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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITY

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Astrology, 7:else, to demonstrate to you that all-pervading unity and that underlying synthesis which is theAstrology, 11:solar systems which, with ours, form a cosmic unity and into these pour energies and forces fromAstrology, 34:substance None 12 2 * Unknown IV Aries Unity through effort None 11 3 * Unknown V Taurus LightAstrology, 67:and the individual through conflict, producing unity and beauty. The birth pangs of the secondAstrology, 93:Enter into battle for the Lord. Arrive at unity through effort. Creation - Being - Activity -Astrology, 167:in the upper room introduced them to union and unity under the symbolism of the [168] communionAstrology, 174:Orientation Decentralization Individual unity Sensed duality Universal unity Fire Fire AirAstrology, 174:Individual unity Sensed duality Universal unity Fire Fire Air Selfishness Struggle ServiceAstrology, 279:solar systems (the past and the present) as a unity, it might be said that: The Mutable CrossAstrology, 286:and the spiritual counterpart of this unity is stronger today than heretofore and the types whichAstrology, 287:career: Self-consciousness or human awareness. Unity - Leo. Consciousness of warring dualities.Astrology, 287:- Scorpio. Group consciousness as an initiate. Unity - Capricorn. This sign is a fire sign, and itAstrology, 290:Leo - The self-conscious man. Personality. Lower unity. Virgo - The latent Christ life orAstrology, 290:- The group conscious soul. The world Savior Unity. You will note how consistently the emphasis isAstrology, 296:The will of the whole. The awareness of God. Unity. As you have been told, the Sun veils certainAstrology, 313:the average grasp and its 'linking' or essential unity (lying as it does outside of consciousnessAstrology, 319:test. This is preparatory to a new and higher unity. He is at the miserable stage of being neitherAstrology, 333:Keynote: Scorpio stages the release of Leo Unity of selfishness Conflict with duality Higher unityAstrology, 333:of selfishness Conflict with duality Higher unity The Monster The Fighter The Disciple 9.Astrology, 343:humanity is now precipitated in preparation for unity, freedom and release. Some are lost in theAstrology, 347:to facilitate their transmutation into unity, for the two must finally become the One. It should beAstrology, 385:must be itself transcended and wrought into a unity. It is not transcended by physical means orAstrology, 389:of energy are fused and blended and so form one unity, you will then find emerging the "Star ofAstrology, 394:but, instead of its producing a struggle for unity, it produces often a set and static depression.Astrology, 436:human being in such a way that their future unity of purpose, plan and effort is assured. MercuryAstrology, 469:of the modes of fusing Wisdom. They produce a unity; They shatter that which They have producedAstrology, 470:shatters eventually the synthesis and the lower unity already produced by the Leo energy; itAstrology, 523:those who stand for the great ideal of world unity brought about by a united effort of the ForcesAstrology, 526:being developed, if not controlling; religious unity is being established though it is not yetAstrology, 527:and activities. From the angle of fusion, of unity, of vision and of goals. From the angle ofAstrology, 531:forego their selfish aims and agree in the unity of the work to be done for the whole. HumanityAstrology, 531:the objective will be brought into a functioning unity and man will be whole. I cannot give you theAstrology, 561:cycles of four energies, focused and blended in unity; you have also the line of evolution (theAstrology, 597:consciousness of relation or the realization of unity. It is the fact of unification as seen fromAstrology, 628:the Hierarchy. Here you have the whole story of unity, brought about by the life and the will ofAstrology, 646:Deities... are the rays of the One Boundless Unity." (S.D. Vol. III, 229) [647] 32. "Each of theAtom, 16:wider horizon than others, and some can see the unity underlying the different aspects. Others areAtom, 53:to enlarge tonight upon the basic idea of the unity of consciousness, or of intelligence, asAtom, 59:and that which holds the form together as a unity. This thought can well be worked out inAtom, 62:the forms themselves collected into that greater unity which we call a kingdom in nature. ThisAtom, 89:stage of intelligent appreciation of divine unity. This triple idea can be found summed up in theAtom, 92:is that of the solar Logos. Thus can be seen the unity of consciousness from the most minute atomAtom, 133:work back towards spirit we shall tend towards unity: so that in the religious world we can lookAtom, 133:so that in the religious world we can look for unity to make its appearance. There is, even now, aAtom, 133:rapidly approaching when the great fundamental unity that underlies all the different religions,Atom, 151:the atoms of every kind, and the all-pervading unity which must ultimately be recognized. If weAtom, 153:and in the development of will or purpose, lies unity, the oneness of the subjective life, and theAutobiography, 21:ever conscious of that with which they must seek unity. They are governed by the heart and byAutobiography, 40:was our Christ belittled. I got a glimpse of the unity and of the Plan to which the Christ, theAutobiography, 40:time, though in a dim and uncertain manner, the unity of