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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITS

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Fire, 1218:liveth to himself, and the crucifixion of the units throughout the aeons, and their realization ofFire, 1218:the corresponding vehicles of the group units. A group, it [1219] should be remembered, which isFire, 1219:into its structure a larger number of atomic units, so a group contains (astrally considered) moreFire, 1219:so a group contains (astrally considered) more units than on the physical plane. The laws we areFire, 1219:upon concern the relation of the physical plane units to those units who form a part of the group,Fire, 1219:relation of the physical plane units to those units who form a part of the group, and yet areFire, 1219:vehicles. The same idea must be applied to the units devoid of a physical vehicle who form aFire, 1219:Lower Four. These laws only become operative in units on the physical plane which are becomingFire, 1244:seen the seven ray paths become three when units upon the four minor rays merge themselves into oneFire, 1244:for the vitalization of the principal units in any of these organizations doing this pioneer work.Fire, 1252:mainly the third and the fourth. Only the human units can pass on to these two paths. The devaFire, 1259:in the fact of its numerical position. These units of the fourth kingdom, the bulk of the fourthFire, 1262:In their group work (regarding all the units upon this Path as forming a unified Whole) the resultsGlamour, 49:in nature, and to it you are just beginning (as units in a group) to respond. To what do youHealing, 29:atoms will pass back into "the pool of waiting units," until they are again required for the use ofHealing, 36:are without exception constituted of energy units. These we call atoms, and these atomic units areHealing, 36:units. These we call atoms, and these atomic units are held together in body form by the coherentHealing, 36:so called, or rather aggregates of atomic units, fade out and disappear, or flash again intoHealing, 149:Its petals are composed of 96 lesser petals or units of force (48 + 48 = 96) but these do notHealing, 229:from promiscuity; the formation of family units became the subject of attention and [230] a goalHealing, 243:physical body. These radiations play upon the units of energy which, in their totality, constituteHealing, 265:of themselves in terms of national and racial units, the karma of humanity would radically changeHealing, 335:no initiatory life of its own. It is composed of units of energy, as is all else in nature, and hasHealing, 414:the evolving life... - Page 596. e. When all the units or cells in the body of the planetary LogosHealing, 456:mental types, of the more highly evolved human units, it is the web at the top of the head in theHercules, 11:an energy unit composed of a multitude of energy units, and that man himself is likewise aHercules, 105:of the human family composed of individual units. Another technical term for this third outpouringHercules, 109:relatively, in relation to the myriads of human units, they have constituted a very small minority.Hercules, 149:of religion as a series of antagonistic units rather than a single expression of spiritual impulse;Hercules, 186:spiritual interplay between the minds of the units in the groups. We do not know anything about itInitiation, 13:to bring the race to the point where its units will have some idea of the next step to be taken.Initiation, 32:kingdom in nature is linked and entered when the units of that kingdom become radioactive. But itInitiation, 34:[34] necessity, a number of highly evolved units of the human family. In order to enable others toInitiation, 72:the center of his group; the force animating the units of the group and binding them into aInitiation, 72:is one who realizes his responsibility to all units who come under his influence, - aInitiation, 73:system the mental vehicle of the self-conscious units will hold an analogous place, as the physicalInitiation, 74:service and in aspiration. Then love between the units of the human family will take the form ofInitiation, 75:endeavor until he has gathered around him those units of consciousness whom he can energize, andInitiation, 83:they must work out the karma with the injured units. The very fact that a man is an initiate, andInitiation, 95:on the higher planes, as more and more the human units esoterically "blaze forth." It must beInitiation, 120:He becomes more aware of the different group units with whom he is intrinsically associated; heInitiation, 120:what are the karmic relations between groups, units and himself; he is given an insight into theInitiation, 121:When this has reached a certain stage, the units forming the groups have learned to work together,Initiation, 121:that upon which his Ego finds itself. All egoic units are upon some subray of the monadic ray. ThisInitiation, 121:and having developed the ability to work with units in group formation, the initiate now learns theInitiation, 123:body of a solar Logos, work first as separated units living their own integral life, then asInitiation, 170:the lords of karma are no myth, or symbolical Units, but are highly intelligent entities who wieldInitiation, 178:learn to work in a coordinated manner with other units. These are the main things that a man mustInitiation, 181:effects naturally [181] produce results in the units or cells in the body of the Heavenly Man, andIntellect, 30:greater, because