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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITY

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Fire, 1008:we are considering, we are dealing with man, the unity in the three worlds. Fire, 1034:The internal activity of every atom viewed as a unity, the activity of Brahma or the Holy Spirit,Fire, 1037:circumscribed vision will fail to recognize the unity of the many force impulses emanating from theFire, 1050:two. The base of the spine - an esoteric unity. The inherent activity of every atom in everyFire, 1077:that it demonstrates one more instance of the unity of all life, and furnishes one moreFire, 1084:interaction, and to realize their essential unity is not as yet great enough. We are told that evenFire, 1093:is absorbed finally in the white ray, Divine Unity symbolized by these colors. Fire, 1097:of limitation in the ancient concept of a true unity periodically appearing as multiplicity by theFire, 1097:by the power of Maya that coexists with that unity. Fire, 1161:here to note that as the human solar Angel is a unity, manifesting through three tiers of petals,Fire, 1211:- Division F - The Law of Attraction 4. Group Unity Group unity must be viewed somewhat from theFire, 1211:F - The Law of Attraction 4. Group Unity Group unity must be viewed somewhat from the mysticalFire, 1211:out of ways which will result in true group unity. All that is to be seen might be regarded as aFire, 1212:be worked out intelligently the laws of group unity for all the three groups, superhuman, human,Fire, 1213:aware of this objective, and in their zeal for unity between the two kingdoms, sought unity in theFire, 1213:zeal for unity between the two kingdoms, sought unity in the lower aspects, and neglected the realFire, 1237:been hitherto engaged is a CAUSE; this causal unity then becomes the goal of his search. This isFire, 1243:pairs of opposites. They are concerned only with unity, with that which utilizes the pairs ofFire, 1244:When this stage is reached and men realize the unity of the solar system not only theoretically butFire, 1249:suns are destroyed because when synthesis and unity are reached and when the differentiated forcesFire, 1270:where dwell the Sacred Lhas to Whom the triple Unity within our solar space tender Their offeringsGlamour, 66:Himself God, and naught else; that the theory of unity outlined by Him in the Gospel of St. John,Glamour, 94:at every step of his way until he achieves unity. I would have you note that word "unity," for itGlamour, 94:achieves unity. I would have you note that word "unity," for it holds the secret ofGlamour, 95:and the entering into that world wherein only unity is known." The stages from then on might beGlamour, 95:center of the attempt to produce some sense of unity. Because the inner and subtle man is as yetGlamour, 97:this word and its usage) of the duality into a unity. This resolution works out in the early stagesGlamour, 97:aspirant is concerned) into a temporary astral unity and then there emerges the one-pointedGlamour, 97:or in any other department of life. His etheric unity, producing reorientation - with its resultsGlamour, 99:- when these pairs have been resolved into a unity - to tread the Path of Discipleship. It might beGlamour, 101:from a crisis of duality to one of a relative unity, only to have that sense of unificationGlamour, 102:another duality, but a great Identity, a living Unity, which - for lack of a better word - we callGlamour, 109:physical body and the etheric body constituted a unity, and in the healthy person still do so. TheGlamour, 110:sees the establishing of a temporary sense of unity in the early stages, when the previous cleavageGlamour, 110:and the initial duality had been resolved into a unity. Then there comes a growing recognition of aGlamour, 115:of forces which I love may be resolved into a unity? How can I find my way out of this impasse? WhyGlamour, 138:are resolving the sense of duality into a known unity, and their preoccupation with reality andGlamour, 154:essentially the personality; it is an integrated unity composed of physical forces, vital energy,Glamour, 171:in the world. Always we must begin with the unity of life, the Microcosm; then, having graspedGlamour, 196:and, finally, the [196] stage of "isolated unity," which is the paradoxical term used by PatanjaliGlamour, 198:point of light which is formed by the mental unity and the clear thinking of advanced humanity.Glamour, 203:oneself (as identified with the Whole) dies out. Unity and the "life more abundantly" is achieved.Glamour, 206:the personality, the nature of God and the unity of the Whole. The restlessness of material desire,Glamour, 231:sounded forth by the group soul (the realized unity of the souls of all the group members) and thenGlamour, 266:and omniscience. He is aware of the underlying unity, brought about by the factual nature of theHealing, 6:themselves in love and to work towards group unity and understanding. I would like to point outHealing, 6:the needed group rhythm - a rhythm of such unity and intensity that the work can synchronizeHealing, 82:and hence provides the scientific basis for unity. If you were to ask me what, in reality, liesHealing, 117:reality enables duality to be transmuted into unity and the sense of search to be transformed intoHealing, 121:the earlier stages of their recognition of this unity they are prone to fall