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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITED

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Fire, 848:the three Persons of the logoic Trinity meet in united work. Below two Persons may be seenFire, 879:mystery of the three who become the sixteen - united or synthesized by the seventeenth - aFire, 947:and to dangerous conditions brought about by the united creative attempts of human beings down theFire, 950:in four main ways: (1) By the strength of Their united thoughts and meditations. (2) By the work ofFire, 978:this is coupled with a full trust, sympathy and united effort for the plan we will have a formationFire, 999:tiny point of force which is the result of their united endeavor. It will be of value to studentsFire, 1026:great groups of devas. These groups can only be united by the mediator, man. It might be asked ofFire, 1031:centers, divine and human. 5. The effects of the united activity of the sheath, the centers, andFire, 1050:or form which the divine Pilgrim uses. The united active motion produced by the unification of theFire, 1059:that of progress onward, is the result of the united activity of the seven constellations (ourFire, 1059:form the seven centers of the cosmic Logos. This united activity produces a uniform and steady pushFire, 1080:induced upon any one kingdom of nature by their united, or single, incarnation. This might beFire, 1107:of momentum, and the heat producers, pour their united forces through the "separated lives" whichFire, 1130:channel, and when the three head centers are united in triangular fashion, then we haveFire, 1160:the head center, via the throat center can be united. Man, when he reaches this stage, is a creatorFire, 1203:second represents (for man, or these two groups united) that which is the Spirit aspect, theFire, 1220:bird hovering above it. Law 2. Two balls of fire united by a triangle of fire, thus picturing theFire, 1268:that is, the form that shall be, and the work united of the two and four. These two are drawnGlamour, 18:other than the physical. Group service and united effort towards group welfare has for twoGlamour, 18:plane has been started also since 1875, but united effort to dispel the world glamor is only now inGlamour, 28:to understand that whereof I speak. First, the united auras of the group members ever determine theGlamour, 33:only be used in two cases: In reference to the united glamor-illusion to which a man who is anGlamour, 37:the instrumentality of the group members. Their united personal glamors provide the open doorGlamour, 37:fortunately, leaving you all the richer and more united on account of the strong stand in loveGlamour, 117:purpose and will upon the personality. It is the united relation and the interplay between theseGlamour, 124:to dissipate some of the universal glamor by a united indicated meditation. Certain of the groupGlamour, 161:but also upon the fact that every nation - United Nations as well as Totalitarian Nations - areGlamour, 163:is the expression of world illusion. The United Nations, with all their faults, limitations,Glamour, 163:opponent are appearing simultaneously. The United Nations are, however, gradually and mostGlamour, 165:Axis Powers and, secondly, by the ability of the United Nations to demonstrate (when this has beenGlamour, 166:desire - desire for that which is material. The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law ofGlamour, 169:was made. The medium of the test was the united effort of the Christ, of the Buddha, and of thoseGlamour, 211:which groups can use as they contribute their united effort to the dissipation of glamor, either ofGlamour, 213:the process by their combined help. The power of united effort upon the physical plane is beingGlamour, 214:thought. In order to make the first step towards united group activity along this line of service,Glamour, 231:of these three stages, the group members are united as souls insulated against the attractive powerGlamour, 231:against the attractive power of the glamor, and united as souls with mind and brain held steady andGlamour, 233:attempts to throw behind the searchlight their united directed and dynamic will or intent; thisGlamour, 233:of divinity. This is done by attaining a united point of tension, and the dedication of theGlamour, 233:the task of dissipation. "The power of our united light prevents the appearance of the glamor of...Glamour, 233:the glamor of... (naming it). The power of our united light negates the quality of the glamor fromGlamour, 233:the glamor from affecting men. The power of our united light destroys the life behind the glamor."Glamour, 239:Words of Power are uttered: "The power of our united light prevents the appearance of the glamorGlamour, 239:the glamor of... (naming it). The power of our united light negates the quality of the glamor fromGlamour, 239:the glamor from affecting man. The power of our united light destroys the life behind the glamor."Healing, 98:of any individual and the directed will of a united group [99] should never be employed. The freeHealing, 102:they are attempting and the potency of their united group work and of the force which they canHealing, 153:- the symbol of the soul and the personality united, fused and blended into one. The head is theHealing, 185:(sent forth by the will of the Monad) and by the united authority of the soul and personality,Healing, 197:quality aspect. That which demonstrates as their united externalization