all manifestation and that all existence -Autobiography, 172:the labor unions, through the plans for world unity and postwar rehabilitation, through the newAutobiography, 197:Catholic and Protestant, Christian Scientists, Unity people and members of almost every possibleAutobiography, 213:principle found in every form. It establishes a unity both in time and space. It motivates andAutobiography, 234:understanding, economic sharing and religious unity. The second part of the group in theAutobiography, 284:physical person constitute one functioning unity, then the man is an adult being. He warrants theAutobiography, 290:groups and will express a fundamental spiritual unity. They will lay the emphasis upon the pointsBethlehem, 13:of our consciousness, when we realize the unity, and at times the uniformity of the teaching as itBethlehem, 18:laying the foundation for his effort to achieve unity or at-one-ment. The realization of thisBethlehem, 18:one new man, so making peace," for peace is unity and synthesis. Bethlehem, 18:holding before them the hope of future world unity and world peace. He came at the beginning ofBethlehem, 19:jar of water. The message of that age is one of unity, communion and our relationship as brothers,Bethlehem, 19:present, so He also pointed to that future of unity and understanding which is our inevitable goal.Bethlehem, 19:of the age, and entering the period of Aquarian unity, as He foretold. The "upper room" is a symbolBethlehem, 22:the initiate nearer to the goal of complete unity. Those who in the past thus worked, agonized andBethlehem, 26:the following terms, "Till we all come, in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the SonBethlehem, that i:of the nature can deliverance be found, can unity [28] with God be achieved. Only through theBethlehem, 69:represented in Mary and Joseph, with the human unity plus the duality which are so essential toBethlehem, 71:is synthesis; that Plan is fusion; that Plan is unity and at-one-ment. Then Christ will be all inBethlehem, 80:the new birth? What is a holy man? Wholeness, unity, at-one-ment, completeness - this is the [81]Bethlehem, 82:that soul may become possible, until a complete unity has been achieved. We begin to see what mustBethlehem, 87:there is the soul. Soul means oneness, unity, union between the inner wish and outer reality. AsBethlehem, 94:within Himself and for man. We recognize the unity He felt with the Father, and that He has calledBethlehem, 94:and that He has called us to a similar divine unity. But is it not possible that He established aBethlehem, 95:could be. He brought together into a functioning unity the higher and the lower, and made out ofBethlehem, 127:degree of perfection and which has established a unity between the source of power, the soul, andBethlehem, 128:the lower nature into a synthetic whole, into a unity for purposive use. In the case of Christ inBethlehem, 128:must be undermined, if possible, and the unity for which He stood must be forced to disintegrate.Bethlehem, 129:world wherein there could be no duality but only unity, and from His efforts to bring that futureBethlehem, 130:His mission was to reveal the method whereby unity could be brought about; to proclaim thatBethlehem, 138:to resolve the dualities in Himself, producing unity and synthesis. What are these dualities whichBethlehem, 138:these dualities which are to be resolved into unity before the spirit in man can shine forth in itsBethlehem, 139:of the disinherited self can find no other unity." - The Value and Destiny of the Individual, by B.Bethlehem, 141:is not only understanding, but peace, through unity. Rules and fixations and considerations ChristBethlehem, 202:of man are united and function together as a unity, and when the spiritual man controls theBethlehem, 204:Love, which knows no separation, but sees only unity and synthesis, brotherhood and interrelationBethlehem, 205:good, which is of the nature of sin. Love is unity, at-one-ment and synthesis. Separateness isBethlehem, 213:of man. "Father," He said. It was this sense of unity with God and His fellow men which led Him toBethlehem, 219:soul had to be fused and blended to one great unity - just as He had already fused and blended theBethlehem, 254:and comes to the place of living light and unity, for it is the resurrection. Let us penetrate intoBethlehem, 255:sacrifice, the mightiness of simplification and unity, the joy of self-abandonment, the calm ofBethlehem, 261:uniquely important. He taught us to work towards unity and to bring to an end isolation and hatredBethlehem, 261:irrespective of creed and dogma. He taught the unity of the faith, the Fatherhood of God, and theBethlehem, 263:and economic interdependence and world unity; but these are mere words and names which differingBethlehem, 266:can draw all men together into that outward unity which is based upon a recognized innerBethlehem, 274:must be cultivated in this work of essential unity by saying that "... the true mystic is he whoBethlehem, 280:uniformity but a recognition of our essential unity. Destiny, 12:been a regular and rhythmic progression toward unity and synthesis in all departments of humanDestiny, 12:in all departments of human affairs. This unity in multiplicity is the Eternal Plan - a unity inDestiny, 12:unity in multiplicity is the Eternal Plan - a unity in consciousness, a multiplicity in form. AsDestiny, 23:new Jerusalem. Love-Wisdom Consciousness Group unity. Ruler: The Christ, The World Savior.
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