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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIVERSAL

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Healing, 424:Bear that in mind. The act of dying is the great universal ritual which governs our entireHealing, 425:the symbolism of the soul, contained within the universal soul, as the fish within the water, andHealing, 427:to soul, are carried forward under the great universal Law of Attraction. Can you picture the timeHealing, 428:during the life cycle. A smaller stream of the universal energy or prana, distinctive from theHealing, 430:which passes constantly and rhythmically the universal life essence or prana. The whole subject isHealing, 434:into its originating source, the over-shadowing, universal soul. This is an expression of the firstHealing, 435:reference to the absorption of the soul by the universal soul. The ordinary rituals, however, failHealing, 455:of the existing, aware, living entity into the universal activity, and of this the stomach,Healing, 482:approach is the only one or that they have a universal cure - all which is unique and definitelyHealing, 491:the restitution of the physical body to the universal reservoir of substance? Let me enumerate someHealing, 501:the disciple passes out of the control of this universal, natural law and uses or discards the bodyHealing, 504:a position (after this attempt to argue from the universal to the particular, which is ever theHealing, 511:the soul, the product of the thought of the Universal Mind, the thinking, perceiving,Healing, 562:has had no normal expression of a natural and universal process, and to whom therefore sex remainsHealing, 575:thinking, based upon the fundamental and universal law that "energy follows thought." ThisHealing, 607:a picture in miniature or microcosmically of the universal or macrocosmic situation. It deals withHealing, 641:bodies of humanity; it is responsible for the universal ill health which distinguishes the mass ofHealing, 663:manner and their teaching is tainted with the universal selfishness. [664] You have oft been toldHealing, 673:This necessarily and primarily refers to the universal outlook of the Monad, and therefore to anHealing, 691:is renounced and returns to the reservoir of universal life. I would have you take notice of theHercules, 3:The restatement of the problems of that universal Path and of its inherent difficulties is notHercules, 4:aspirant, and such a picture painted of universal sequential development and destiny that he willHercules, 6:the disciple finds himself en rapport with the universal and similar divine energies and powers,Hercules, 12:to a concealed Deity, to a living Being, to a Universal Mind, and to a central Energy. In theHercules, 41:Hercules has made his start. In line with the universal law he has begun his work oil the mentalHercules, 43:versus the group, selfishness instead of universal interest. Thus is the story of the universeHercules, 50:soul on its own plane, where group realities and universal truths constitute its kingdom. The bull,Hercules, 68:consuming fire", and Sirius is the symbol of the universal soul as well as of the individual soul.Hercules, 68:his realization of his identity with the universal soul, and this he suddenly glimpses through theHercules, 82:in Cancer, he gets his first touch of that more universal sense which is the higher aspect of theHercules, 85:form of the human family, and the other into the universal state of consciousness, which is theHercules, 89:animal soul; Capricorn represents the group, the universal soul. Cancer was originally called theHercules, 102:sign to Leo. He will then be the man with a universal consciousness, in contradistinction to theHercules, 104:little mind of man must be subordinated to the universal mind. In Scorpio, which is the third armHercules, 104:reality. In Aquarius, we have the light of the universal consciousness irradiating the human beingHercules, 104:of the individual life and its merging in the universal whole. This is the true crucifixion: theHercules, 106:the number of mind, of the creative work of the universal Mind, and of the six days of creation. InHercules, 109:to begin to learn the lesson of service and universal consciousness. When, in two thousand years'Hercules, 164:truth. In Sagittarius, the first of the great universal signs, we see truth as the whole when weHercules, 172:to be initiates and enter upon two great universal signs of service to humanity. For it isHercules, 173:of world work, of group consciousness, of universal consciousness and of universal service. If youHercules, 173:consciousness, of universal consciousness and of universal service. If you were born in the signHercules, 173:the sign of the goat; it is a superhuman sign, a universal and impersonal sign. All the labors ofHercules, 177:own personal hell before you can go through the universal hell. You have a terrible time in yourHercules, 177:your own hell. You learn the nature of the universal by individual experience; only that isHercules, 184:and the soul, the consciousness aspect, that universal urge in each of us that puts us en rapportHercules, 185:in ourselves but our consciousness being universal there is nothing for us to do but to assimilateHercules, 188:by the age of spirituality, of intuition, and of universal consciousness. The second decanate ofHercules, 201:new vibration, they are saying things that are universal in their tone, they are enunciatingHercules, 201:each other wherever they meet, they speak a universal