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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIVERSAL

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Rays, 244:initiatory process - of the fixed design of the universal soul of the Lord of the World. The fourthRays, 249:more concretely that group consciousness, universal awareness, and therefore synthetic effort,Rays, 264:must also be resolved, leaving the essential, universal planetary duality, spirit-matter, presentRays, 266:upon the seven ways are one; which initiates the universal into the many but preserves itsRays, 279:Monad and the personality, between the center of universal awareness or identification and theRays, 282:it) is being transcended, and a new aspect of universal sentiency is taking its place. To thisRays, 297:of transition from individual self-interest to a universal state of consciousness; this in timeRays, 298:of non-separateness and the recognition of a universal inclusiveness; the secondary goal is theRays, 354:that superficial meaning hides and veils a universal reality. The Master Jesus passed through theRays, 354:- bringing a final liberation. Something universal was also symbolized which had naught to do withRays, 355:door of the sepulchre. The other episodes are universal in their implications, as indicated by:Rays, 356:believe and teach), but signifies the universal dissemination of the Christ consciousnessRays, 358:aspect - Will The monadic plane - Human monads - Universal - 2nd aspect - Love The atmic plane -Rays, 363:Master. When the student realizes that the great universal Oneness which he associates with monadicRays, 365:of the scientific attitude, and the spread of a universal humanitarian welfare movement are allRays, 434:Sensitivity, Awareness, Planetary Rapport, Universal Consciousness - these are the words which weRays, 458:experience; the heart doctrine is based upon the universal nature of the soul, conditioned by theRays, 459:an 2nd Initiations The 3rd and 4th Initiations Universal Love and Intuition Universal Will an MindRays, 459:and 4th Initiations Universal Love and Intuition Universal Will an Mind Path of Light The Way ofRays, 499:you have the eyes to see. It is evident in the universal interest in goodwill, leading eventuallyRays, 518:Minds unite" (This asserts the fact that the Universal Mind, the higher mind and the lower concreteRays, 522:nature of the soul, the scope (widespread and universal) of the divine consciousness, and hisRays, 529:instrument or vehicle of expression for the one universal soul in its many aspects upon theRays, 529:se has been lost to consciousness in the sea of universal realization has also been made clear;Rays, 529:introduce to it certain aspects of the so-called Universal Mind, the mind of God, as it isRays, 533:having no relation to theology and being universal in [534] nature. Its present form, resting as itRays, 536:goodwill, little realizing the attitude to the universal goal which it sets; the second aspect weRays, 591:God Himself. It is the "substantial" key to the Universal Mind. It is profoundly susceptible to theRays, 593:or the implementing factor for the second. The Universal Mind, as it works through all the planesRays, 594:the light of the soul - will formulate the one universal religion, recognizable by all. Then theRays, 595:Oneness which is the major characteristic of the Universal Mind. These developments can be regardedRays, 595:prime disaster; it is the refusal to develop the universal consciousness. Many governments todayRays, 599:them expressions or aspects of the divine or the universal mind, the initiate dimly senses orRays, 612:right human relations and the growth of the universal spirit of goodwill among men. Only the mostRays, 635:all past conflicts in human history, based upon universal selfishness and the greed of undevelopedRays, 652:and of origination, and by the realm of the universal. He discovers that all he had thought anentRays, 659:of the sowing. It is the creation of this universal recognition which will be one of the majorRays, 666:the true world of occult endeavor, revealing the Universal Mind and the workings of that greatRays, 686:ceases to be of importance and a more universal awareness, and one closer to the divine Mind, takesRays, 687:who "anchored" the word in a new and more universal sense. It now has a fuller and deeper meaningRays, 694:on the Cardinal Cross is distinguished by a universal consciousness which passes finally intoRays, 721:dominating ray is His soul ray or the monadic or universal ray. Rays, 728:Being is related to That which creates, to the universal point of planetary or solar Life which is,Rays, 729:fully upon the monadic plane, the plane of universal life; the great heresy of separateness hasRays, 729:but love, unity, spiritual identification and a universal awareness. Because of this, he can becomeRays, 730:the name Shamballa. The consciousness of the Universal Life is His; this [731] is far more thanRays, 737:perception which makes the initiate aware - in a universal sense - of all that concerns the sphereRays, 749:but is the true and beautiful result of the universal educational system which - faulty though itReappearance, 5:be no exception to this ancient rule or to this universal law. For decades, the reappearance of theReappearance, 16:and His message, there must necessarily be an universal interest, for today even the many falseReappearance, 16:false