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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITED

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Astrology, 8:and emanations of this entity, and their united effect on our planetary life, the kingdoms inAstrology, 45:second represents (for man, or these two groups united) that which is the Spirit aspect, theAstrology, 152:does." This is a symbolic way of expressing the united activity of all the states of consciousness,Astrology, 186:which meet "at the midway point" and have a united and definite effect upon the subject. The sameAstrology, 236:or nation. It will be the result of the united activity of the spiritually minded consciousness,Astrology, 238:advocated by Russia and endorsed by the United States of America. Before 2035 A.D. such legislationAstrology, 265:a definite bearing on these matters and the nine united potencies play their part in developing theAstrology, 304:point of revelation and producing, through their united activity and interplay, the six-pointedAstrology, 360:in London (which is ruled by Gemini) and in the United States (which is also governed by Gemini).Astrology, 361:Mercury are correctly related we shall see the United States moving also on to the Path ofAstrology, 361:by drastic purification of motive, then the united effect of both these clarifications will beAstrology, 368:selves, is focused or conditioned into one united and directed effort. The versatile changeable manAstrology, 430:seven supreme Gods bent to this purpose and with united will ordained the Plan. The Bear and theAstrology, 439:above constellations, blending them into the united expression of will, and thus proves to be theAstrology, 469:supreme importance upon our planet and it is the united influence of its three constellations whichAstrology, 472:great human crises; it also completes the final united effort of the Triangle: Leo, Virgo, Pisces.Astrology, 479:esoterically, thus forming two triangles and united them in a fresh manifestation to form a Star ofAstrology, 483:expression of manifestation. Their activity and united influence in the realm of consciousnessAstrology, 522:formation and not through admixture as in the United States; it has enabled two relativelyAstrology, 523:great ideal of world unity brought about by a united effort of the Forces of Light, backed by theAstrology, 523:attitude of those who seek to keep the United States from assuming her responsibilities and herAstrology, 523:if they succeed in their endeavor, will deny the United States her share in the "gifts of the godsAstrology, 523:and these two aspects at present condition the United States. The keynote of this world center isAstrology, 524:moment to realize that Great Britain and the United States are closely related and that thisAstrology, 526:of humanity in their hands at this time: The United States of America, Great Britain and Russia.Astrology, 526:countries are learning very rapidly, though the United States at present is learning the mostAstrology, 530:Europe and western and northern Asia. The United States (and later South America) fusing andAstrology, 530:will be struck by Russia, Great Britain and the United States - not because of their power, theirAstrology, 562:its problem and its goal all appear in a united, whole presentation when the influences are viewedAstrology, 573:of Liberation. The blended invocation and the united call from the different levels of the humanAstrology, 573:hidden Centers of the "Saving Force." It is this united appeal which you must now organize. ThusAstrology, 573:light of life itself. Upon the Fixed Cross, the united influence of its four streams of energy,Astrology, 580:most cases simply the expression of a fixed and united desire. It is not the organized use of theAstrology, 593:life when fruition is achieved; it is the final united success or unified conformity to a longAstrology, 595:of the Logoi, solar and planetary) come the united energies of the three constellations whichAstrology, 627:which brings about life, love and their united manifestation in one form. This second ray is,Atom, 82:Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To be united in some wondrous whole, Imperfect qualitiesAtom, 131:as some of us know, was nearly discovered in the United States fifty years ago by a man calledAutobiography, 12:the higher self and the lower nature. The United States and London are ruled by Gemini andAutobiography, 26:watched the life of my own three girls in the United States, where they were born and lived untilAutobiography, 51:pronouncement of a famous Bible Institute in the United States that "they took their stand upon theAutobiography, 70:Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II People here in the United States know nothing of the problem and thatAutobiography, 97:India. She paid all his expenses to go to the United States and there to take a theological courseAutobiography, 102:aristocracy of birth in Great Britain but in the United States there is an aristocracy of moneyAutobiography, 118:of the Negro is better understood than in the United States, I have been deeply indebted to membersAutobiography, 132:children and I were concerned. In 1917, when the United States entered the war, he went out toAutobiography, 145:nations and their characteristics. Take the United States. The Pilgrim Fathers have set their sealAutobiography, 146:aged to live with the Pilgrim fathers, for the United States is a feminine civilization. TheAutobiography, 157:management of the Theosophical Society in the United States, and still more so in Adyar (theAutobiography, 