language, they demonstrate the universalHercules, 201:speak a universal language, they demonstrate the universal light, they are servers and they have noHercules, 203:the hallmark of the New Age, the universal spirit, identification, oneness with all your fellowmen.Hercules, 207:of the problems to be encountered upon the universal Path, and analysis of the difficulties to beHercules, 208:courage as he gains a sequential picture of universal development and destiny. We find, as we studyHercules, 208:undertook certain tasks, symbolic in nature but universal in character, and that he passed throughHercules, 228:are no longer personal and individual, but are universal in their application and demonstrate to usInitiation, 8:escapes from the solar system itself and becomes universal. [9] Initiation, 56:other. Thus eventually it is hoped one great universal Church may come into being. Initiation, 102:Initiation is a strictly personal matter with a universal application. It rests upon his innerInitiation, 168:physical sun. The mystery of Polarity, or of the universal sex impulse. The secret of the secondInitiation, 216:for personal instruction. [216] Atma The Universal Spirit; the divine Monad; the seventh Principle;Initiation, 217:for man in this solar system. [217] Buddhi The Universal Soul or Mind. It is the spiritual soul inInitiation, 218:light; the ever-present electrical energy; the universal propelling vital force; the ceaselessInitiation, 220:the greater solar cycles. It implies a period of universal activity. Manas, or Manasic PrincipleInitiation, 224:the initiated adepts all over the world. It is a universal language, and largely a hieroglyphicIntellect, 9:we have hitherto known. Perhaps it will be a universal arrival at that knowledge which theIntellect, 12:that will suffice us, the ruin being clearly... universal. There must be a new world if there is toIntellect, 12:hope is not now a tenable one. These days of universal death must be days of universal rebirth, ifIntellect, 12:These days of universal death must be days of universal rebirth, if the ruin is not to be total andIntellect, 49:of ability to register contacts that are universal and subjective as well as individual andIntellect, 56:of the cosmos', or 'blind chance', or 'universal energy', or 'an absentee Jehovah', or anIntellect, 57:He possesses a [57] vital body, responsive to universal energy, and the vehicle for the two formsIntellect, 57:subject of the vital body, its relation to this universal energy, and its seven points of contactIntellect, 79:in number, are passing into a sphere where a universal range of contacts becomes possible. These weIntellect, 81:the Divine Principle, or, if preferred, with the Universal. The proper meaning of this word Yoga isIntellect, 102:attribute that pervades all natural events in universal correlation." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, EmergentIntellect, 102:Here we have the idea of the divine purpose, the universal mind, of that human mentality whichIntellect, 102:from the animals, and reference also to that universal psychical consciousness which pervades theIntellect, 123:instance of that which in full manifestation is universal." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind, andIntellect, 123:(for lack of a better term) the Mind of God, the Universal Mind. This mind is distinguished by aIntellect, 154:knows it. He enters into the Mind of God - that universal storehouse of knowledge whose door standsIntellect, 157:it, "no longer speak of 'his' soul, but of the universal soul which manifests itself in him, andIntellect, 159:that we cover it by the nebulous term, the Universal Mind. This type of knowledge is sometimesIntellect, 165:Not only is the soul of man en rapport with the Universal Mind, but also with all minds throughIntellect, 165:themselves to act as interpreters of the Universal Mind and as intermediaries between theIntellect, 171:us." In this light in the head, which seems a universal accompaniment of the illuminative state, weIntellect, 177:to the same truth, and that they claim for this universal method that it brings them certainIntellect, 182:This, being a conscious indivisible part of the Universal Soul (paradoxical as those words may be),Intellect, 186:into the threefold [186] manifestation of the Universal Divine Being, through their own free,Intellect, 247:of brothers." He has a consciousness which is universal in its scope, and through Him the love ofMagic, 8:expressions, in time and space, of the central universal energy. Life in manifestation producesMagic, 22:this differentiation of God into a trinity is universal and agelong in use, where every people -Magic, 33:a general definition and submit themselves to a universal terminology. Magic, 34:Remarks The soul, macrocosmic and microcosmic, universal and human, is that entity which is broughtMagic, 39:called the spiritual will, - that quota of the universal will which any one soul can express, andMagic, 40:- Will, enabling the Monad to participate in the universal purpose. 2nd Aspect - Love, the energyMagic, 47:The latter is but the physical symbol of that universal soul; it is the outer and visible sign ofMagic, 47:and matter together. This entity we call the Universal Soul, the middle principle from theMagic, 50:energy. These two types characterize the universal soul likewise - the force of will, and of love,Magic, 67:the higher truths and becoming sensitive to the Universal Mind must protect some of their knowledge
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