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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNIVERSITY

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Autobiography, 15:in the long, long [15] history of Edinburgh University to win distinction and - if I rememberAutobiography, 43:after some months of coaching went to Edinburgh University where she had a brilliant career. As forAutobiography, 53:announced her intention to go to Edinburgh University and work for her medical degree and I wasAutobiography, 104:I received a letter from the president of the university begging me to return to Walter. He pleadedAutobiography, 106:way back to Washington after lecturing at Berlin University. He was one of the leading biologistsAutobiography, 132:had left Montana and had [132] gone to a university in the east to take a postgraduate course. IAutobiography, 165:educated in Great Britain at public school and university and was in charge of the secret serviceAutobiography, 218:anything. Shortly after I was asked by Cornell University to go there and meet the students andEducation, x:for a Department of Integrating Studies in the University of Pittsburgh. Part of the statementEducation, x:distribution fields, be established at the University of Pittsburgh. This new department shall beEducation, x:already available in the offerings of the University. The main objective is to cultivate the habitEducation, xi:out what all this knowledge means. If the University cannot synthesize the overall implications ofEducation, xii:OLIVER L. REISER Department of Philosophy University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A. Education, 49:downfall of our modern world. The college or the university should in reality be the correspondenceInitiation, 10:Hall of Learning, he is now entering into the university, or the Hall of Wisdom. When he has passedInitiation, 65:School; others have matriculated and are in the University itself. Graduation results whenInitiation, 67:and discrimination. Just as we do not put university professors to teach the beginners, so theIntellect, 53:is given us by Dr. Radhakrishnan, of the University of Calcutta, as follows: "All organic beingsIntellect, 56:equally divine. Dr. F. Kirtley Mather of Harvard University has said in a most illuminatingMeditation, 202:evolution, you will see again similar action. No university or school will start its sessionsMeditation, 304:are really like the faculty of one stupendous university, the four schools being like the [305]Soul, 66:Professor of Endocrinology in Pennsylvania University asserts his belief in this universal mediumSoul, 67:by Science, pp. 152, 153. Dr. Joad of Oxford University pictures for us the activity of this vitalSoul, 73:- Ames, Edward Scribner, Prof. of Philosophy, University of Chicago, Religion, pp. 127-128. Some
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