the human unit, so that the man may indeed be what he is, aMagic, 398:bodies were coordinated and formed a functioning unit. Then the "yoga of devotion" or bhakti yogaMagic, 407:and proper development of every national unit so that it can adequately perform its internationalMagic, 423:he is immersed; the other will consider man as a unit of electricity. Both will be quite one-sidedMagic, 525:development and the part he plays as a human unit within the ring-pass-not of the human family. WeMagic, 534:to environment may be fostered in the living unit. We have therefore three Principles: TheMagic, 558:will be obvious, therefore, why the manifested unit, man, is urged to be vital in his search and toMagic, 578:And thus it might be added is the energy of the unit augmented by the force of the greater Whole.Magic, 589:which is undesirable so as to give the human unit conditions of living which will lead to thoughtMagic, 622:time the lesser is merged in the greater and the unit is blended in the whole, every time great andMagic, 626:tendency, this instinctual reaction of the human unit to self-perpetuation. The instinct of sex hasMeditation, 19:is more rapidly equipped. When the reincarnating unit has reached a point where he can consciouslyMeditation, 25:to bring out at this stage is that the mental unit has not known the force of polarization, theMeditation, 26:and the polarizing life shifts to the mental unit. Speaking in terms of the solar system andMeditation, 26:of the solar system and viewing humanity as a unit, all of whose permanent atoms form the moleculesMeditation, 26:gradually shifting more and more into the mental unit, and the egoic body is becoming graduallyMeditation, 29:the polarization becomes intuitional; the mental unit goes and the polarization becomes spiritual.Meditation, 60:general principles. Each human being, each unit of consciousness, is so unlike any other that theMeditation, 98:for several reasons. It is a complete unit, unlike the physical and mental bodies; it is the centerMeditation, 98:The emotional body forms practically a unit with the physical body, for the average man functionsMeditation, 108:which will come [108] after. Not an isolated unit are we, but part of a greater whole, governed inMeditation, 124:physical body and the emotional body remain as a unit, but the Thinker is left in his mental body,Meditation, 141:to rise. The steps whereby it succeeds. Each unit of the human race is a part of the divineMeditation, 142:of the human family, thus forming in himself a unit among other units. He acknowledges this andMeditation, 142:point of view, that leads that self-recognizing unit, step by step, from self-recognition to theMeditation, 143:within the egoic group and not as a separated unit, it is of no more use than a recognized theoryMeditation, 195:until, at a given word from the leader, each unit in the group will deliberately withdraw hisMeditation, 200:work as follows. The circle of workers, with the unit to be healed placed in their midst, willMeditation, 200:apply themselves to the healing of that unit by the use of set mantrams, and by the following ofMeditation, 207:employed lies in the point of attainment of the unit under discussion. If speaking of the Ego oneMeditation, 233:out that as the race progresses as a collective unit, Those Who gaze upon it from a higher planeMeditation, 284:significance of its being the only complete unit in the threefold lower nature will be apprehended,Meditation, 332:Later the causal body becomes the important unit, and later still comes the ultimate sacrifice ofMeditation, 340:three things before the plane of the mental unit is achieved, and before the causal consciousnessMeditation, 353:called the Five Initiations. Jiva A separated unit of consciousness. Kali yuga "Yuga" is an age orMeditation, 357:Permanent atom Those five atoms, with the mental unit, one on each of the five planes of humanMeditation, 357:the five planes of human evolution (the mental unit being also on the mental plane) which the monadPatanjali, 60:lower man so that they function as a coordinated unit on earth, the man learns to sound the Word onPatanjali, 129:itself and the struggle of the spiritual unit within the form can bring about eventual release. ForPatanjali, 130:and the man (for we will only consider the human unit in this connection, though the basic lawsPatanjali, 132:corollary of form-taking. The spiritual unit is born blind and senseless. It comes into form at thePatanjali, 132:borne in mind in connection with the spiritual unit: The senses have to be evolved, TheirPatanjali, 154:of man. These five are that with which the human unit is the most concerned and cover his careerPatanjali, 158:personal reality and of one's being a separated unit of consciousness. It is the basis of the greatPatanjali, 