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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNSATISFACTORY

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Astrology, 184:and eventually substituted for the present unsatisfactory methods - methods which most astrologersAstrology, 184:capacity and insight regard as deplorable and unsatisfactory. The ruler of Sagittarius from theDestiny, 143:[143] energy to which we give the somewhat unsatisfactory name of "harmony through conflict" andDiscipleship1, 752:on the thread. In a distorted and frequently unsatisfactory fashion, he is engaged in forming hisDiscipleship2, 701:of despair. In spite of the profoundly unsatisfactory demonstration which you register in yourExternalisation, 672:bridge the gulf which now exists between the unsatisfactory, selfish and material past and that newHealing, 293:I am attempting to do is to put into words - unsatisfactory and quite inadequate - stanzasIntellect, 158:the practical mystic - which is our rather unsatisfactory way of designating [159] that mystic whoMagic, 26:and uses the organs of perception (if such an unsatisfactory phrase is legitimate) and means ofMagic, 478:their cycle of activity. But this method is as unsatisfactory in the field of knowledge as is thePatanjali, 425:The system now followed seems arid, dry and unsatisfactory. But joy and peace are registrations ofPsychology2, 30:same time, holds in solution (if one may use so unsatisfactory a term) all the results of thePsychology2, 123:It is responsible also for the generally unsatisfactory nature of much of that which is now beingPsychology2, 123:is now being done to relieve conditions. It is unsatisfactory from the higher angle of the soul.Psychology2, 337:life experience and enterprises begins to prove unsatisfactory. Another shift in consciousnessRays, 82:state of being for which we have no word but the unsatisfactory one of identification. This stateRays, 172:and transferred, is the only tangible though unsatisfactory symbol of this life-sharing process
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