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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIT

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Psychology1, 339:or Adaptability. Man might be defined as a unit of conscious life, swept into tangible expressionPsychology1, 341:individual is important just in so far as the unit is an integral part of the group. This will notPsychology1, 365:concerned from functioning as a whole, as a unit, integrated and coherent. It is from the lack ofPsychology1, 367:emphasized. A disordered inharmonious national unit is a menace to the comity of nations, andPsychology1, 395:are of small concern. It all depends upon which unit holds the center of the stage in the drama ofPsychology1, 415:energized by positive force becomes the mental unit. Sattva - Rhythm - Mental body - Mental Unit -Psychology1, 415:unit. Sattva - Rhythm - Mental body - Mental Unit - Animal. Rajas - Activity - Astral body - AstralPsychology2, 26:three bodies and their fusing into one working unit. Later, the personality becomes the instrumentPsychology2, 29:planetary evolution, there is, for the tiny unit, man, no free will. He is subject, for instance,Psychology2, 53:personality then begins to respond, as a unit, to soul impulse. For the remaining years of life,Psychology2, 54:karma), so will be the response between the unit of energy and the field contacted, and so will bePsychology2, 64:counterparts" in the etheric body, form a unit, and this unit, according to the teaching of thePsychology2, 64:in the etheric body, form a unit, and this unit, according to the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom,Psychology2, 68:aims is to be found that blended energy-unit which we call the soul. Its two energies (mind andPsychology2, 75:consciously in line with the Plan. Every single unit of the human family who achieves success uponPsychology2, 98:a tendency greater than the individual unit. It is only possible to express this amazing truthPsychology2, 141:two types of work carry forward their task as a unit. The idea to be dominant in the future isPsychology2, 147:works through love and for the interest of the unit, - the form and the existence which finallyPsychology2, 173:result of becoming. In Law Two, the sacrificing unit - again freely and by choice - comes under thePsychology2, 184:basis of the relation which exists between the unit soul, functioning in a human body, and God. ItPsychology2, 222:leads to a blended cooperation which swings each unit of energy in every form, in all itsPsychology2, 283:- Humanity. A Soul - A Personality. The one unit descends towards the ascending related unit,Psychology2, 283:one unit descends towards the ascending related unit, (speaking in terms of an approach from twoPsychology2, 285:These energies constitute the human being, a unit of energy. They make him essentially an active,Psychology2, 313:the form, utilizing for that purpose a mental unit and two permanent atoms, thus anchoring itselfPsychology2, 313:in mind two things: That such terms as "mental unit", "permanent atom", etc., [314] are simplyPsychology2, 348:gradual integration of the part into the family unit, the nation, the social order, the currentPsychology2, 374:can see that the essential integration of this unit into his group can now take place. The problemPsychology2, 402:it lays the emphasis upon the relation of the unit to the whole, to the environment and contacts;Psychology2, 408:so that all three aspects shall function as one unit. We have, therefore: The child state, in whichPsychology2, 417:which resolves the differentiated parts into a unit, producing illumination. This illuminationPsychology2, 418:man today is a closely knit and functioning unit. (This is true whether one is considering thePsychology2, 427:just such crises. So does the individual human unit progress. In the last analysis, psychologicalPsychology2, 429:upon the innate ability of the [429] human unit to understand the use of the creative imaginationPsychology2, 512:body; mass impetus or contact which swings the unit into line with mass intention and opens up toPsychology2, 513:as they make their presence felt in the human unit, and particularly as they affect the aspirant,Psychology2, 518:in the successful development of the human unit. Therefore, it is of vital importance to educators,Psychology2, 520:the larger whole of which [520] the individual unit is a part. They put the man into relation withPsychology2, 189:is beyond the concept of the evolving human unit, for whom this treatise is written. We might here,Psychology2, 567:the soul of the higher grouping to which the unit in the lower grouping aspires, and with the soulPsychology2, 592:these five types of energy form one closely knit unit, and these units form, in their entirety, thePsychology2, 636:grouping. They constitute the most influential unit today, because it is through them that thePsychology2, 655:world. This group will provide an international unit, made up of intelligent men