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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNREALIZED

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Astrology, 237:these surely are the goal, subjective and oft unrealized, of all legal procedure) are the neededAstrology, 314:Here the first major fusion, inchoate and unrealized, took place. In Libra, these reach a point ofAstrology, 425:in the will or even in some already present but unrealized divine attribute, for which we have asAstrology, 450:Hierarchy and Humanity, are potent in their oft unrealized effect upon the individual people. TheyAstrology, 581:on to the side of the Allies. It came through an unrealized effort to understand and express theAutobiography, 47:What happened to me during that period was unrealized at the time, but great interior changes tookAutobiography, 48:to follow the same rule. At the same time, unrealized and unexpressed, I was beginning to askBethlehem, 147:butterfly. Deep in man lies this hidden beauty, unrealized, but struggling for release. Bethlehem, 215:It is the inner hidden man of the heart, the unrealized Christ who can approach the Father. ChristDestiny, 60:to be found in the land. Hence also their unrealized esoteric motto: "I light the Way." All theDestiny, 60:of their spiritual motto which is as yet unrealized by them but which is working itself outDestiny, 148:relations; it is also the desire - realized or unrealized - of humanity, and we know that some dayDiscipleship1, 58:carried forward upon the inner planes, and unrealized oft in the waking consciousness of theDiscipleship1, 75:weaknesses which that may entail) and a deep, if unrealized, affection between each and all of you,Discipleship1, 189:deep seated in the astral body; this latent and unrealized power of yours must be developed andDiscipleship1, 231:though you awaken with surprise to unknown and unrealized aspects of yourself - both good and notDiscipleship1, 276:vision - envisaging some aspects hitherto unrealized - will necessitate your living on the mountainDiscipleship1, 336:to those you love, to truth and (unknown and unrealized by you) to me, your Tibetan brother andDiscipleship1, 427:is there a possibility that there has been (unrealized by you) an emergence of the spiritual prideDiscipleship1, 531:be disgusted with yourself - an inchoate and oft unrealized disgust. That is due to the ferment ofDiscipleship1, 531:work as a psychologist which is as yet entirely unrealized by yourself, either mentally or in fact.Discipleship1, 581:be objective to you now or simply subjective and unrealized. If your soul is to make the neededDiscipleship1, 586:you the following conditions: A sense (sometimes unrealized) of separativeness. Where you have beenDiscipleship1, 591:to criticism and to the belief (sometimes unrealized) that your personality views were right and ofDiscipleship1, 593:and of service, and potentialities (hitherto unrealized) pour unhindered and simultaneously intoDiscipleship2, 50:interpretations are so often motivated by an unrealized spiritual selfishness and an undue emphasisDiscipleship2, 55:start I have been working towards objectives unrealized by you. I am trusting that he importance ofDiscipleship2, 131:brother's instructions. Telepathic interplay, unrealized, naturally exists among you and yourDiscipleship2, 163:planes (even if this still remains outwardly unrealized), and have thus given a death blow to theDiscipleship2, 189:recognition is based upon an unconscious and unrealized self-pity. To offset this unrecognizedDiscipleship2, 189:and in this manner do away with his idea (again unrealized) that the cross is the result of hisDiscipleship2, 264:intuitive recognition of the hitherto unseen and unrealized have wrought definite changes in hisDiscipleship2, 274:to the point where that which is new, hitherto unrealized and for which no words exist, is suddenlyDiscipleship2, 288:remains ever behind the scenes, unknown and unrealized by all the "seeds" he came to save, untilDiscipleship2, 298:environment which has ever been there though unrealized. The reason for this new sensitivity beingDiscipleship2, 350:group into areas of divine expression, hitherto unrealized. Initiates, in the past, were admittedDiscipleship2, 392:steps and is not the violent impact of an unrealized idea. It might be said that the spiritualDiscipleship2, 421:expectancy. Recognition of a capacity, hitherto unrealized, to see that which has hitherto escapedDiscipleship2, 621:liberation and the end of your (as yet) largely unrealized loneliness. Let the strength of yourDiscipleship2, 674:of mine, in our service. Every contact has its unrealized importance; give of yourself, therefore,Education, 16:medium of world education, is built upon this unrealized scaffolding. The fundamental necessityExternalisation, 8:below the threshold of consciousness and are unrealized and therefore useless. These are theExternalisation, 264:consciously his own events. No matter how unrealized, back of all these demands and prayers in theExternalisation, 289:and give to man an expression of a hitherto unrealized aspect of divinity. Upon this fact of theExternalisation, 360:work of these Avatars - a thing hitherto quite unrealized. It might be added that when anExternalisation, 363:recognized as only partial indications of great unrealized truths - truths which can be realized inExternalisation, 474:saw coming closer, day by day. In a way unrealized and undreamt of by the average man, the ForcesExternalisation, 623:disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom; it is the unrealized demand of men in all lands. Where thereFire, 60:their correct manipulation