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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITED

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Rays, 211:joint pledge to the Master of the Ashram, and a united service given to humanity. There comes aRays, 211:will demonstrate in some definitely planned and united activity, carried forward in the outer worldRays, 211:injunction of the Master, and as a result of the united soul life of the group effectively makingRays, 212:when a group can arrive at a suitable point of united tension, non-essential reactions disappearRays, 217:the life or of the fire has to be the result of united action, taken by the group when fullRays, 219:conditions, and until there is at least some united will to take together what is needed in orderRays, 219:the group in unison. The first is the stage of united tension or the attaining of such a focalRays, 220:and so conscious of the need for preserving a united and uniform tension, that "the silence of theRays, 222:it is not so in verity. By the power of their united love, the group has mastered personnelRays, 222:has to arrive at a new point of tension and of united attainment. It has to use the dynamic will,Rays, 223:to be struck also from without, by an act of the united will; this corresponds to the great cry ofRays, 223:the foundation for the phase of group living and united striving which will be so distinctive anRays, 226:of the power to invoke divinity, followed by a united group realization that "God is Fire." TheRays, 231:approach from that of individual culture to united group progress will bring about many types ofRays, 237:Of this situation the determination of the United Nations to win and to enforce complete surrenderRays, 334:personnel of the Hierarchy waits to make a united move forward, paralleling - on its own level -Rays, 334:of the Hierarchy and the demonstration of Their united ability to work from the physical plane upRays, 343:group members, will be thrown up and prevent a united moving forward through the Door ofRays, 346:ranks, for each degree stands alone yet united with all the others - with their own establishedRays, 370:or the will of the Lord of the World upon the united Hierarchy in a manner incomprehensible to you;Rays, 393:are brought to the point of precipitation by united decision in the conclave of the Masters. TheseRays, 398:well as away from it. The invocative note of our united evolution at stated times and cycles soundsRays, 403:words which may bring some light via their united meaning (each phrase contributing an idea), ifRays, 420:of the ray [420] Lord at first, and the united intention of all of Them eventually, are curiouslyRays, 424:He is now given a revelation of the true united goal of the seven Paths and likewise a vision ofRays, 428:basic political inexperience of that people. The United States of America is also young andRays, 429:country in the world today is France, with the United States (though along totally different lines)Rays, 429:a too young a people. The selfishness of the United States is also due to youth, but it willRays, 429:great people - much suffering in store for the United States. The selfishness of France is lessRays, 429:result will be stability. In the hands of the United States, Great Britain and Russia, and also inRays, 430:is to be found in the Zionist Movement in the United States, another in central Europe, and theRays, 430:thinking and planning of Great Britain, the United States and the majority of the United Nations orRays, 430:the United States and the majority of the United Nations or - must it break in disaster over theRays, 430:people and her political maturity); it finds the United States, unused to power, somewhat arrogant,Rays, 441:aware of the spiritual synthesis underlying the united Ashrams. He thus consciously and steadilyRays, 454:This antahkarana is the product of the united effort of soul and personality, working togetherRays, 470:of Social Evolution (which is the joint or united antahkarana of humanity as a whole), will beRays, 512:and personality are now invocative, and their united intention is expressed in the previous threeRays, 543:in a new and mysterious manner certain united hierarchical impressions. The disciple by now hasRays, 579:is today governing world affairs. [579] The united activity of these two great streams of cosmicRays, 580:is swinging vast groups of men everywhere into united emotional activity, thus creating thoseRays, 616:expectancy of the masses. The evocation of a united hierarchical response through the use of theRays, 621:with the clearest unified record is Japan. The United States of America is always regarded as aRays, 622:who see life, humanity and the world as one united whole, interrelated, cooperative and harmonized.Rays, 623:of tension" has now been reached (of which the United Nations is a symbol) which will eventuallyRays, 624:points of crisis, and has achieved a point of united tension, then she will find the door or pointRays, 624:from the nationalistic thought-form; the United States and Russia are arriving - the first at theRays, 625:the British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America, but this in turn must not beRays, 626:fatigue of the nations and the use of the United Nations councils for the ventilation ofRays, 628:- The Aspirant and the Major Initiations In