a ready prey to theHealing, 126:integration with the Whole, until complete unity and identification has been achieved. In order toHealing, 132:in of that vibratory activity which will lead to unity, to harmony and to right relations, and toHealing, 153:Patanjali describes as the state of "isolated unity." It is the center through which theHealing, 163:Man, in his body nature, is a sumtotal, a unity. This sumtotal is subdivided into many parts andHealing, 180:of [180] generation - viewing them as a basic unity, though temporarily separated in the presentHealing, 180:sex. Sex is, in reality, the instinct towards unity: first of all, a physical unity. It is theHealing, 180:instinct towards unity: first of all, a physical unity. It is the innate (though muchHealing, 191:and untrue systems to which we give the name Unity, Mental Science and Christian Science. TheseHealing, 193:of the systems allied to Christian Science and Unity are only temporary in their effects and areHealing, 211:in the mental science movements, in the Unity movement, and in Christian Science. Instead ofHealing, 220:overcome. The various mental schools of thought, Unity and Christian Science, have been fantasticHealing, 222:- due to migration, travel, education and mental unity - has led to there being no really pureHealing, 253:practical agencies, Mental Science, New Thought, Unity and Christian Science offer their aid, andHealing, 254:Mental healers and New Thought workers, plus Unity thinkers and Christian Scientists. TrainedHealing, 256:of thought such as Mental Science, New Thought, Unity, Christian Science, Chiropractic enterprise,Healing, 264:race. Factually and symbolically, they long for unity and cooperation, yet know not how toHealing, 272:the [272] premises of Christian Science and the Unity Schools. All that I can do (if you are toHealing, 290:with whom the man chooses through unity of spiritual purpose involves him, and anotherHealing, 302:joy. He brooked no understanding; He knew no unity, for He was cold, austere, ascetic and foreverHealing, 375:peculiar terminology. It is the subjective life unity that is of interest to the teachers on theHealing, 424:essential substance is as much a vital, directed unity as the world soul of which one hears soHealing, 426:both, and together produce the appearance of a unity. Spirit-matter, life-appearance, energy-forceHealing, 454:aspects, therefore, that process indicates man's unity with everything that is material; itHealing, 525:healers in such movements as Christian Science, Unity and others. Healing does not come through anHealing, 528:endorsed by the various systems such as Unity and Christian Science are basically sound and stateHealing, 634:is the demonstrated fact of innate coherency, of unity, of synthesis and of relationship. PhysicalHealing, 657:one of the demonstrating factors in proving the unity of all souls. Healing, 657:"the soul" is here in the singular because unity (if only for a moment) has been reached. The soulHealing, 657:reached. The soul of the patient recognizes this unity by the "occult quickening" of his own auraHealing, 663:will also disappear. Christian Science and Unity are therefore right in their general theory andHealing, 668:lives; these men are today working against the unity of the United Nations, [669] through theirHealing, 690:head, identification has produced such complete unity with all spiritual expressions of life, theHercules, 3:a divine self-determination, based on a realized unity with the Life in which we live and move andHercules, 18:longer a duality, but soul and body formed one unity. This indicates always the stage of theHercules, 45:else, love, the creator of beauty and rhythm and unity. The bull and the cow together representHercules, 60:soul and body, so that duality gives place to unity and the pairs of opposites are blended. [61]Hercules, 66:typified, the search for light, the search for unity, the search for divinity. And so the twoHercules, 113:of love. This girdle was a symbol, a symbol of unity achieved through struggle, conflict, strife, aHercules, 113:offering him the gift, offering the symbol of unity and love, of sacrifice and faith. Yet, graspingHercules, 117:this: she proffered to Hercules the girdle of unity, given her by Venus, because she had been toldHercules, 117:One had so ordered, not because she felt unity. Did she do it under compulsion but with no love?Hercules, 117:Was it to make war on them, or was it to seek unity, in which there was no heart? Was it to seekHercules, 121:the queen of the Amazons was to be redeemed by unity, not killed. Over and over again the TibetanHercules, 134:programs of action that promote brotherhood and unity. There is a strongly feminine element in theHercules, 135:in order that the high ideals of brotherhood and unity may be incorporated into the very structureHercules, 149:of diversity than on the over-arching fact of unity. Such fragmented thinking militates against theHercules, 159:of Sagittarius; Gemini duality; Sagittarius unity, the one-pointed going forward, the unifiedHercules, 192:"Mankind made up of all the single men In such a unity the picture ends." Initiation, viii:pressing onwards towards this goal. and in the unity of the one ideal, in their common aspirationInitiation, 13:entails the realization of an increasing unity with all that lives and the essential oneness of the
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