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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIVERSE

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Intellect, 76:space-time wrappings." - Jeans, Sir James, The Universe Around Us, page 339. Intellect, 101:through which we contact aspects of the Universe otherwise untouchable. To some, it is simply aIntellect, 123:be that of a growing consciousness in man of a Universe which [124] is a revelation of a Life andIntellect, 126:stands at the center of his own world, and the universe revolves around him. All that occurs hasIntellect, 153:to the idea of Wholeness and of Oneness with the Universe, which we touched upon earlier, and Dr.Intellect, 158:is [158] being realized and perfected, but the universe, the deity, of whom this apparent self is aIntellect, 194:of separateness has disappeared. Unity with the Universe, realized Identity with the Whole,Intellect, 239:the blue prints of the Great Architect of the Universe, and are given opportunity to participate inMagic, 8:I. First, that there exists in our manifested universe the expression of an Energy or Life which isMagic, 13:evolutionary unfoldment of the energies of that universe which it is not possible for finite man asMagic, 22:divine manifestation, both in the deity of the universe and in that lesser divinity, man himself.Magic, 26:matter, but which is the cause of both in the universe. Eventually, when the initiate has undergoneMagic, 30:calls it, - performs the same purpose in the universe and produces that coherent, living, vitalMagic, 33:is the responsiveness of matter throughout the universe and that innate faculty in all forms, fromMagic, 35:The soul is the attractive force of the created universe and (when functioning) holds all formsMagic, 35:is that attractive factor in every form in the universe, in the planet, in the kingdoms of natureMagic, 37:can be regarded as human souls. The soul of the universe is - for the sake of clarity ofMagic, 37:stages of development. The soul nature in the universe therefore manifests in certain great statesMagic, 45:the multiplicity of forms. Back of the objective universe is the subtler sensitive body - oneMagic, 99:he transmits the spiritual forces of the universe, and all harmful emanations and all destructiveMagic, 142:that "the Great Singer built the worlds, and the Universe is His Song." This is another way ofMagic, 143:into its true position in the great plan of the universe, right and correct speech will beMagic, 145:we say: It is the All, the Container of the Universe, the persistent center of the Spheres, theMagic, 204:of the Plan, and of the purposes underlying the universe itself. The man comes to know himself asMagic, 278:substantial and unbreakable. This is true of a universe, a kingdom in nature, or a thought-formMagic, 285:aspect of the centers. This vital life of the universe of matter enters into the human organismMagic, 323:of the pulsating life are ever the law of the universe, and in learning to respond to the vibrationMagic, 384:by mental energy. As the central Thinker of the Universe works through the power of [385] thought,Magic, 393:of being in the center of one's tiny universe. "Around me the Heavens move and the stars in theirMagic, 423:and his responsiveness to the energy of the universe in which he is immersed; the other willMagic, 428:intensification of vibration and the laws of the universe will be taught, and the right use ofMagic, 449:the true esotericist, are as true of a created universe, solar system or planet as they are true ofMagic, 451:calls it - performs the same purpose in the universe and [452] produces that coherent, living,Magic, 456:to work under the Great Architect of the Universe. There are, symbolically speaking, three greatMagic, 482:is temporal and not eternal. The law of the universe, which is the law of love, is eternallyMagic, 524:or coalesce with the present laws of the universe. Together they will bring in the new syntheticMagic, 532:disease, they touched him not. The riches of the universe were his, and naught he knew of loss."Magic, 553:exoterically applied to Deity and the manifested universe. Later these other forms will also beMagic, 554:and on again to the seven major thinkers of the universe, the Lords of the seven rays. These seven,Magic, 565:working with the fires or with the pranas of the Universe. This latter danger is that with whichMagic, 621:Do they find that they are the center of the universe, which revolves automatically around them, orMeditation, 71:of Compassion, dispensers of the love of the universe. We seek not to develop Masters of Black ArtsMeditation, 142:adds to this a recognition that somewhere in the universe there exists a supreme Consciousness,Meditation, 148:becomes proficient in the laws which govern the universe of which he is a part. The occultistMeditation, 150:indwelling Fire till he touches the fire of the universe. The only form that the mystic may be saidMeditation, 175:from plane to plane, from system to system, universe to universe. Therefore in studying occult loreMeditation, 175:to plane, from system to system, universe to universe. Therefore in studying occult lore you needMeditation, 180:nature, of the electrical [180] currents of the universe, and of the latent heat stored in allMeditation, 186:egoic blaze which animates all of the objective universe. Therefore, we are brought logically toMeditation, 206:it up in thought matter. Then our objective universe flashed into being, radiant with the sevenMeditation, 218:we use to