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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITS

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Astrology, 41:It is the rejection of the Triadal lives by units in the fourth Hierarchy, that of the humanAstrology, 46:in the scheme. It is for this reason that the units of the fifth Hierarchy are called "The HeartsAstrology, 138:itself through humanity and its individual units, though combining with the energy of the threeAstrology, 148:of certain desired objectives, towards which the units of the fifth kingdom in nature have beenAstrology, 326:time, the two are one - the Saving Souls and the Units to be served. "Slowly the vision of theAstrology, 327:of the unevolved. They are the "material units" which have to be saved by the more advanced. TheAstrology, 403:certain planets. Thus they affect and condition units of life upon each of these receiving planets.Astrology, 425:engrosses the attention of the evolving human units. This is the case even when other factors areAstrology, 433:are considering the impact of energy upon energy units (all qualified and producing appearance) andAstrology, 433:and with the response of those energy units to the streams of force which reach them from "theAstrology, 434:through ancient habit the responsiveness of the units in the form. A developed sensitivity whichAstrology, 437:on Triangle Three, attracts out of it those units of energy which (as a result of the activity ofAstrology, 529:the destiny of humanity in relation to its group units, large and small. The soul and personalityAstrology, 685:can pass from scheme to scheme, and thus the units of life on the different rays or streams ofAstrology, 685:the object of His attention as regards the human units." (C. F. 375-6) Just as Venus is negativelyAstrology, 687:the subsequent awakening of manas in the human units find their analogy in the awakening of theAstrology, 693:There is a curious connection between the human units who pass through its halls and the mineralAstrology, 693:its halls and the mineral kingdom. The human units on the earth scheme are called 'the livingAstrology, 694:of the Schools, the 'College of Quadruple Force Units', for its members wield four kinds of forceAtom, 21:which blends and holds together all the evolving units, whether they are units of matter, such asAtom, 21:all the evolving units, whether they are units of matter, such as the atom of the chemist andAtom, 21:as the atom of the chemist and physicist, or units of consciousness, such as human beings. This isAtom, 21:the process which unfolds the life within all units, the developing urge which eventually mergesAtom, 21:the developing urge which eventually merges all units and all groups, until you have that sumtotalAtom, 25:self-contained, and similarly of the human units as having a separate life apart from all otherAtom, 25:as having a separate life apart from all other units, and with no relationship to others. Such aAtom, 26:existence. Not only will there be the separate units of consciousness, not only the differentiatedAtom, 44:the "body of Christ" he surely means all those units of the human family who are held within HisAtom, 48:None of us will be complete until all other units have achieved their fullest and most completeAtom, 91:is the synthesis or sumtotal of all the lesser units. Perhaps that synthesis may be the great Life,Atom, 102:Instinct is a recognized faculty of all animal units, and [103] the word comes from the same rootAtom, 108:Having, then, learnt to be intelligent units by means of these five senses, and having, throughAtom, 148:is entered. In the world today there are also units of the human family who are passing into theAutobiography, 235:He suggested our organizing what He called Units of Service in as many countries in the world asAutobiography, 235:the doctrine of goodwill, with the organizing of Units of Service in nineteen different countriesBethlehem, 118:that every form is simply an aggregate of energy units in constant ceaseless motion, to which weBethlehem, 129:division, of multiplicity, plurality, separated units. Christ came to unify, to bring together andDestiny, 15:of basic restoration and the preservation of "units of synthesis," their influence is good andDestiny, 103:the destiny of humanity in relation to its group units, large and small. The soul and personalityDiscipleship1, 37:work; they must not work as individuals but as units in a coherent whole. This will distinguish theDiscipleship1, 72:lines and these seed groups are not the only units to be found today in the world. There are, forDiscipleship1, 72:the world. There are, for instance, several seed units working out into being within the frameworkDiscipleship1, 75:individuals, you may be of small importance; as units in the group which I am preparing andDiscipleship1, 80:entails conscious work on those levels as energy units, each contributing his individual share andDiscipleship1, 106:much from the success or the non-success of its units. That result and success must, also,Discipleship1, 189:is willing and voluntary cooperation between the units who compose the group. This is not alwaysDiscipleship1, 592:and an increasing fusion of souls and of the units in the various groups which are colored by theDiscipleship2, 6:to lift, to change and to transmute those units which seem at first to be uncongenial or evenDiscipleship2, 7:was organized by me into seven teaching units: Definite planned Meditation. Teaching upon theDiscipleship2, 7:function correctly, because