more spiritual, things. These units of the human family must be discovered andIntellect, 240:are built of atoms, we are told, and atoms are units of energy. Man, therefore, is himself energy,Intellect, 240:therefore, is himself energy, formed of energy units, living in a world similarly constituted andMagic, 24:separative, through the separation into larger units than the lower is capable of grasping.Magic, 32:all. It should be remembered that all people are units of consciousness breathed forth on one ofMagic, 56:part of the planetary hierarchy and are integral units in that great cloud of witnesses who are theMagic, 81:carries all on with itself, welding separated units into a unified homogeneous whole. Mind repelsMagic, 85:is utilizing the higher or abstract mind. Both units are working with two aspects of the universalMagic, 94:of nations, religions and groups. Enough human units have now contacted the hierarchical plan soMagic, 118:and divine expression in collections of units is approaching closer to the ideal and approximatingMagic, 119:goal of present human endeavor. One deals with units, another with groups and the last with unity.Magic, 131:of the plan and its later materialization, human units are involved and men have perforce to beMagic, 132:the human equation that the difficulties arise. Units for work fall into three groups: Those whoMagic, 132:the Masters can contact. They work with these units of the human family and expect fair promise ofMagic, 202:energy bodies. They are composed of energy units, atoms in a state of constant flux and movementMagic, 283:possess through the medium of its corporate units which will put it en rapport with other groupsMagic, 334:The effect of color on people, animals and units in the vegetable kingdom will be studied and theMagic, 334:and all forms of divine manifestation as light units of varying degrees of brightness and shallMagic, 337:is responsible and which can be seen and felt in units of organic life, other than the human. [338]Magic, 357:really entails. Increasingly men will come, as units, into possession of their intellectualMagic, 379:of the realization of God in nature or in other units. It was necessary in those days to employMagic, 394:individual, swaying others, coordinating human units into groups, and organisms. He becomes theMagic, 405:a decision which involved the formation of group units, and brought about the emergence of thoseMagic, 406:but they have been for the most part isolated units who have founded schools characterized byMagic, 417:will hasten the work of integration, and put the units in this group in touch with one another. DoMagic, 419:ideas of any one person or leader as to how the units in his particular sphere of activity shouldMagic, 422:about thirty years the interrelation between the units in this group (scattered as they may be allMagic, 462:kingdoms in nature, and right relations between units and groups in the human family. A step inMagic, 466:smaller and smaller groups as the individual units achieve - one by one - the status of trulyMagic, 501:mental types, of the more highly evolved human units, it is the web at the top of the head in theMagic, 524:yet equipped to comprehend the nature of those units of electrical energy which embody what we callMagic, 527:the brain of the planetary Deity, its many units being analogous to the brain cells in the humanMagic, 528:procedure of unfoldment of all the evolving units that we call men. With this I seek not here toMagic, 537:upon the work of humanity in releasing the units of which it is constructed, and in releasing theMagic, 566:objective matter or of those material energy units which we normally cover by the words "gaseous,Magic, 581:we are ourselves constituted of force or energy units; and we wield force, knowingly orMagic, 619:and sensitive inter-communication between units, groups and combinations of groups, both on theMeditation, 26:polarization. Here and there individuals are, as units, accomplishing the work and demonstratingMeditation, 34:have been told, there are sixty thousand million units of consciousness or spirits in the evolvingMeditation, 45:levels as might be anticipated, for only certain units of an egoic group will be in incarnation atMeditation, 64:vehicle for prana or electrical vitality as two units. More I cannot say for the whole shifts andMeditation, 66:leads to freedom from disturbance, enables the units of the group to work with greater ease andMeditation, 96:ovoid, permitting no extraneous geometrical units to find entrance, and the dangers of inhibitionMeditation, 113:or collective, mantrams may be chanted by units or by groups, different centers may be the objectMeditation, 142:thus forming in himself a unit among other units. He acknowledges this and acknowledges the rightMeditation, 142:acknowledges the right of all other separated units so to consider themselves. He adds to this aMeditation, 165:and sounds which have a vital effect upon the units gathered on those rays. The effect of soundingMeditation, 197:arrangements - the auras of the differentiated units in a group, and causes these auras to form oneMeditation, 202:the higher, and to cooperate with all the other units in the concourse. In the department of theMeditation, 233:aura is composed of the composite auras of the units of the race. For instance, the aura of theMeditation, 233:demonstrated our first point that, as the units evolve, the colors change and this is brought about
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