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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIVERSE

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Invocation:all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universe is Love; the truth that a greatAstrology, 9:with the general and vaster etheric body of the universe in which we are located. I employ the wordAstrology, 11:and qualities, so do the varying forces of the universe pour through every part of the etheric bodyAstrology, 11:unalterable rule in the inner government of our universe and of our particular solar system, asAstrology, 197:Polaris, owing to the interplay of forces in the universe and the general shift and movement. ButAstrology, 200:from Alcyone impregnated the substance of the universe with the quality of mind. As a consequenceAstrology, 202:ascertained the nature of our immediate universe. This is a perfectly unimportant piece ofAstrology, 202:integrity and interlocking dependencies of the universe. Astrology, 253:intelligent and nurturing principle of the universe. This aspect we shall study in Leo and seeAstrology, 271:form aspect): "Having pervaded the entire universe with a fragment of myself, I [272] remain."Astrology, 288:themselves as the dramatic center of their universe. Yet the only truly self-conscious person isAstrology, 294:as the Sun stands - at the center of its little universe. The whole story and function of Leo andAstrology, 295:its influences upon the planet. Throughout the universe, it is the soul which is the conscious,Astrology, 312:Reincarnation is implicit in the manifested universe and is a basic and fundamental themeAstrology, 313:as they pulsate throughout the manifested universe, because they are primarily the expression ofAstrology, 348:occult teaching that love underlies the entire universe. God is love, we are assured, and thisAstrology, 359:for that unit the very center of his known universe and - under the Great Illusion - theAstrology, 404:the inspiration of The Great Architect of the Universe. He fashions all things to a divinelyAstrology, 443:and move and have their being. The Law of the Universe (and what is law but the working out of theAstrology, 471:awareness of the group, of the whole and of the universe. It is the energy of buddhi, the higherAstrology, 496:(and eventually will underlie) the manifested universe. I have pointed out certain relationsAstrology, 556:Endless Path which reaches to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then no longer man, will transcendAstrology, 592:Gita in the words: "Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." ThereAstrology, 606:the forces which have produced the manifested universe that which is the result of divine need. ItAstrology, 618:that in them which "having pervaded their little universe with a fragment of itself remains." TheyAstrology, 631:ever the word: "Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." ThisAstrology, 641:unrevealed secret." (C.F. 795) 8. Energy in the universe can be differentiated as follows:Astrology, 644:Men. He is on the evolutionary arc of the Universe and has passed many stages beyond the human. TheAstrology, 646:over the seven planets are the Builders of the Universe. They are the natural Guardians of theAstrology, 657:as the central point around which our universe of fixed stars revolves." (Vol. II, 582) "The numberAstrology, 670:seven suns and absorb the material of the whole universe." (S.D. Vol. II, 647) "The moon is theAstrology, 676:microcosm and with the death of the physical universe." (Vol. II. 612) "When the sun passes awayAstrology, 679:is supposed to be the star around which our universe revolves. Atom, 15:Who is evolving through, and by means of, the universe, just as man is evolving consciousnessAtom, 32:lines of approach to the study of the material universe. There is the line which considers only theAtom, 32:Agent, Who creates and guides the objective universe and yet is outside of it. These two lines ofAtom, 33:was considered to be the ultimate atom in the universe, and was called by the scientist of theAtom, 34:Victorian era "the foundation stone of the [34] universe"; they considered they had gone as farAtom, 53:accelerating march of all the particles of the universe which leads them simultaneously, by a pathAtom, 78:clearest way of explaining the mystery of the universe. We have seen that the three parts of theAtom, 111:acquired, and union with the great Spirit of the universe is eventually attained." Here this unionAutobiography, 123:is contrary to the great law of the universe, evolution. After all, theology is simply man'sAutobiography, 139:is a great and divine Plan. I found that this universe of ours is not a "fortuitous concurrence ofAutobiography, 200:because they recognize no Grand Architect of the Universe and their planned sex relationships areAutobiography, 281:is the revelation of divinity in man and in the universe, and this leads inevitably to theAutobiography, 295:there are certain immutable laws governing the universe; man becomes progressively aware of theseAutobiography, 295:of the will of God. That the basic law of our universe is to be seen in the manifestation of God asBethlehem, 14:us well know: That existence in the phenomenal universe is inseparable from suffering and fromBethlehem, 14:by eradicating all desire for existence in this universe of phenomena. [15] That the way to theBethlehem, 30:Endless Path, which reaches to the heart of the universe. Man, then no longer man, will transcendBethlehem, 35:cosmos, and yet a God Who consciously informs a universe as