the United States, this fourth energy is peculiarlyRays, 629:with a steadily increasing soul pressure. The United States, though one of the younger nations, isRays, 629:of responsibility. The conflict in the United States is between a love of freedom which amountsRays, 629:The rays of energy governing the United States are the 6th Ray of Idealism, which is the energy ofRays, 629:point out to you that it is the soul ray of the United States which relates it to Great Britain.Rays, 629:of the American people that everything in the United States is better than anything anywhere else,Rays, 629:of ray energies to be found at this time in the United States: [630] The energy of the soul Ray ofRays, 630:Russia has the same personality ray as the United States [631] and her seventh ray soulRays, 631:all of them independent nations, but belong to a united Commonwealth; a pattern is therebyRays, 636:the crucial test of the nations and [636] of the United Nations Assembly is to be found in theRays, 636:offered), and particularly the refusal of the United States to admit them, is separative, wrong andRays, 636:political expediency. The test, as far as the United Nations is concerned, was whether they wouldRays, 636:of Light were arrayed in the last war. The United Nations has already made a major mistake by theirRays, 636:In the first mistake they precipitated into the United Nations the element of conflict and thatRays, 636:from the rightful owners. It was a test for the United States, for it is the American Jews who haveRays, 636:endorsement from the Jews of other nations. The United States, urged by expediency, by theRays, 639:humanity today, leading to a crisis within the United Nations. The Hierarchy is subjected to crisesRays, 642:in connection with the 6th Initiation. The united activity of these rays lifts humanity to theRays, 645:the human spirit to the world of forms, to the united Hierarchy and to the Council Chamber of theRays, 645:love and intelligent action) can be seen in united activity and the theory of an existing Plan andRays, 647:Factor, with the concentrated assistance of the united Hierarchy; it is this that will begin toRays, 676:today and the tendencies already apparent in the United Nations bear incontrovertible testimony. ToRays, 681:U.S.A. It is the Zionists who have defied the United Nations, lowered its prestige and made itsRays, 681:act of aggression since the formation of the United Nations, and who were clever enough to gain theRays, 681:clever enough to gain the endorsement of the United Nations, turning the original "recommendation"Rays, 681:turning the original "recommendation" of the United Nations into an order. The rule of force, ofRays, 681:the remaining nations. There is no nation in the United Nations which has attempted to swing theRays, 716:of this energy has been the forming of the United Nations. Rays, 743:among them, and no welding together into a united group for world salvage and service. TheRays, 744:form of government; again, a man born in the United States or in Great Britain boasts and isRays, 745:lack their constitutional rights in parts of the United States; and in South Africa, theirRays, 746:in the southern states, the Constitution of the United States is infringed every day by those whoRays, 746:test when Africa awakes. This attitude of the United States and their failure to live up to theRays, 746:battle of Democracy will be fought out in the United States. There the people at present vote andRays, 747:lead humanity out of darkness into light. If the United States can equally [748] renounce its grossRays, 749:in most other countries, particularly in the United States. An instance of this can be seen in theRays, 751:instead of these, already [751] exists: Union, United, League, Federation, Commonwealth, RightRays, 759:world (whom you are in a position to reach) to a united voicing of the Invocation on the same dayReappearance, 9:awaits His hour of appearance. It is only the united demand of humanity, its "massed intent," whichReappearance, 39:there is but one purpose, one idea and one united expectancy. Reappearance, 40:is today of such a volume and sound that - united to the wisdom and the knowledge of the SpiritualReappearance, 50:the word. But - speaking symbolically - when the United Nations has emerged into factual and actualReappearance, 59:Hierarchy is today composed of Those Who have united in Themselves both the intellect and theReappearance, 77:of divine Purpose. Within the Assembly of the United Nations, though not within the SecurityReappearance, 77:conscious entity, such as the Hierarchy, the United Nations or Humanity. The focal point of HisReappearance, 93:to channel them into the Assembly of the United Nations; the use made of these impersonal energiesReappearance, 93:increase the potency of the objective which the United Nations (at present) theoretically holdReappearance, 93:slowly be turned into practice, and the word "United" may come to have a true significance andReappearance, 95:to direction in every country in the world, united in their idealism, in their humanitarianReappearance, 95:sensitivity to spiritual impression, in their united, subjective purpose, in their love of theirReappearance, 128:the [128] Western Hemisphere, particularly the United States, will not share in this definite
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