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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNREVEALED

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Astrology, 505:characteristics which are [505] as yet totally unrevealed even to the most advanced humanity. NoAstrology, 505:Being and four remaining aspects are as yet unrevealed to humanity, though sensed by the Hierarchy.Astrology, 641:each other will remain at its present stage - an unrevealed secret." (C.F. 795) 8. Energy in theBethlehem, 11:express what is divine but has been hitherto unrevealed. It is therefore possible that anBethlehem, 152:in the individual and in the race, unseen and unrevealed, but slowly and surely emerging. At theBethlehem, 163:radiant light the wonder and glory which lies, unrevealed as yet, in God the Father. It is only theDestiny, 122:decrees and to be repositories of the hitherto unrevealed wishes and secrets of the Masters of theDiscipleship2, 313:raincloud is a symbol of that area of the as yet unrevealed purposes of God which can beDiscipleship2, 326:are fulfiled. A new divine quality (as yet unrevealed and which we would not at this time recognizeDiscipleship2, 369:and limiting significance. Those that are as yet unrevealed to any except those who have taken theFire, 538:Of these twelve petals, the innermost three are unrevealed, or are embryonic, and hence the causalFire, 796:each other will remain at its present stage - an unrevealed secret. If the radiatory effect of aFire, 796:other rays, and of certain types of force as yet unrevealed, and thus outside our consideration,Fire, 1261:Cross, with an emerald at the center. Quality - unrevealed. Fire, 1281:cosmic planes, That is the One unknown, the Unrevealed, the One Who chants a note within a cosmicGlamour, 50:translate the ancient word which designates the unrevealed stupidity, the vileness and crassMagic, 22:we sense, but which remains in a large sense unrevealed, end unrealized even by the man himself.Patanjali, 292:Path up to the third initiation. The, as yet, unrevealed and inconceivably beautiful, temple ofPatanjali, 296:conscious of that which is hidden or as yet unrevealed. The Mysteries are revealed to the man whosePatanjali, 416:him the fact that the Sons of God, revealed or unrevealed, are everywhere to be found. TheProblems, 153:His power is present in the person of every man, unrevealed as yet in the majority but eternallyPsychology1, 40:and known, but purpose was as yet veiled and unrevealed. The "noble eightfold path" was not known,Psychology1, 44:for the ultimate perfecting of the latent and unrevealed purpose. Psychology1, 48:Monad is dynamic will or purpose, but remains unrevealed until after the third initiation. ThePsychology1, 98:and hear" that which has been up to the present unrevealed. The growth of the color sense and thePsychology1, 196:begins to sense some of the beauties that lie unrevealed behind all forms; the awakened disciplePsychology1, 196:to contact the unseen, the intangible, and the unrevealed. He becomes aware of those subjectivePsychology1, 196:Creative Builders, the Seven Rays It is this unrevealed inner beauty which lies back of thePsychology2, 37:this veil of maya I stand, a Blessed One, but unrevealed. My energy is great, and through my mind IPsychology2, 82:which there is naught else) is at this time an unrevealed secret, even to the most advanced of thePsychology2, 172:longer could be seen. Some aspects of a beauty, unrevealed before, emerged. And from the room aPsychology2, 397:in the divine Whole which remain as yet unrevealed, and are as much unexpressed as are the divineRays, 381:was the establishing of a rapport between the unrevealed second aspect (to which They wereRays, 427:with an emerald at the center Quality gained Unrevealed PATH V. THE RAY PATH Attributes A sense of
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