well as a man and the minutest atom ofBethlehem, 36:nucleus of power. There is a center in our universe from which the Word went forth, bringing intoBethlehem, 50:group of facts to every spiritual reality in the universe; and the essential nature of mind forcesBethlehem, 82:of the At-one-ment; God, immanent in the universe - the cosmic Christ. God, immanent in humanity,Bethlehem, 87:reality. As man moves toward acceptance of the universe, toward compatibility between what he feelsBethlehem, 88:man is brought en rapport with the existing universe, and therefore with God, immanent in nature.Bethlehem, 90:of Love - the fundamental principle of the universe - had not been revealed before Christ came. GodBethlehem, 90:This Law of Love can be seen functioning in the universe as the Law of Attraction, with all that isBethlehem, 168:and that love is the motivating power of the universe. This constitutes the illumination whichBethlehem, 181:the four corners or the cardinal cross of the universe, which have become the four fixed signs ofBethlehem, 186:us again and again what God had done for the universe, until we arrive at the culminating Son ofBethlehem, 201:that love was the [201] motivating power of the universe. He suffered and died because He loved andBethlehem, 247:honestly to the conclusion that our value to the universe is practically nil. And yet we know thatBethlehem, 250:Endless Path, which reaches to the Heart of the Universe. Man, then no longer man, will transcendBethlehem, 264:is founded on some sort of theory of the universe, and can be restored only through a spiritualDestiny, 127:to each other and that throughout the universe there is only spiritual substance, working on andDiscipleship1, 39:long time - not until the building forces of the universe are better understood. This will beDiscipleship1, 228:for all creatures; Love pulses through the universe in a divine rhythm. Love is the consciousnessDiscipleship1, 336:One. [336] The Life then stands revealed. The universe stands free and with it man." Discipleship1, 390:extent of your conscious awareness. The outer universe of the planet, the solar system and theDiscipleship1, 391:to project yourself into the immensity of the universe, governs the extent of your knowledge at anyDiscipleship1, 676:disease, they touched him not. The riches of the universe were his, and naught he knew of loss.Discipleship1, 767:as it beats eternally at the very heart of the universe. Within that life, the initiate nowDiscipleship2, 158:he remarks, "Having pervaded this entire universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." ThatDiscipleship2, 167:all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universe is Love; the truth that a greatDiscipleship2, 207:meditation was the major creative agent in the universe. There are other universes that are aheadDiscipleship2, 207:quality and the conditions of the manifesting universe, solar system or planet are unknown to us.Discipleship2, 233:upon you the eternal fact that the entire universe has been created and its evolution processedDiscipleship2, 284:them, but to death as it affects God's created universe, producing release or finality, or openingDiscipleship2, 291:he contacts the seven planes of his manifested universe? What is the organ, employed by him, whichDiscipleship2, 351:humanity and all else in the manifesting universe. There is, however, an evolutionary interplayDiscipleship2, 423:which is the major Law of the Spirit in the universe. His capacity then to include rapidly developsDiscipleship2, 696:A stable vibration is the keynote of the universe; surety is the sign of the Knower. These are twoEducation, vi:or cosmology, a theory of man's place in the universe in which man is spectator and actor. OurEducation, vi:and trans-spatial truths about man and the universe we can extract from all regional cultures inEducation, xi:existence: What is man? What kind of physical universe (cosmos) is it that man inhabits? By whatEducation, 28:the sensitive feeling-out into the environing universe still continues. Man weaves a thread whichEducation, 113:The mystical vision of the soul, of God and the universe. The power to contact and appreciate theEducation, 129:out of one form of the love aspect in the universe. The recognition of responsibility, inherited,Education, 137:higher aspect of the basic sex expression of the universe, and this relation is intended to bringExternalisation, 166:symbol of the motive of the entire manifested universe and the impulse which should direct each ofExternalisation, 166:all men everywhere respond to the keynote of the universe and give themselves for others." Externalisation, 287:unmindful of His people; that the heart of the universe is unalterable compassion, and that man isExternalisation, 289:revelation. 'Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain' is theExternalisation, 299:well as God Transcendent; the idea of God in the universe and of God in humanity evolved. TheExternalisation, 380:work, that at the very heart of the universe is a divine Power, call it what you will, and on theExternalisation, 528:who are responding to the love-wisdom of the universe in some measure and who work via theExternalisation, 592:the Creator) that "having pervaded the whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." ThisExternalisation, 674:with energies. The thought of God brought the universe of energies into organized form upon theExternalisation, 690:of all lesser forms within His manifested universe), so the same law applies also to all human
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