the individual group units are aligned and rightly adjusted. Why is itDiscipleship2, 24:and understood - will [24] initiate entire group units into the Light and into the "Labor of theDiscipleship2, 50:That was not the major intent. The forming of units for special service in organizing the lifeDiscipleship2, 116:pod or sheath?) will become living and potent units of energy (spiritual energy) and the succeedingDiscipleship2, 206:phases upon our planet. All the meditating units and the reflective groups are related to eachDiscipleship2, 464:groups, nations, races and increasingly large units is ever the mode of developing a world SaviorDiscipleship2, 494:the brain is ever composed of atoms and cell units which vibrate to the energy of the ray whichDiscipleship2, 694:which brings about the upward drive which all units of life express and the search of all of themEducation, 37:to admit the possibility that there are central units in man which underlie the tangible andEducation, 100:he is a unit in a functioning group of similar units, each of whom is expected to contribute hisExternalisation, 41:germ of the future culture, act also as bridging units, and externalize certain departmentalExternalisation, 330:prior to the war and are perforce inactive. The Units of Service in the occupied countries are aExternalisation, 415:you that as humanity, through its most advanced units, prepares for this next great Approach itExternalisation, 476:conclusive victory on the merits of its fighting units. But this time a great deal more wasExternalisation, 497:of substance, and has affected those primary units of life of which all forms are made. 5. You willExternalisation, 526:a great salvaging corps of dedicated, liberated Units of Life, working in group formation with allExternalisation, 586:in relationships and to the Plan for all living units in the three worlds. The intuition of theExternalisation, 615:selfish motives which control so many national units, plus the dull apathy of the masses, and inExternalisation, 661:stimulating the aura of that mass of living units so that their "magnetic appeal will be theExternalisation, 680:a similarity in the [680] livingness of the units in the ashram; this is, of course, diversified byExternalisation, 681:basic similarity of sympathetic response by the units in all ashrams to the needs of humanity, toExternalisation, 684:in the world is in touch with thousands of other units and can - through the many means ofFire, 5:form part of the Whole, and are not isolated units. This is the basis of brotherhood, of theFire, 38:and the animating principle of the evolving units of the human race in the three worlds. ElectricFire, 93:Logos, and Their united life. Such forms are the units in the vegetable, animal and mineralFire, 95:be noted that the pranic emanations given off by units of the animal and vegetable kingdom (afterFire, 115:on cosmic levels the achievement of the human units who are the cells in Their bodies. Our solarFire, 122:was in this position; it was to the evolving units of that period what the atomic plane is now, theFire, 152:and form, as we know, the following atomic units: The solar system, recognized as a cosmic atom,Fire, 228:the magnetic radiation between the microcosmic units is but little felt (in the occult significanceFire, 228:coupled with the assimilated radiation of other units - will increase, and become of suchFire, 232:magnetic opposite. 2. The objective of the units of consciousness Thus, the thought of union and ofFire, 233:Two - Introductory Questions 3. The Manifesting Units of Consciousness 94 If these stated aims areFire, 236:marriage of the Son is effected. The two cosmic units merge. If we here naturally ask which is theFire, 237:of Ceremonial Law or Order. Men, The Monad, The Units of Consciousness. They, in their totality,Fire, 244:These two, the Heavenly Men plus the units in Their bodies, which are composed of deva and humanFire, 249:attraction governs his connection with other units or groups, and synthesis is the law of his innerFire, 249:are formed by the aggregate of human and of deva units. His responsiveness to outer stimulation:Fire, 251:made up of the aggregate of the deva and human units who vibrate to His key note, and who respondFire, 251:the life animating the atoms or men who form the units in groups is both mysterious and wonderful.Fire, 256:lesser lives, the lesser groups, human and deva units, cells atoms and molecules. Seen from cosmicFire, 259:measure of the unfoldment of all the conscious units in His body. Here we have traced very brieflyFire, 270:The cells in Their bodies are made up of the units of the human and deva evolutions in the sameFire, 279:the response to successive contacts of the units involved during their small cycles. AtomicFire, 288:within the zone of their knowledge other [288] units who are ready for a similar expansion ofFire, 288:composition of His body (those separated units of consciousness which we call deva and human [289]Fire, 289:through experience in the three worlds the human units have accomplished this, they can then gain -Fire, 289:the following points: First: The work of the units who go to the makeup of a particular planetaryFire, 296:Introductory Questions 2. The Work of the Atomic Units The seven Heavenly Men, considered inFire, 297:is done, the result in connection with the human units in incarnation will be threefold: SexFire, 301:remembered that the sumtotal of human and deva units upon a planet make the body vital of a
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