Christs and Messengers are finding this universal curiosity and cannot be hidden. ThisReappearance, 27:to monadic "destiny" and to the widespread universal influence a Son of God can exert makes itselfReappearance, 27:unfoldment) four recorded moments wherein this universal or monadic realization showed itself. LetReappearance, 29:evoked surely by His realization of the universal implications of His mission and the intenseReappearance, 29:and the intense focusing of His life in a universal sense. The Gethsemane experience was anReappearance, 42:The disaster which has overtaken mankind is universal and widespread; no one has escaped and allReappearance, 57:cooperation for the good of all will be the universal keynote. He will - through the New Group ofReappearance, 70:expressed) closer to the Father and to the One Universal Life than ever before. His comprehensionReappearance, 78:a human synthesis or unity which will lead to an universal recognition of the one humanity, broughtReappearance, 78:the subhuman kingdoms in nature, leading to the universal recognition that there is One World. TheReappearance, 78:in open expression on Earth, thus leading to the universal recognition that the sons of men areReappearance, 88:the Christian religion) - Intelligence or the Universal Mind, Love and Will - will be consciouslyReappearance, 103:minds; They have to decide which aspect of universal truth will enable man to emerge out of hisReappearance, 117:in the records of nature in the memory of universal substance." The whole story - yours and mineReappearance, 124:He made that we were all sons of God and own one universal Father will, in the near future, noReappearance, 124:as a proved scientific pronouncement. Our universal brotherhood and our essential immortality willReappearance, 149:possible that our present ideas of God, as the Universal Mind, as Love and as Will may be enrichedReappearance, 149:also visioning a new and vital world religion, a universal faith which will have its roots in theReappearance, 157:individual and the personal, into that of the universal divine Purpose; the relationship of theReappearance, 158:in the field of religion will formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is aReappearance, 164:only then these standards were localized and not universal as they are today; because those whoSoul, 56:to outline the Eastern theory. There is a universal substance, the source of all, but soSoul, 56:and suggestive. Subtle and fugitive as this universal substance is, yet in another sense it isSoul, 56:If we could conceive of an agent outside of universal substance - an hypothesis contrary to allSoul, 56:if such an external agent attempted to compress universal substance, or in some [57] other waySoul, 57:active energy. Thus we have a single reality, universal substance; - but at the same time aSoul, 58:of man or of any physical thing, is of the universal substance, of universal life, and of universalSoul, 58:thing, is of the universal substance, of universal life, and of universal energy. It partakes ofSoul, 58:universal substance, of universal life, and of universal energy. It partakes of all of these. ButSoul, 59:existing. It draws upon the reservoir [59] of universal energy, and in it the etheric counterpartSoul, 59:the etheric. This is true of man also. The universal energy functions through his etheric body. AndSoul, 59:a scientist than Sir Isaac Newton accepts the universal medium of ether without question. In theSoul, 61:another, and for the still more important and universal purpose of transmitting waves of radiationSoul, 63:agency of the mind in a human being and of the Universal Mind in a solar [64] system, and it isSoul, 65:energy belongs to the ether, the unmodified and universal ether; its characteristics are strain andSoul, 66:but in the real existence of a supersensuous universal connecting medium, and in the probability ofSoul, 66:University asserts his belief in this universal medium in the following terms: "It seems plain thatSoul, 67:life force to be the achievement of complete and universal consciousness, a result which can onlySoul, 97:the principle which the Hindus term Prana is the universal principle of energy or force, and thatSoul, 98:the unused Prana returning to the great universal storehouse from which it came. With the Ego inSoul, 98:Ego. "Prana is the name by which we designate a universal principle, which principle is the essenceSoul, 98:Breath, pp. 16, 17. This prana is therefore the universal life principle in all forms, and theSoul, 99:human body are the differentiated quota of that universal principle which any particular human soulSoul, 100:types of energy are therefore aspects of the one universal life, as it expresses itself through aSoul, 107:and then a conscious unification with the universal soul. Dr. Rele says: "The word 'Yoga' isSoul, 107:spirit 'Jivatma,' which is a part of the universal spirit 'Paramatma,' is made to become one withSoul, 107:'Paramatma,' is made to become one with the Universal Spirit by certain physical and mentalSoul, 109:'Self.' It is, therefore, truly the 'Universal Spirit' (Atma), which is, in reality, Brahma Itself,Soul, 126:VIII, Mark V, Mark IX). Ishatvan - the power of universal dominion. This is everywhere claimed forSoul, 132:of the eternal plan, arriving at union with the Universal Soul. Both groups bear testimony to the
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