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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNKNOWN

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Magic, 29:leads to a revelation which makes the present 'Unknown God' a recognized reality. Let meMagic, 48:lower aspect is functioning. The higher remains unknown, but that which links them (and at the sameMagic, 150:All is silence and he stands appalled by the unknown, and by the apparently empty stillness inMagic, 285:to the Anima Mundi, the World Soul, and others unknown as yet, because they will only make theirMagic, 290:of lesser vortices of force, as yet unnamed and unknown in the occident. It is dependent also uponMagic, 297:of nature, and on his terror of the dark and the unknown, to the fears so prevalent today of lossMagic, 300:in the act of death itself. Horror of the unknown and the indefinable. Doubt as to finalMagic, 374:of being, and of dimensional conditions hitherto unknown. Hence the frequent reaction of theMagic, 407:for one's brother, which was totally unknown in the year 1500. Movements such as the Red Cross,Magic, 451:leads to a revelation which makes the present "Unknown God" a recognized Reality. Let meMagic, 475:The formula, as we have seen, will remain unknown to all save the members of the Hierarchy ofMagic, 494:of man is so little developed that fear of the unknown, terror of the unfamiliar, and attachment toMagic, 494:the passage (unwilling and protesting) into the unknown and the dreaded. It is analogous to leavingMagic, 605:itself and here we enter the realm of the truly unknown. What the plan is, and what the goal, is asMagic, 625:sex life, physical fear and terror, fear of the unknown, with that dominating fear of death whichMagic, 627:to enquire in its turn is based on fear of he unknown, but out of this fear has emerged - as aMeditation, 10:to other things, to aspire to that which is unknown, to realize and sense within himself the pairsMeditation, 27:of forces playing astrologically and oft from unknown cosmic centers upon the palpitating lifeMeditation, 129:to find out what lies on the other side of the unknown. Men and women everywhere are consciousMeditation, 129:planes. They catch fleeting glimpses of the unknown; occasionally and at rare intervals, the organMeditation, 130:that period it is not safe to tamper with the unknown for only the very strong refined physicalMeditation, 180:what the terms used) right to the heart of the unknown. This same idea of force and of the magneticMeditation, 288:an illumination or a seeing that has before been unknown. It is something that is so real yet soMeditation, 298:occult training. Experiments are being made now, unknown oft to the subjects themselves, to see howPatanjali, 90:atom of substance and he knows what is as yet unknown to modern scientists. He realizes also thatPatanjali, 131:frequently emphasized that there remains much unknown even to the adept, and that the ChristPatanjali, 150:dominate so many of the sons of men. It is the unknown and its possibilities that we fear both forPatanjali, 159:and move and have our being," the untouchable or unknown God. This is the great form of existencePatanjali, 160:of God is a [160] part. Of this untouchable and unknown the mind of man cannot as yet conceive. Patanjali, 172:within himself whereby he ventured forth into unknown realms, so the chela withdraweth himself fromPatanjali, 179:of a part of himself, [179] hitherto hidden and unknown. He approaches the heart of the mystery ofPatanjali, 395:this longing to become, this urge to contact the unknown and the distant. The explanation of thisPatanjali, 408:yet the divine in ourselves is uncontacted and unknown; the form aspect and its limitations arePatanjali, 417:that for the yogin nothing remains hidden or unknown. Information on all subjects becomes possiblePatanjali, xiii:finished." The date of the birth of Patanjali is unknown and there is a good deal of controversyProblems, 22:The true secret of brotherhood (one hitherto unknown and unrealized) is hers to give the world, butProblems, 22:Can you accept this diagnosis of that great unknown quantity which is Russia? Time alone can proveProblems, 36:with this power goes the capacity to sense the unknown, to believe in the unproveable, to seek,Psychology1, 6:of psychology, but remains nevertheless an unknown and undefinable quantity. They find itPsychology1, 11:souls that a certain measure of growth, hitherto unknown, should be attained, a certain degree ofPsychology1, 29:he will shortly see aspects of divinity hitherto unknown. Has it ever dawned on you that there mayPsychology1, 29:the form, that have hitherto remained totally unknown and not even dimly sensed, and which, as yet,Psychology1, 35:am I. "Behind these three there stands the unknown God. That God am I." Let us be perfectly clearPsychology1, 43:at present inscrutable. This purpose remains unknown only on account of the limitations of thePsychology1, 61:Deity, as it is known to the Creator, is totally unknown to all save the higher initiates. But thePsychology1, 73:be remembered that a pure destroyer is utterly unknown, and mercifully for the race this is so. ItPsychology1, 91:of disease; the perfect equipment is totally unknown, and every man harbors the germs of trouble.Psychology1, 97:aspirants are registering contacts hitherto unknown, are seeing a phenomenal world usually hiddenPsychology1, 105:plane, with the power of thought, and is quite unknown and unrecognized, except by His