express the totality of the manifested universe: 1. Life Aspect 2. Form Aspect 3.Meditation, 219:and their totality is the manifested universe. All seven at different times play on the differentMeditation, 228:in the different departments of the manifested universe, and the application of these colors toMeditation, 347:the Silence of the Absolute was projected the universe. From darkness issued light, from theMeditation, 355:or third root race. Macrocosm The great universe, literally; or God manifesting, through His body,Meditation, 356:type of astral matter. Microcosm The little universe, or man manifesting through his body, theMeditation, 357:the material cause of the first evolution of the universe. It may be said to be composed of twoMeditation, 357:"krita" to make; meaning, that which caused the universe to manifest itself. Prana The LifePatanjali, 41:in the mind of the "Grand Architect of the Universe." They are now en rapport with Him. In thePatanjali, 91:of substance, he is able to cognize the minutest universe; he is one with the solar system, thePatanjali, 91:he is one with the solar system, the vastest universe he is permitted to cognize in this greaterPatanjali, 112:who has achieved yoga (or union) the objective universe has ceased to be. Yet it existeth still forPatanjali, 155:the septenates found throughout our manifested universe. First we have the major three aspects ofPatanjali, 164:whole of which he is a part, and the entire vast universe, planetary and solar, exists for the sakePatanjali, 164:of the thought activity of some life; the whole universe of matter is the field for the experiencePatanjali, 164:who has achieved yoga (or union) the objective universe has ceased to be. Yet it existeth still forPatanjali, 165:and the great plan of the Architect of the Universe can unroll itself before him. He is liberatedPatanjali, 197:he can then be trusted with the riches of the universe; when he makes no demand for the lowerPatanjali, 211:the man's inner attitude to the objective universe. It might be said therefore that the rulesPatanjali, 346:identify himself with the smallest part of the universe, knowing the self in that atom to be onePatanjali, 406:vehicle through which the life impulses of the universe flows is produced and kept in objectiveProblems, 35:(with increasing aptitude) the nature of the universe. It enables the philosopher to appreciate theProblems, 123:- of the love of God, immanent in His created universe. Churchianity has, however, laid itself openProblems, 141:have presented God transcendent, outside His universe, an Onlooker. God transcendent first of allProblems, 142:the Bhagavad Gita: "Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain". God,Problems, 165:all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universe is Love; the truth that a greatPsychology1, xxi:unfoldment, and the work of the Builders of the Universe was dealt with; emerging out of the massPsychology1, xxii:the sum total of all that is in the manifested universe, but their effect in the human kingdom, andPsychology1, xxiv:illumination. The nature of our septenary universe must be considered, and the relation of thePsychology1, 16:Gita, says: "Having [16] pervaded the entire universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." ThesePsychology1, 16:emerging Truth, Reality and Beauty which the universe declares. Guard yourself at the same timePsychology1, 19:matter and forms to be found in all parts of the universe, and have also a sevenfold interrelationPsychology1, 19:together into a synthesis in the manifested universe and in man incarnate, and the result of thisPsychology1, 25:not that in the great scheme of the universal universe (not just our universe) our solar Logos isPsychology1, 25:scheme of the universal universe (not just our universe) our solar Logos is as differentiated andPsychology1, 45:of those forms which are found throughout the universe. They are essentially mechanisms for thePsychology1, 57:the consciousness of the Logos Who brought our universe into being. Let us regard the Deity asPsychology1, 68:The Threefold Wick The Great Architect of the Universe and many others terms which indicatePsychology1, 121:mean? Simply that the great Musician of the universe is moving the [122] keys, is sounding anotherPsychology1, 132:though this does happen in a few cases in the universe. But it means that, from the standpoint of aPsychology1, 136:mechanism. Thus we have the establishing of a universe of lives, interacting and interrelated, allPsychology1, 142:of the Mind of the Great Architect of the Universe. Five: Each ray Life is predominantly expressingPsychology1, 149:no so-called inorganic matter anywhere in the universe, and emphasizes the fact that all forms arePsychology1, 152:these energies emanate from the outer cosmos or universe itself, from the solar system of which hisPsychology1, 156:and the immensity of the drama unfolding in the universe is a proof of its reality, and the graspPsychology1, 159:creative facility of the Great Architect of the Universe. Looking at all this beauty from aPsychology1, 163:of consciousness and throughout the created universe. Psychology1, 178:of bringing to light the hidden wonders of the universe, and of hastening the unfoldment of thePsychology1, 192:and custodian of energies coming from the universe, bring in the basic concept of interrelation, ofPsychology1, 192:which govern the building forces of the universe is of real practical application to the mental
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