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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIVERSAL

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Bethlehem, 279:in the world. We become workers for that universal spiritual and material progress which we callBethlehem, 283:sorrow and suffering for the pure being of bliss universal and eternal. At that moment a buzzingBethlehem, 283:is a unique wholeness; not yet then am I a being universal. Other beings still suffer imperfection,Destiny, 47:international spirit, in the recognition of one universal faith in God and in humanity also as theDestiny, 72:negates in them the more Aquarian tendency to universal consciousness or to the expression of theDestiny, 95:moment. Arguing as one ever should from the universal to the particular, it is essential thatDestiny, 103:esoteric ruling energies, revealing in a more universal manner and with a wider horizon the destinyDestiny, 111:discipleship, leading later to the age of universal initiation in Capricornian times. Therefore theDestiny, 111:in theological dogma and doctrine and the universal authority of the Churches can be seen. ThisDestiny, 127:unable to see the broad implications and the universal nature of these recognized ideas. I amDestiny, 138:they reveal divine quality, spiritual intent and universal objectives. Discipleship1, 24:of those who personify the Mind of God, the Universal Mind, and to register the thought-forms ofDiscipleship1, 25:group but it will lead to the recognition of a universal power and the state of mind of disciplesDiscipleship1, 25:illusion and coming direct from the divine or universal Mind. The unfoldment of this faculty willDiscipleship1, 38:form this group. Their work is to formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It isDiscipleship1, 70:The energy of the soul - like the energy of the universal mind and the energy of buddhi, or theDiscipleship1, 93:days when the fundamental truths anent the universal consciousness had been somewhat grasped by theDiscipleship1, 93:that all true esoteric teaching begins with the universal and ends with the particular; [94] thisDiscipleship1, 335:wings of love divine. It sweeps throughout the universal world; it acclaims with joy the All, theDiscipleship1, 453:and what should constitute its major and universal tenets. I would like you to give nine months toDiscipleship1, 519:in the realm of clear vision, wide wisdom and universal love. Stand with steadfastness during thisDiscipleship1, 632:with love, subduing personality sentiment with universal love, worked out in practice and notDiscipleship1, 667:will rapidly transmute sixth ray devotion into universal and non-critical love. It will give youDiscipleship1, 679:I know all souls are one. "Swept am I by the universal Life and as I sweep upon my onward way - theDiscipleship1, 689:in the adjustment between the particular and the universal, between the specific and the generalDiscipleship1, 760:for the distribution of energy in a general and universal but not in a specific manner. Discipleship1, 763:the broad and general process, reaching from the universal (as far as the individual disciple isDiscipleship1, 764:system of evolution which is found in the universal life process. Discipleship2, 30:vibrant and powerful center of that fundamental, universal Love. Discipleship2, 154:meditation) whereby the Mind of God, the Universal Mind, or the thinking process of the planetaryDiscipleship2, 198:angle carried on within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind. It is the essential, divineDiscipleship2, 198:the group mind, the hierarchical mind and the universal Mind; it leads to a conscious alignment ofDiscipleship2, 206:or unconsciously - into a state of positive universal quiet, so that the formulation of spiritualDiscipleship2, 208:the impulses and concepts which animate certain universal Creators. Ponder on this. I also pointedDiscipleship2, 209:Law of Synthesis and hold steadfastly (in the universal Mind of the Logos) the ultimate result ofDiscipleship2, 255:Teaching as to the oneness of Deity and of the universal order. Instruction as to the creativeDiscipleship2, 261:then increasingly an Agent of Light - the Light universal, or the Light of the Monad. I have noDiscipleship2, 274:to or expressions of monadic groupings or universal recognitions, and not of soul consciousness. MyDiscipleship2, 276:he polarizes himself, and from that point of universal life, reality and light he works. Discipleship2, 280:arises. They are merely the broad, general and universal perceptions and world inclusions which theDiscipleship2, 281:carried forward within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind; this is only a phrase expressive ofDiscipleship2, 285:worlds; they concern world movement, great and universal developments, and human progress (as aDiscipleship2, 294:When we come, therefore, to the great organ of universal revelation, the monadic principle,Discipleship2, 306:intention is a fully comprehended scheme in the Universal Mind; we call it Purpose when consideringDiscipleship2, 313:into the knowledge, wisdom and reason of the Universal Mind. This is what is revealed to him as heDiscipleship2, 321:one would be: Lead us from the individual to the Universal. Discipleship2, 363:and the second had reference to the more universal and general meaning. We can therefore sum upDiscipleship2, 364:are definitely formulas of integration, both universal and individual. They present certain greatDiscipleship2, 365:- Part VIII III. The Formulas from the universal creative Aspect Formula 1. The transition fromDiscipleship2, 365:from the individual consciousness to the universal. Evolutionary processes from divine Purpose intoDiscipleship2, 