fellowPsychology1, 175:terms of human ambition and power. Nevertheless, unknown to themselves, they are really sensitivePsychology1, 179:of values, for life will have a meaning hitherto unknown, and we shall have an interpretation ofPsychology1, 185:and work in mediums and with apparatus hitherto unknown. The release of the potencies in an atomPsychology1, 203:his knowledge, his mind is still fixed on the unknown, the beyond, and on the heights as yetPsychology1, 372:the registration of that which is new and as yet unknown. Psychology2, 13:They are aware of forces and energies utterly unknown to the majority. Their only mistake is in thePsychology2, 38:clear evoked: - 'The truth lies hidden in the unknown Way. The Angel of the Presence guards thatPsychology2, 102:on the planets Saturn and Mars. It is relatively unknown in the other schemes. Bliss and SacrificePsychology2, 150:that which this law can convey will remain unknown, unrealized and useless. These laws are the lawsPsychology2, 151:channel, that which this law conveys will remain unknown and unrealized. These six laws give us thePsychology2, 231:life, formless, freed from the individuality, unknown. In the teaching of the West, preserved forPsychology2, 237:passed out of human life into the silence of the unknown. The mystic and the occultist have bothPsychology2, 238:touched the reality, and the truth is as yet unknown to them. The possibility of the Vision whichPsychology2, 295:seek to prepare him for initiation. It is the "unknown quantity" in a man's nature. It does not,Psychology2, 318:becomes conscious in worlds of being, otherwise unknown, have come into manifestation as the resultPsychology2, 398:who are students of world affairs well know how unknown real love is. Even today, in relation toPsychology2, 449:is worth seeking and is of a reality, hitherto unknown; by a recognition that now is the day ofPsychology2, 575:called "mass psychology" - a thing practically unknown (except in urban centers) a few hundredPsychology2, 623:base of the spine, arousing it into a hitherto unknown activity. These aspects of the will life arePsychology2, 650:in their work, but in many cases they remain unknown to each other. Group members are to be foundPsychology2, 675:political and religious hatreds. As yet they are unknown, unrealized, and relatively powerless toRays, 6:Man looks out upon vast and (to the majority) unknown fields of knowledge. Rays, 42:have hitherto [42] been totally unrealized and unknown, even to his consciousness at his highestRays, 78:and organization into forms of expression of the unknown Real. This essential Reality, we callRays, 84:pass to higher service of a nature and caliber unknown to us. In this connection it is wise toRays, 102:be desired; it is a crashing entrance into the unknown, into uncertainty, and the abrupt conclusionRays, 110:the monadic vibration is to them largely unknown. It would be just as dangerous for them to be ableRays, 118:the scope of human consciousness, being utterly unknown even to advanced human beings. They onlyRays, 130:Days (as He is called in the Bible), flows the unknown energy of which the three divine Aspects areRays, 199:sixth and seventh initiations. Veil IV. That "unknown impenetrable Void, the utter darkness ofRays, 206:plane, the cosmic mental plane; this great and Unknown Being uses Sanat Kumara as the soul uses aRays, 229:by the energy of Aquarius, carrying a hitherto unknown aspect of the life energy of deity. This isRays, 241:These seven purposes might be called: a. The unknown, unseen and unheard purpose of Sanat Kumara.Rays, 245:kingdoms in nature steadily bringing the unknown to the surface, altering the nature of the floraRays, 271:Chamber at Shamballa which has been hitherto unknown and unrealized. This will connote a high stageRays, 273:at Shamballa, but the rest of His name remains unknown as yet. The three Buddhas of Activity are toRays, 303:in the living, loving Presence; to those who all unknown to them maintain that Presence and forRays, 311:and to great planetary arrangements at present unknown to man. The synthesis of this picture willRays, 317:to speak, as they concern divine aspects as yet unknown and unregistered by man. The reason forRays, 328:goals are upon the Higher Way is as yet utterly unknown to you; what divine qualities andRays, 339:lotus within the thousand-petalled lotus of an unknown cosmic Entity, the One referred to in myRays, 363:extra-planetary concepts which are equally unknown and temporarily inexplicable to the initiateRays, 367:Entity, referred to in The New Testament as the "Unknown God," are focused in Sanat Kumara. SomeRays, 367:by you as evoking the same relation to the "unknown God" as your personality - when expressingRays, 371:to Shamballa, where the living will of the "Unknown God" (for a period of a life cycle) is seen inRays, 417:and the Lives upon Sirius, and it is to that unknown "sphere of functioning and intelligentRays, 422:of view of humanity. They work with principles unknown to us on Earth, though two of theseRays, 424:I mention that energy enters our system from an unknown source, via Gemini. In this latestRays, 426:to heat and knowledge of rhythm Source An unknown constellation, via Gemini Methode The entering ofRays, 439:and types of Masters, and most of Them are quite unknown to occult students either from Their workRays, 461:nor eternal but which is endless, boundless and unknown. It is brought into conscious functioning
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