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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITS

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Fire, 702:process, for the individualization of the units is brought about through a macrocosmic happeningFire, 706:the fifth spirilla. When the hour strikes, these units of energy will "come in" from another schemeFire, 712:after individualization, upon the mental units of the separated identities who go to theFire, 713:with. Secondly, they work through the mental units, impressing upon the atom that portion,Fire, 715:the effect of this electrical phenomen upon the units (who are themselves centers of energy) whichFire, 716:of pitchblende and the other involved units is comparatively a new development under theFire, 717:teaches that these seven groups of human units inhabit seven continents during evolution. - S. D.,Fire, 717:their own quality and nature, endow human units on the physical plane with the faculty ofFire, 717:It is their work also to energize the mental units of all men, and to coordinate, by means of theFire, 725:blending of the colors, and the synthesis of the units in their groups. At the initiation of aFire, 726:of the Heavenly Man and therefore upon the units or human Monads, but only indirectly and upon theFire, 726:the superintendence of the transfer of force units or egoic groups from one scheme to another (notFire, 726:from one scheme to another (not with individual units from chain to chain). They appear usuallyFire, 727:way with the appearance of the self-conscious units, being the primal embodiment of the latentFire, 728:three lower kingdoms, viewing these kingdoms as units and not as differentiations. They are closelyFire, 737:It is but a dim reflection in the separated units (and therefore tinged with selfishness andFire, 740:and speaking in broad terms; the karma of the units differ and a man - according to the path heFire, 741:and therefore at the great pralaya those human units who have achieved, and who have not passed toFire, 770:is a part), ascertain the condition of the human units who go to its constitution, so the planetaryFire, 771:spreads throughout the group lotus until the units who respond to that particular ray vibrationFire, 774:and was also equally true in the earlier chain; units, however, which come into this fourth orFire, 777:work lies along the line of adjusting the egoic units in their groups, and of making them groupFire, 778:a constant transmission of energy, and of force units embodying that energy, goes on throughout theFire, 789:from the centers and cannot escape. These units of force, therefore, pile up according to theFire, 796:The influence of other groups and of other units, the effects of radiation from other rays, and ofFire, 798:and repulsion, or the vibratory response of units to each other, and of aggregates of units toFire, 798:of units to each other, and of aggregates of units to other groups, we shall have the clearing upFire, 798:itself and on the interaction between atomic units whether we use this expression in connectionFire, 807:called Man, or, when the aggregated units are considered, the human kingdom. (a) IntroductoryFire, 810:and each other, as divine self-conscious units, functioning primarily in the causal body butFire, 826:"equipped and unequipped" Egos, between those units of the human family on earth who have passedFire, 830:is therefore no longer a barrier to the lesser units within; the electronic lives in their variousFire, 849:Their individual goal of attainment may be. The units, therefore, in Their bodies can equally getFire, 850:the transmission of thought substance between Units and egoic groups. Groups and other groups.Fire, 855:and these again are broken up into lesser units, all of them being known and portrayed underFire, 861:of men form the force centers or minute "energy units" in the larger petals of their group center.Fire, 910:as individuals, though each group is composed of units, and has nothing of the nature of theFire, 931:"the surface alchemists" and "the bridging units." They build the doubles of every form ofFire, 946:lives may be divided into three groups of energy units, and their nature deduced from the phrases:Fire, 952:and when all His centers (formed of human units) are fully awakened, then will [953] those centersFire, 953:It affects not only himself but also all those units whom he contacts and meets. In its destructionFire, 978:is facilitated for Them if the interplay between units of the group is steady and uninterrupted.Fire, 988:channels, dividing the fourfold energy in two units, which mount via the two channels, leaving theFire, 1029:to the interplay between the various human units. Inter-atomic, or the passage of force from oneFire, 1045:to point out, therefore, that the following units are affected. The essential individual atom. ItsFire, 1051:centers and thereby affect the involved monadic units. This is hidden in the karma of the HeavenlyFire, 1051:some one globe upon the groups of evolving human units. This - from the human standpoint - cannotFire, 1080:the cyclic appearance of a whole group of human units who have a definite karmic relation to theFire, 1081:and educational benefit to the student: The units of inertia, Atoms of rhythmic centralization,Fire, 1081:of inertia, Atoms of rhythmic centralization, Units of primary radiation, The sons of