is the aim - perhaps unrealized - of all scientific endeavor at thisFire, 413:chains. This fourth Kumara is as yet practically unrealized, but as hinted at earlier His day isFire, 854:levels, and these effects are as yet utterly unrealized by man. Nevertheless, they are the basis ofFire, 1085:by influences emanating from unknown or unrealized constellations whose with a systemicGlamour, 63:grasping for the little self, even if this is unrealized and the disciple is glimmered by the ideaGlamour, 168:work of these Avatars - a thing hitherto quite unrealized. It might be added that when anGlamour, 170:recognized as only partial indications of great unrealized truths - truths which can be realized inGlamour, 188:such a group often lifts upon the wings of its unrealized aspiration some one man who can thenGlamour, 206:initiations. These reveal to man the hitherto unrealized fact of his non-separateness and of theHealing, 10:and these states of awareness, hitherto unrealized by the Deities, incarnated in planetary andHealing, 25:control by the individual human being, and quite unrealized by him because his focus of attentionHealing, 232:issues and confronted the race with two hitherto unrealized [233] problems. The first was thatHealing, 274:response. This is the first indication of an unrealized need to increase the potency of the vitalHealing, 338:of a person's life. This can often be quite unrealized and have a truly subconscious origin, or itHealing, 376:will be made which will reveal some hitherto unrealized electrical potencies. I know not what otherHealing, 432:a controlling factor is present, even though unrealized by man. Because these Beings (Who work outHealing, 445:physical vehicle. This is a deep and largely unrealized truth. It is related to the entire processHealing, 590:therefore, two major energies anchored; one unrealized, to which we give the name of the Presence,Healing, 645:parts. There is an unbreakable (though probably unrealized) relationship between the healer'sIntellect, 11:we have latent powers and capacities as yet [11] unrealized? Is it possible that we are blind to aMagic, 22:which remains in a large sense unrevealed, end unrealized even by the man himself. How then shallMagic, 307:evolutionary process and are governed - even if unrealized - by the good Law. [308] Magic, 315:This sentient body of humanity responds in an unrealized manner to all the four above types ofMagic, 324:and the higher contact may be then temporarily unrealized. Such attention to affairs on theMagic, 531:demarcation between self-produced limitation and unrealized form-taking lies entirely in the realmMagic, 605:plan is, and what the goal, is as yet totally unrealized except by the highest adept and the mostMagic, 609:Observers - all working in a close if oft-times unrealized unity, and all responsive (according toMagic, 625:doing good work but spoiling it all by his unrealized separateness and individual methods. ThisProblems, 22:secret of brotherhood (one hitherto unknown and unrealized) is hers to give the world, but as yetProblems, 150:As the yearning urge towards an undefined and unrealized good made itself felt in the inchoatePsychology1, 37:he gains a glimpse of a Unity, hitherto unrealized, nor even sensed. Thus from a consciousness ofPsychology1, 57:always and inevitably been the case, even when unrealized), but the conscious thinking entity knowsPsychology1, 82:rearranging of all energies with the objective (unrealized consciously as yet) of inaugurating thePsychology1, 92:which he has himself constructed out of the unrealized hopes and dim unuttered longings of hisPsychology1, 228:in substance, and its outstanding, though oft unrealized, characteristic is imprisoned orPsychology1, 279:of major importance are taking place, mostly unrealized and unobserved by the majority of people.Psychology1, 363:meaning (inherently present) remains hidden and unrealized, there must as a consequence bePsychology1, 369:potencies grasped. One point remains as yet unrealized by science, and that is that thesePsychology2, 89:march of living beings towards an at present unrealized goal, began. We can [90] give no reason forPsychology2, 111:groups. It governs the interplay, vital but unrealized yet as a potency, between the soul of thePsychology2, 150:which this law can convey will remain unknown, unrealized and useless. These laws are the lawsPsychology2, 151:which this law conveys will remain unknown and unrealized. These six laws give us the key to thePsychology2, 234:to attract and to blend, cooperates with the unrealized potencies of man's own nature, and makesPsychology2, 317:told, based upon an inner and often hidden and unrealized sense of frustration, of disillusionment,Psychology2, 397:busy with the development of an inner and as yet unrealized development within the Whole, and whichPsychology2, 428:pain and distress are symptoms of aspiration, unrealized perhaps but none the less there. They arePsychology2, 430:an unrecognized point of crisis, a moment of unrealized fulfilment. The disaster comes when thisPsychology2, 440:the unexpressed ideas which are present, though unrealized. The subconscious nature is like a deepPsychology2, 483:The constant reiteration of the voiced, but unrealized, fact of divinity will eventually evoke aPsychology2, 490:with which the man may have a realized or an unrealized affinity. The guidance thus given can bePsychology2, 502:reveals to him the depths of evil to which his unrealized desires apparently bear witness. HisPsychology2, 675:and religious hatreds. As yet they are unknown, unrealized, and relatively powerless to make a
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