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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNNECESSARY

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Astrology, 368:the sign Sagittarius, and it is, therefore, unnecessary to repeat it here. It is of great interestAutobiography, 94:sacrifice was regarded by her as an absolutely unnecessary gesture. She interpreted me, and perhapsAutobiography, 95:the sake of the work was being regarded as quite unnecessary. I felt let down. I faced a majorAutobiography, 167:found, as our minds got attuned, that this was unnecessary and that if I concentrated enough and myAutobiography, 215:of terror over them, all of which proved totally unnecessary but which were bad enough at the time.Discipleship1, 86:relinquishing of all that seems futile and unnecessary and inadequate to the need of the hour, andDiscipleship1, 198:criticize, but this can be as wrong and as unnecessary as criticizing others. If you will let yourDiscipleship1, 241:from humiliation. These are both destructive and unnecessary. You were the focal point for theDiscipleship1, 335:fostering the non-essential and, therefore, the unnecessary? One could make lengthy application ofDiscipleship1, 373:racial, partly European, and partly a totally unnecessary sense of social and personal inferiority.Discipleship1, 378:destructive results; in their case the task is unnecessary and wrong. I call you to a carefulDiscipleship1, 588:and sane and sweet as yours, further comment is unnecessary. I am hoping that in my comingDiscipleship1, 660:inner tension and tautness which is really quite unnecessary. To offset that, I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 143:and easy and the following of a set form unnecessary, because you start as a center of focusedDiscipleship2, 225:spent at present on luxuries, on expensive and unnecessary objects of desire, the billions (and, myDiscipleship2, 278:in the process of discarding the outgrown and unnecessary - no matter how good it may appear to be.Discipleship2, 725:persistent response to the unreal, the [725] unnecessary, and to that which comes in between youEducation, 13:ordinary faultfinding attitude of the teacher unnecessary. Those upon the teaching ray will learnEducation, 34:and are therefore apt to resent and regard as unnecessary the more technical and intellectualEducation, 77:who foster in a child an early and most unnecessary sense of guilt, of sinfulness and ofEducation, 78:attention, because I have been dealing with the unnecessary and vast accumulation of imposedExternalisation, 115:humanity is bringing about this needed change in unnecessary, cruel and painful ways is indeedExternalisation, 626:on candy, liquor, cigarettes, recreation, unnecessary clothes and luxuries. These statistics runFire, 659:The cosmic mental plane, beyond which it is unnecessary for us to go. It will be noted by theFire, 970:registered and recorded. It is perhaps unnecessary to say that the entire process is greatlyFire, 1266:a human being is to an atom of substance. It is unnecessary and profitless therefore to enlargeGlamour, 74:exists within the divine plan. That which is unnecessary to the right expression of divinity and toGlamour, 228:and seating arrangements are regarded as unnecessary and as usurping frequently the attention whichHealing, 167:which make them seem difficult and complicated, unnecessary and wasteful of time, are as follows:Healing, 403:of the truth anent reincarnation through the unnecessary, unimportant, inaccurate and purelyInitiation, 185:initiation. It is obviously impossible, and also unnecessary, to convey to our mind any impressionInitiation, 199:endeavor will be made to eliminate all unkind, unnecessary and wasteful words. The effects of theMagic, 169:and controls his thoughts so that no overt act, unnecessary word or unkind [170] thought will breakMagic, 316:is carried forward. This we know well, and it is unnecessary for me to enlarge upon it here. 7. TheMagic, 488:this will make the process of salvation unnecessary. 1. A potent thought-form can act like aPatanjali, ix:in the soul, the other forms of Yoga are unnecessary, for the greater Yoga automatically includesProblems, 48:people are apt to foster in a child an early and unnecessary sense of wrongdoing; they lay emphasisProblems, 128:line of [128] presented truths is usually unnecessary or significant only in so far as itProblems, 173:everywhere which feeds the turmoil and forces unnecessary suffering upon the public; it isPsychology1, 101:awaken the centers will be seen as dangerous and unnecessary. Psychology1, 208:and wearisome from his insistence on trivial and unnecessary verbal minutiae. He will be orderly,Psychology2, 474:right in Atlantean times, but undesirable and unnecessary in our day. He is recovering - throughPsychology2, 511:of Rebirth and the Law of Attraction; it is an unnecessary tax upon the human mind to study thePsychology2, 620:the relationship, causing much distress and unnecessary suffering to the group as well as to thePsychology2, 665:be synthesis of effort and the elimination of unnecessary and personal aspects of the work. MembersRays, 73:[73] behind by withdrawing himself and by much unnecessary and almost obtrusive silence. He learnsRays, 218:ground," and much time would be saved and much unnecessary distress and pain and suffering would beReappearance, 174:on candy, liquor, cigarettes, recreation, unnecessary clothes and luxuries. These statistics runSoul, 14:from the inside. This seems at the best an unnecessary complication." - Pillsbury, W. B., Dr., TheSoul, 14:Pillsbury that two lines of interpretation are unnecessary, I am convinced of the possibility ofSoul, 50:secretion is the medium for reproduction. It is unnecessary to dwell at length upon the effects of
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