heavy rhythm,Fire, 1081:degrees), Positive sons of electricity, Rotating units of the seventh order, Points of light of theFire, 1081:of the fourth progression, Electric sparks, Units of negative resistance, The equilibrized atoms.Fire, 1082:in the archives of this the seventh department: Units of the fire-mist stage, Points of lunarFire, 1087:The monadic wheel, or the periodic appearance of units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Thus weFire, 1090:apparent to him that through necessity certain units or cells in the body are more active in spaceFire, 1094:that it contacts, and which holds the responsive units in some form or another. From the occultFire, 1098:this inflow is the very life itself of the solar units who are the sumtotal of the four lowerFire, 1099:consequently the life [1099] of the individual units who form the mental bodies of all humanFire, 1100:desired control of His physical body; the human units will be then functioning upon the buddhicFire, 1105:the astral body. The thought currents or energy units initiated by identification with groups,Fire, 1116:lotus. There is the inherent life of the atomic units forming each petal, and the circulatory lifeFire, 1117:The many which form the All, and the units which constitute the One, cannot be differentiated asFire, 1117:which proceeds as constellations form the units in the Whole instead of planets or human atoms.Fire, 1132:relation of the perfected or nearly perfected units in the three kingdoms of nature with theirFire, 1133:upon the subject under consideration. The units, therefore, in the three lower kingdoms possess noFire, 1136:and not the appearance of separated units. Each group soul, as it is called, is divided into sevenFire, 1136:an interesting distinction between them and the units of the human kingdom. When portions of theFire, 1136:group soul is found on the mental plane. Human units of the fourth kingdom when out of incarnationFire, 1138:imposition which eventually releases the human units, and permits of their passing into the higherFire, 1139:can be said: the appearance of these groups as units in manifestation is controlled by threeFire, 1143:world. The bird evolution. The devas. Human units, egoic groups, monadic lives, [1144] and myriad'sFire, 1144:All work with energy emanations, and with force units under cyclic law, and all have the sameFire, 1145:the three main streams of [1145] energy - the units of inertia, mobility and rhythm - and note theFire, 1145:great group of transitional points. These latter units are those who are on the crest of one of theFire, 1145:a consideration of the forces which bring human units into manifestation, which produceFire, 1146:it must be borne in mind that the human units now upon this planet fall naturally into two greatFire, 1146:those who reached individualization, or became "units of self-directing energy," upon the moon, andFire, 1146:distinctions between these two groups, for the units of the moon chain are distinguished, not onlyFire, 1146:third factor differentiating the groups of human units who reached self-consciousness on our planetFire, 1147:now, however, as far advanced as the groups of units from the moon chain who came in in AtlanteanFire, 1148:as affecting the different incarnating units have a vital effect on their cyclic evolution, and theFire, 1148:independently of his group, as will other group units, and this leads to an apparent confusionFire, 1173:of the Schools is primarily applicable to all units of divine life who have arrived at, orFire, 1174:is now at the stage where a number of its units are ready to come under the specific influence ofFire, 1174:moment they tread the Probationary Path. All the units of the fifth kingdom, therefore, all theFire, 1175:divisions, first, in connection with the human units passing under hierarchical influence in theFire, 1175:This inner round has a peculiar appeal to units on certain Rays, and has its own specific dangers.Fire, 1178:There is a curious connection between the human units who pass through its halls and the mineralFire, 1178:its halls and the mineral kingdom. The human units on the earth scheme are called in mysticalFire, 1178:of the schools, the "College of Quadruple Force units," for its members wield four kinds of forceFire, 1186:men will be regarded as a combination of energy units, and work with things and with men from theFire, 1199:It is the rejection of the Triadal Lives by units in the fourth Hierarchy, that of the humanFire, 1204:in the scheme. It is for this reason that the units of the fifth Hierarchy are called "The HeartsFire, 1211:part of the whole has three relations: To those units which form its body of manifestation. To itsFire, 1213:[1213] All this has to be accomplished by the units of the human kingdom in full individualFire, 1213:of a sympathetic relation with other human units and with the pitris of the animal kingdom, andFire, 1213:has as yet been made, and few are the human units who have merged their consciousness with that ofFire, 1214:in its work of group adjustment for both units, in order to produce eventual group harmony in bothFire, 1214:individual with himself and with his environing units, and his realization of the essential onenessFire, 1217:seven spiritual fathers." Through repulsion, the units are driven home and the straying unconscious
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