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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNREADY

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Astrology, 372:evokes response from the unprepared and the unready and from the wrongly oriented and the selfishlyDestiny, 9:few, for which many regard humanity as yet unready. Towards this the entire world is headed inDiscipleship1, 728:activity, though not out of the group. It is the unready and the untrained who do the waiting, notDiscipleship2, 316:with impunity, but their revelation to the unready might involve serious risks. It was thereforeExternalisation, 7:of danger and of menace for the unwary and the unready, for the ambitious, the ignorant, and forExternalisation, 142:because They feared its potent effects upon the unready, and undeveloped people. Its use has,Fire, 549:and if released now through the agency of an unready personality would lead to dire disaster. ButFire, 984:of these matters by those who are as yet unready for the work of conscious manipulation of force,Fire, 994:are fraught with menace to the unprepared and unready, for the student can, in this case, turn themFire, 997:and to bewilder the student who as yet is unready for the truth. I would also remind the student toGlamour, 253:dangerous because many groups simply exploit the unready, [254] usually for commercial gain.Healing, 559:with the impact of the soul energy upon an unready physical vehicle; at that stage only certain ofMagic, 488:of a wealth of spiritual energy for which he is unready, and which he [489] cannot use. Again, itMeditation, 88:contain elements of danger if submitted to the unready. Some instructions pertain to the secrets ofMeditation, 187:But by themselves, even if discovered by the unready, they could accomplish little, for their usePsychology2, 148:right to sojourn there. The angel protects the unready aspirant (not the place which he seeks toPsychology2, 148:to protect the secrets of the Craft from the unready. I would remind you also that as this law isPsychology2, 177:is neither understood nor desired. Therefore the unready criticize it. Later these will come backRays, 346:of one grade from another and from the unready. Similarly, when an aspirant, seeking upon theRays, 350:by these material principles and so deliberately unready for moving on to the comprehension ofRays, 649:returns are somewhat misleading. It is the unready who thus react, and this entails no possibleRays, 663:opportunity, but who are nevertheless quite unready for their next step and must be taught and
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