of good will,Psychology2, 726:the Hierarchy is working together today as one unit. Though not all of the Masters and Their groupsPsychology2, 734:to take the united sacrificing effort of every unit in the whole body corporate to promote goodRays, 35:functioning as a consciously blended and focused unit. Rays, 50:rainbow bridge, is completed between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. ThisRays, 72:himself, and they now constitute one integrated unit. This fusion produces its own point ofRays, 113:together be presented to the One Initiator as a "unit of Light." This sense of synthesis (whichRays, 113:of academic occult science - between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. The goal ofRays, 134:of all and the interrelation of every unit of divine life must be proved. This will eventually leadRays, 211:the group cannot go forward together as a unit on the Way of Initiation. The next step is theRays, 213:thus could the groups function as a coordinated unit with the various members recognizing eachRays, 217:the work of the group when - as a closely knit unit - it can move forward. This transference of theRays, 254:it will demonstrate as the main linking unit between the East and the West, particularly if ShriRays, 269:and begins to function not only as a planetary unit but as a cosmic focal point. The Buddha ofRays, 326:was required; thus the gap between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom, between theRays, 351:of the human being as an electrical unit of power and light, and of his triple mechanism as createdRays, 351:the door, seeking initiation. That electrical unit or phenomenon of electricity [352] which we callRays, 352:of the mental plane esoterically "ejects" the unit of electricity which is ready to be absorbed byRays, 370:Council Chamber of the Lord at Shamballa is a unit, but that the Hierarchy is a differentiation ofRays, 384:for good and evil. Man became an integrated unit in the three worlds. A great possibility thenRays, 406:so express it) interested in any individual unit of any kind or in its individual reactions,Rays, 416:Spiritual Triad and the Personality. The mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. Atma-Buddhi.Rays, 433:[433] are fused and blended into one functioning unit, this superseding again what we mean when weRays, 450:the mind nature are beginning to function as a unit, and the soul also is consciously connected (doRays, 454:the manasic permanent atom and the mental unit, between the higher abstract mind and the lowerRays, 475:atom, the Son of Mind or Ego, and the mental unit - are all involved in the process. Students wouldRays, 478:This produces the full activity of the mental unit, the integration of the three aspects of theRays, 481:When the antahkarana is built, and the mental unit is superseded by the manasic permanent atom, andRays, 481:Chapter VI.) The Hierarchy. Here, as a focused unit of all-inclusive buddhic awareness, he findsRays, 506:This contact, when completed, marks an entire unit of spiritual work, if I might so word it,Rays, 509:creatively sent out or projected from the mental unit, as far as possible towards the SpiritualRays, 697:three worlds of incarnated being constitute one unit of experience in the life of the soul - anSoul, 14:of fusing the two into a third, a single unit. I seek, therefore, to present an hypothesis to proveSoul, 18:and decimals without ever achieving an integral unit. Soul, 39:8, 9. This system of endocrine glands forms a unit functionally, working in the utmost cooperationSoul, 93:with man. The electrical nature of the human unit is a natural outgrowth of a necessary recognitionSoul, 144:schools of thought which seek to account for the unit man in terms of Western achievement and ofTelepathy, 8:coordinated and are beginning to function as a unit. This is the individual responsibility. NowTelepathy, 13:which is shown by a flight of birds, acting as a unit, or that animal telepathy which serves toTelepathy, 35:"He knew what was in man." Today, a group or a unit of groups can be the nurturers of the seed ofTelepathy, 37 To:be of use in balancing the group, as a working unit under spiritual impression. The discovery of aTelepathy, 38:develop and unfold a group ability to work as a unit, so that there will be nothing in the innerTelepathy, 41:whole, as its radiatory influence affects the unit or aggregate of units. The first stage ofTelepathy, 60:with no conscious intention on the part of the unit of life, thus developing; yet field after fieldTelepathy, 60:mastered and controlled, until eventually the unit of life (I know not what else to call it)Telepathy, 70:as built by the disciple between the mental unit and the abstract mind. I refer to its continuationTelepathy, 102:first of all, becomes a truly conscious unit of humanity and thus develops a trueTelepathy, 152:nadis. The dense physical body. These form one unit and in incarnation are inseparable. The centers
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