161:mine was, therefore, running along the line of united public work and we were planning andAutobiography, 169:written the pamphlets and papers endorsing the United Nations and the need to defeat the AxisAutobiography, 173:a group of men and women from all parts of the United States who were presumably occupied inAutobiography, 184:this country and in Great Britain. Here in the United States we are so lax and lenient with ourAutobiography, 189:to throw his interest and weight into the United Lodge of Theosophists, a rival and most sectarianAutobiography, 189:his weight, as he had said he would, into the United Lodge of Theosophists, and eventually wentAutobiography, 190:over to me. I mention this for the benefit of United Lodge of Theosophists and for those who claimAutobiography, 219:Switzerland, France, etc., as there are in the United States. The thing we have to develop in theAutobiography, 220:a public school education along the lines of the United States. In the spring of 1931 we made ourAutobiography, 220:been anywhere in their lives outside of the United States, with the exception of my eldest girl,Autobiography, 226:year after our trip abroad we returned to the United States for some months, usually leaving theAutobiography, 227:Great Britain and Europe and seven months in the United States the school work was steadilyAutobiography, 241:in the people as in Great Britain and the United States. The same things could be said to them; theAutobiography, 252:Hierarchy endorsed the attitude and aims of the United Nations, fighting for the freedom of theAutobiography, 269:is that of recognizing joint responsibility, united loyalty to group intention and purpose, asBethlehem, 18:man, between carnal man and spiritual man, united in one person, and to emphasize the necessity forBethlehem, 39:Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To be united in some wondrous whole, Imperfect qualitiesBethlehem, 44:true Christians down the centuries, and their united testimony bears witness to the reality of theBethlehem, 177:and so forth. Societies, large or small, united believers and the devout in the service orBethlehem, 202:sin occurs. When these two aspects of man are united and function together as a unity, and when theBethlehem, 223:strange and secret sorrow, and are through it united in a bond that cannot be broken." - ColloquiaDestinypresenting the complex problems with which the United Nations are confronted. In the last analysis,Destiny, 10:above. Nothing can stop or truly impede their united effect. This is a point I would have youDestiny, 36:is rapidly arriving at the point where its united will will be the determining factor in worldDestiny, 46:it started upon the American continent. The United States of America was the center of old AtlantisDestiny, 51:the possibility of such a grouping. The United States is doing a somewhat similar thing and isDestiny, 52:the astrological sign Gemini governs both the United States and London. The fluid, mercurial,Destiny, 52:sixth Ray of Idealism is potent in Russia, the United States, Italy and Spain. It is the fanaticalDestiny, 54:analysis of the idealism of Russia and of the United States may reveal no resemblances in the goalDestiny, 54:major nations only Brazil, Great Britain and the United States of America are definitely under theDestiny, 54:this second ray energy for the Aryan race; the United States will fulfil the same office for theDestiny, 55:not as yet the exactly fulfiled achievement. The United States represents the intuitive faculty,Destiny, 55:are masculine and positive. India, France, the United States of America, Russia and Brazil are allDestiny, 56:related. The newly forming country of the United States is likewise spiritually and intimatelyDestiny, 58:quality of the British. If the idealism of the United States of America can be illumined by the lawDestiny, 58:At present it is the personality ray of the United States which controls. [59] Destiny, 59:and temporary political potency. The United States of America has for its personality ray the sixthDestiny, 60:from that of the French, for the citizen of the United States values money only for the effects onDestiny, 64:instance, a great synthesis of people, as is the United States of America, and also, in a lesserDestiny, 65:powers were at one time prone, particularly the United States, and the physical warning as to thisDestiny, 69:12th Russia Moscow Taurus 2nd Aquarius 11th United States Washington Cancer 4th Sagittarius 9th AnDestiny, 77:greater spiritual growth have been learnt. The United States must not forget either that she is aDestiny, 82:There is a much closer relation between the United States of America and Great Britain than betweenDestiny, 83:right, and the [83] noisy self-assertion of the United States which leads them to regard theirDestiny, 85:and condition the Italian empire and the United States, leaving you to make your deductions andDestiny, 88:controlling factors in one other country, the United States of America, and indicate the influencesDestiny, 88:Sagittarius, and it is this fact which leads the United States to act like the Crab (Cancer) and beDestiny, 90:links the German soul and personality to the United States. Hence the vast numbers of Germans whoDestiny, 92:this time. Thus the influences pouring into the United States today are very many; they relate theDestiny, 96:them is profoundly affecting the world and the United Nations; this holds great hope for theDestiny, 96:New York is one of these five centers that the United Nations organization is to work here. There
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