is the endocrine systemHealing, 207:of the healer or of the healing group) of the united streams of required specific energy to theHealing, 250:heart disease is a prime cause of death in the United States. Such generalizations are both as trueHealing, 261:and fear. The Liberation of Humanity by the United Nations. We are participating in a greatHealing, 266:of responsibility and a skillful adjustment of united joint activity to bring about the good ofHealing, 287:as is possible, and by the power of their united thought they direct it to and through the centerHealing, 347:at a given time proves more potent than the united influences of the body atoms and cells. ItHealing, 355:thus swing - as a "telepathic unit" - into one united train of thought. They have, as a group, toHealing, 355:any possibility of such creative use of the united imagination. To become entirely free from thisHealing, 367:that such areas are to be found (as regards the United States) in Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland andHealing, 451:As an ancient prophecy has put it: "No true united Sound goes out from form to form, from life toHealing, 481:to medical science as a whole; out of the united contribution should come a richer and more fluidHealing, 617:directorate of vital importance, linked and united, animated and directed by the seven ethericHealing, 639:of the incarnating soul. Temporarily, the united power of the segregated and isolated atoms -Healing, 662:and basically wrong in her techniques. The United States and Great Britain are at a midway point.Healing, 662:spirit and the latent fascism of the United States are at this time a definite menace to worldHealing, 666:change; in it the Forces of Light, the massed United Nations, fought the Forces of Evil upon theHealing, 668:men are today working against the unity of the United Nations, [669] through their greed, theirHealing, 669:Goodwill will not suffice, though the united and invocative appeal of the [670] men of goodwillHercules, 65:aspect. The Coptic and the Hebrew names signify "united", and this is the status of Hercules, theHercules, 66:commerce. It is interesting to note that the United States [67] and London are both governed byHercules, 153:with Scorpio. The eagle has much to do with the United States and the arrow of Sagittarius, theHercules, 153:next sign, is also dominant in the seal of the United States. Aquila, the eagle, is the bird out ofHercules, 157:an arrow to his goal. It is interesting that the United States' standard shows the arrows ofHercules, 157:one-pointedly seeking. There is prophecy in the United States standard, of the goal of this raceHercules, 158:of all the races gathered together in the United States. Hercules, 162:cross of Cygnus, the Red Cross? That is what the United States stands for. You have it right in theHercules, 186:about it yet. Can you think of a group so united on spiritual levels that letters, pamphlets,Hercules, 192:that is what lies ahead, that is what the United Nations, movements for international peace andHercules, 197:monster called Geryon with a body of three men united. He had a herd of red cattle, guarded by aHercules, 198:being with mental, emotional and physical bodies united. I think that this labor has not yet beenInitiation, 46:every move and plan and event exists in their united foreknowledge. They are in daily touch withInitiation, 75:some can vision that ideal, and seek - through united service, loving cooperation, and oneness inInitiation, 109:involving group activity, group loyalty, and united endeavor, and much may depend upon the wisdomInitiation, 121:of many other groups, similarly composed. Their united energy is working towards a clearly definedInitiation, 122:to him how this dual purpose must become one united plan, and henceforth he bends all his energiesInitiation, 133:succeeds an interesting interlude, wherein the united wills of the Hierarchy are blended in orderInitiation, 144:and thus stimulating all the atoms, through the united thought power of the Masters. The work ofInitiation, 152:tiny notes of each human being produces a great united sound which can be heard in the high placesInitiation, 157:to make a threefold sound and thus produce more united and far reaching results. Finally the threeIntellect, 17:joined hands with the Orient and when we have united the best thoughts of the East with those ofIntellect, 59:Nature of the Soul The head and the heart become united in their endeavor. Mind and pure reason areIntellect, 195:even thought, in the last analysis, and becomes united with the All. Individuality, however,Magic, 89:Intelligent activity and love wisdom must be united, and the union must take place on the physicalMagic, 89:process. Just as the soul of animal-man became united with another divine principle, and so broughtMagic, 120:of the mental plane. Until the path of light is united to the path of life the great transitionMagic, 236:A thought-form is created in consonance with the united meditation of the soul and the man, hisMagic, 275:our special scheme, who is sensing somewhat the united vibrations of the lives of the seven solarMagic, 282:and raise or lower the physical vibration of the united cell body. Thus, as we well know, theMagic, 326:in their methods of application of truth, are united in three basic aspects: In their teaching asMagic, 368:they have worked at its material form can their united efforts draw it into outer manifestation.
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