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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITING

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Astrology, 130:incarnations has done its work, and the Band (uniting the two fishes) is in process of dissolution,Atom, 85:He synthesizes and blends the three aspects, uniting them in himself. He is the totality of theDiscipleship2, 106:the factor which creates the higher antahkarana, uniting the Hierarchy and Shamballa. This makesExternalisation, 535:by this I mean that the planetary rainbow bridge uniting the three major centers has existed. TheFire, 126:of his body is not pure enough to stand the uniting of the flames, that the channel up the spine isFire, 127:for this manvantara or cycle. He may, by the uniting of the two fires of matter and the dualFire, 205:to another, till we have a web of fiery lines, uniting centers of living fire, and giving truth toInitiation, 171:triple caves of Darkness. The Clue to the Energy uniting Fire and Water. [172] In all these namesMagic, 129:are appreciating the necessity for the uniting of their forces and for cooperation in theirProblems, 90:dying out with the spread of education, with the uniting discoveries of science bringing us all soRays, 556:Cross is mounted and from the vortex of the four uniting forces, the initiate passes through theTelepathy, 6:mental impulse, simultaneously with himself. Uniting himself to them he discovers himself to be enTelepathy, 47:which forms the subjective basis and the uniting element which binds together the entire realm of
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