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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNITY

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Initiation, 18:of all that separates. The approach to unity is through destruction of the lower, and of all thatInitiation, 19:that is a part of the arhat initiation leads to unity between the Ego and the Monad, expressingInitiation, 35:that all is one, that spirit and matter are a unity, naught existing save that which is to be foundInitiation, 45:and the relation between synthesized in the unity of manifestation; you have racial government,Initiation, 46:into objectivity. The closest cooperation and unity exists between these three Personalities, andInitiation, 66:meaning of occult cohesion, and of that internal unity which holds the system as a homogeneousInitiation, 72:only in the essential life of the soul can true unity be cognized. In the discovery as to what isInitiation, 106:with no loss of energy. Owing to the unity of consciousness of those who are free from the threeInitiation, 108:are imparted to teach two things, first, the unity of the method, second, that the truism "as aboveInitiation, 121:plane that concerted action and that wise unity in purpose which results in the materialization ofInitiation, 123:and synthesized and the three work together in unity. Initiation, 124:them all, - the revelation of essential unity and the unveiling of those inner relationships,Initiation, 124:synthesis, towards harmony, and towards a basic unity. During the Initiation ceremony, the openingInitiation, 173:the kingdoms is shown him, and he sees the unity of the scheme. The method of egoic at-one-ment isInitiation, 173:thus revealed, is dispensed with. The essential unity existing between the Ego and the personalityInitiation, 202:selves. Let but one color blend them and their unity appear. Only when the group is known andInitiation, 202:the race. This recognition will be based upon: Unity of aim. Oneness of vibration. Identity inInitiation, 205:God is the main factor, and there will be a unity of effort shown on all the planes through all theInitiation, 224:Attribute: The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity. The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. TheIntellect, 23:Need for a Spiritual Element in Education, World Unity Magazine, October 1928. Old Mother Asia andIntellect, 29:John Herman, Education and Religion, World Unity Magazine, October 1928. It is interesting to noteIntellect, 29:amidst differences." - Das, Bhagavan, The Unity of Asiatic Thought, i.e., Of All Religions, pageIntellect, 49:which holds him together as an integrated unity must never be forgotten. Man is an integratedIntellect, 51:and coordinated we call the Personality. This unity is composed of the mental and emotional statesIntellect, 53:of obscuration... The ego is the psychological unity of that stream of conscious experiencing whichIntellect, 56:its ordered technique, man discovers that unity which is himself. Through it, he later discoversIntellect, 69:characteristic of mysticism is its belief in unity, and its refusal to admit opposition or divisionIntellect, 72:faded away in the knowledge and realization of unity. Dualism has given place to unity. This is theIntellect, 72:realization of unity. Dualism has given place to unity. This is the Way of Union. The integratedIntellect, 85:intuition and intuition to the will and all to unity..." - Pfeiffer, Franz, Meister Eckhart, pageIntellect, 98:of the lower multiplicity under a higher unity." "Again, it is detachment from the 'vaingloriousIntellect, 98:could not accommodate itself to so fluctuating a unity." "Above all, it is detachment from theIntellect, 98:mental life to the divine project of achieving unity, emphasized, for capriciousness is a qualityIntellect, 106:of one mental group... But this 'mental unity,' realized to some degree in the phenomenon ofIntellect, 132:upon the one point, when it is applied in 'the unity of the spirit and the bonds of love' to realIntellect, 159:mind and soul functioning with the most perfect unity and synthesis. The illumination of the mindIntellect, 171:and imaginary entanglements, creating thus a unity of being, which is universally felt as aIntellect, 187:essentially the affirmation and realization of Unity. In the same essays we find the words: "TheyIntellect, 190:in the following words: "The state of isolated unity (withdrawn into the true nature of the Self)Intellect, 190:Self, or spiritual man." "The state of isolated unity becomes possible when the three qualities ofIntellect, 191:the mind consciousness, and the realization of unity. This tends to steady illumination. Intellect, 191:unification is the declaration of a thing's unity... Accordingly, the first step in unification isIntellect, 193:thought to intuition, and intuition and all to unity so that the soul may be alone with nothingIntellect, 194:named things. So the soul is merged into pure unity." - Pfeiffer, Franz, Meister Eckhart, pagesIntellect, 194:All sense of separateness has disappeared. Unity with the Universe, realized Identity with theIntellect, 195:disappears. Naught is left but realized Unity. [199] Intellect, 204:systems, we are welding into a coherent unity that sumtotal which constitutes a human being: theIntellect, 265:who, banded together in the sense of a divine unity, work in practical ways on earth? They will notMagic, 8:Light Students must clearly have this essential unity