384:carried forward within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind." [385] I would have you give theseDiscipleship2, 399:into the circle and into the cycle of the Universal Mind"; the initiate is then "caught up andDiscipleship2, 405:mental quality "within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind" which is increasingly employed byDiscipleship2, 484:and is a branch of that aspect of the universal mind which we call truth. The power of correctlyDiscipleship2, 493:you, reminding you always that soul contact is universal and inclusive in its effects but that theDiscipleship2, 691:your need to [691] relate these ideas to universal concepts; that is for you the next practicalDiscipleship2, 728:moment your mind becomes preoccupied with the universal aspects of life it is thrown intoEducation, vi:cultures in their local times and places. These universal principles will then provide the normsEducation, ix:are merely two "languages" for stating universal truths about human nature and we are not facedEducation, xi:it will abdicate its historic role of providing universal principles for enlightened individualsEducation, 15:is the measure of the grasp he may have of these universal ideas. Arithmetic (and the power to add,Education, 26:trained. Our objective is to deal with the more universal and immediate necessity of bridging theEducation, 46:history and geography. Science has always been universal. Great art and literature have alwaysEducation, 47:they must undertake that it is general and universal in its scope, truthful in its presentation andEducation, 61:Hierarchy, and the Black Lodge employ the same universal energies but with different motives andEducation, 65:contact can be made with the more general and universal aspects. He learns to differentiate betweenEducation, 79:of the world. We have noted that in spite of universal educational processes and many centers ofEducation, 79:figures who are, even today, the object of universal veneration - Lao Tze, Confucius, the Buddha,Education, 82:happenings in terms of the deeper spiritual and universal values. Education should be the processEducation, 90:The time when humanity will be able to think in universal terms still lies far ahead but the factEducation, 95:will be general and its usefulness more nearly universal. It is needless for me to outline for youEducation, 96:eventually to the higher mind and later to the Universal Mind. It is one of the major buildingEducation, 100:of value perhaps if we discussed some of these universal attitudes and considered what theyEducation, 122:learn to depend upon them. The consciousness of universal relationship, of subjective integrationEducation, 125:rule in esotericism to argue always from the universal to the particular, and secondly, the themeEducation, 149:proved so wrong that it could not prevent the universal holocaust which distinguished the yearsExternalisation, 27:and these seed groups are no exception to this universal law. Their activity is evidenced in aExternalisation, 69:humanity. I seek to have you grasp some of the universal implications which the signs of the timesExternalisation, 123:event has been preserved for us in the universal legend of the great flood. Those who survived areExternalisation, 125:Owing to the relatively low stage of the [125] universal human intelligence at the time that theyExternalisation, 135:selfish and cruel and cause this great and universal spirit of the will-to-change to manifest soExternalisation, 135:thought, worldwide selfish purpose and intent, a universal spirit of aggression which, down theExternalisation, 136:the reactionary forces on every hand - these are universal qualities and no nation and no race isExternalisation, 140:personal temporary values to the lasting and universal values. The individual remained moreExternalisation, 141:state of affairs. To engineer some dramatic and universal event which will serve as the inspirationExternalisation, 161:of the meaning of peace as the expression of universal and planetary love; perhaps it will produceExternalisation, 173:belongs to no one group; it has been a universal and general fault, and has produced the presentExternalisation, 175:limitations; therefore their power was not universal and their progress was arrested by theExternalisation, 186:and His disciples. Be that as it may, there is a universal recognition of a guiding Power, exertingExternalisation, 200:the crucible of experiment and experience. Only universal disaster could have brought men to aExternalisation, 201:differences; on a widespread recognition of a universal divine Intelligence or of God (by whateverExternalisation, 236:the entire human race. Civilization is a universal human right and not the prerogative of oneExternalisation, 236:culture will be found throughout the world - the universal inheritance of the human race. ButExternalisation, 286:- eternal Harmony, Alaya's Self; a shoreless, universal essence, the light of everlasting right andExternalisation, 312:testimony of the past, the recognition of the universal need for divine intervention and theExternalisation, 320:of Light. This attitude of painful expectancy is universal among the masses - both those in theExternalisation, 339:matters not. It is the theme of betterment, of universal welfare, of general security, ofExternalisation, 355:the Totalitarian Nations - are tainted with this universal condition. The freedom of the world isExternalisation, 364:Powers. The question was: Would world fear and universal selfishness dominate, or would the spiritExternalisation, 387:know, past all controversy, that selfishness and universal greed have brought the world to its
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