212:and the egoic body form a coherent quiescent unit, alive, alert, positive and steady. The state ofPatanjali, 220:The two parts of the physical vehicle form a unit. 3. The transmission of energy via the ethericPatanjali, 232:that the three bodies function as a coordinated unit. The freeing of the man from the limitationsPatanjali, 276:a kamic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the greatPatanjali, 321:as a physical, an emotional, and a mental unit) and the divine spirit to be found in each of us. WePatanjali, 367:temporal forms. "I am," says the human unit and regards himself as the self, and identifies himselfPatanjali, 368:the higher man. The soul and its vehicles form a unit and are at one; complete alignment of thePatanjali, 382:and from the standpoint of the intelligent human unit, three words cover the process and thePatanjali, 391:apparent therefore that the growth of the human unit and his record are dependent upon his attitudePatanjali, 396:wider, broader and more general. For the human unit the mind images, the result of desire and ofPatanjali, 407:Man, - humanity as a whole, or an individual unit - is part of that total. The many minds, from thePatanjali, 426:rebirth has served its purpose and the spiritual unit which has entered into form, carrying with itProblems, 10:approached solely from the angle of man, the unit. Owing to the scientific achievements of mankindProblems, 10:upon our immediate foreground. The family unit is now recognized in relation to the community, andProblems, 53:in relation to the group, to the family unit and to the nation in which their destiny has put them.Problems, 116:for the whole and that the highest good of the unit within the whole guarantees the good of thatPsychology1, xxiv:bear in mind that he himself - as a human unit - finds his place on one or other of these rays. ThePsychology1, 10:to the group itself, regarding it as a group unit within a larger group. You have there a perfectPsychology1, 41:The soul is (and here words limit and distort) a unit of light, colored by a particular rayPsychology1, 42:of divine intelligent awareness. The soul is a unit of energy, vibrating in unison with one of thePsychology1, 42:veil the loving purpose of Deity. Each vibrating unit of energy can say: I am part of a divinePsychology1, 49:Some day all will. But potentially every human unit is all these three, and some day thePsychology1, 115:He will be tested early in his career as a group unit. If he passes the test and makes the grade,Psychology1, 115:take his place until such time as the group unit is attuned and completed, and those who arePsychology1, 126:some measure which is peculiarly his own. Every unit of the human race is on some one of the sevenPsychology1, 158:consciousness which will enable the phenomenal unit to react to its surroundings and thus fulfilPsychology1, 160:go astray in their handling of the human unit, for just this reason; they do not judge a man as aPsychology1, 193:of active quality, determining the life of the unit cells which compose the form) the range ofPsychology1, 249:of the inner and hidden glory. When, however, a unit of life is immersed in form, and when thePsychology1, 249:or subhuman kingdoms in nature. The more the unit of life is identified with "the one who isPsychology1, 258:the appearance of the three divine aspects in a unit of life in form. A son of God, a Lord ofPsychology1, See pa:particular center galvanizes the individualizing unit into the needed activity. Later, when the rayPsychology1, 269:the national life (of which each family unit should be a wholesome part), and the steady growth ofPsychology1, 270:itself, as it is embodied in the family [270] unit and family life. On the one hand, you havePsychology1, 283:of the legal machine to safeguard the family unit and to interpret human relations in aPsychology1, 284:and women, and the safeguarding of the family unit. This will involve therefore the protection ofPsychology1, 285:the personality, integrated and functioning as a unit, and we have the mind and the emotionalPsychology1, 293:and not the individual will be the important unit, and unselfishness and cooperation will steadilyPsychology1, 295:what is needed to promote the efficiency of a unit in the group, will be the points considered. MenPsychology1, 303:of problems, the [303] individual and the unit will slowly learn to subordinate the personal goodPsychology1, 316:out here that in studying the human family as a unit and as a whole, it also will be discovered toPsychology1, 331:vibration, and leads to the integration of the unit in the whole and to the production of thatPsychology1, 334:both His quality and His purpose. Every unit of life and every form in manifestation is governed by
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