in mind e'en when they talk (as they needsMagic, 9:becomes the heterogeneous, and yet remains a unity; the one manifests in diversity and yet isMagic, 9:in diversity and yet is unchanged; the central unity is known in time and space as composite andMagic, 9:(being but states of consciousness), only the unity will remain, and only spirit will persist, plusMagic, 21:therein lies the basis of brotherhood and of unity. As the liver, the heart, the lungs, theMagic, 42:Man, in his body nature, is a sum total, a unity. This sum total is subdivided into many parts andMagic, 45:and linking, and producing an essential unity. Within that unity is diversity. Just as the variedMagic, 45:and producing an essential unity. Within that unity is diversity. Just as the varied organs of theMagic, 49:and a unified entity, thereby symbolizing the unity and homogeneity [50] of God. There are noMagic, 77:in immortality, for the law of brotherhood or unity and for astrological truth. Thirdly, the needMagic, 90:He grasps, gropingly at first, the idea of the unity of the Life, and its manifestation as theMagic, 102:the one life, and the recognition of the basic unity of all creation has to be somewhat developedMagic, 110:beauty why may not we express appreciation of a unity that is conceived of the head rather than ofMagic, 115:and a spirit contrary to the law of the plane of unity. The term "opposing forces" is used rightlyMagic, 119:units, another with groups and the last with unity. One deals with differentiation at its mostMagic, 119:resolved back into the seven, which marks unity for the human hierarchy. All these factors and manyMagic, 120:the blending of the intellect and the devotion. Unity is sensed in the heart; its intelligentMagic, 143:to bear in mind that the word, the symbol of unity, is divine, whereas speech in its manyMagic, 195:the full light of realization - a realization of unity with his own indwelling God, with allMagic, 228:that in his soul, whose consciousness is that of unity. But in between is the wretched aspirant,Magic, 267:the integrity of substance-matter and their Unity within the One Life. All forms created at everyMagic, 290:and varied; but all lead back to the idea of unity, and of the Oneness of all manifestation, onlyMagic, 314:carry the life of men forward into synthesis and unity. This means a tide of unifying life of suchMagic, 375:initiate [375] knows himself to be the unlocking Unity, watching the phenomenal phantasmagoria ofMagic, 375:of life in form. He passes from one sense of unity to a sense of duality, and from thence againMagic, 375:of duality, and from thence again into a higher unity. First, the Self identifies itself with theMagic, 375:is nothing but soul and then the higher state of unity supervenes. [376] These points needMagic, 376:process of manifestation we work from a relative unity, through duality, to another unity, in theMagic, 376:a relative unity, through duality, to another unity, in the following way: The unity of form,Magic, 376:to another unity, in the following way: The unity of form, wherein the self is identifiedMagic, 376:sometimes in one and sometimes in the other. The unity of the soul, wherein naught but soul is seenMagic, 385:this consciously. He seeks to fuse them into a unity. He aims at the realization that, here andMagic, 386:dim and fade out. I dwell within a world of unity. I know all souls are one. "Swept am I by theMagic, 405:rapidly and to build towards a more synthetic unity brought them to a decision which involved theMagic, 408:public consciousness which realizes the unity of the whole, and thus produces the determinationMagic, 410:within, and demonstrating to man his essential unity with all creation and his relationship,Magic, 410:note that in the scientific group the underlying unity is particularly noticeable, for its membersMagic, 418:you work with decision and sound out the note of unity so clearly that they are in no doubt as toMagic, 426:or of group ambition; they will recognize their unity with all that exists, and will stand beforeMagic, 428:close welding is not an accomplished fact? World unity, brotherhood in its true sense, the growthMagic, 433:and in this thought you find the secret of soul unity. During manifestation, owing to the sevenMagic, 454:to the eye of the astronomer, a coherence, a unity and a structure that is unique in each case andMagic, 497:aspects, therefore, that process indicates man's unity with everything that is material; itMagic, 529:a man has found his soul and the principle of unity is sufficiently revealed to him he shifts alsoMagic, 594:soul and His soul are allied, and know essential unity. But in the world of human affairs and inMagic, 602:temporarily and to employ. He must realize his unity and lines of contact with all similar workersMagic, 609:- all working in a close if oft-times unrealized unity, and all responsive (according to theirMagic, 613:arc, leading eventually to the realization of unity. The veil of illusion resembles the momentMagic, 615:are the two realities which constitute the unity and that it is only in time and in space andMagic, 626:of isolation, and in a revolt against separative unity on the physical plane, against aloneness;Magic, 630:place in [630] time and out of time to a divine unity. Evil is due to wrong perception andMeditation, 57:Like to like and kind to kind, driven thereto by unity of sound, of color and of rhythm. This leads
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