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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNSEEN

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Astrology, 648:matter of an etheric nature are unknown and unseen. Yet they are potent in influence and untilAutobiography, 128:for my release, but I was quite unaware of it. Unseen by me a door was opening and even though IAutobiography, 163:in any work of a psychic nature at all. The unseen person who was speaking so clearly and directlyAutobiography, 239:the veil which separates the seen from the unseen. This they did in order to give man time toBethlehem, 128:reward of a single recognition - given alone and unseen on the top of a high mountain - to theBethlehem, 136:remains as yet behind the scenes, inscrutable, unseen and unknown, except as He is revealed throughBethlehem, 152:present both in the individual and in the race, unseen and unrevealed, but slowly and surelyBethlehem, 239:linked with the problem of divinity and of the unseen, subjective world, which seems to underlieBethlehem, 239:felt. Working therefore on the premise of the unseen and invisible, it is probable that we shallDiscipleship1, 124:and plans, and with your relation to the unseen Master. Perhaps in the right adjustment which youDiscipleship1, 167:the surface lies or that which can be known. The unseen sacrifice must go with that which can beDiscipleship1, 218:can enfold within its radiation the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, the loved andDiscipleship1, 288:bodies and not so much the realization of the unseen. That realization is for you somewhat easy.Discipleship1, 463:on the dividing line between the seen and the unseen. That way is not the way for you. You are notDiscipleship1, 742:astralism and the veil between the seen and the unseen will rapidly disappear. How can disciples beDiscipleship2, 153:shielding or containing a flowering - as yet unseen and recorded. I have been working, as you canDiscipleship2, 203:planned service, but are totally unaware of the unseen source of their inspiration. This mattersDiscipleship2, 264:and an intuitive recognition of the hitherto unseen and unrealized have wrought definite changes inDiscipleship2, 297:a realization upwards into kingdoms hitherto unseen and unknown, downwards into kingdoms which weDiscipleship2, 689:in your consciousness - subtle perhaps and unseen by others except by those with a truly perceptiveEducation, 39:itself in terms of approach to a felt but unseen deity, an expression of the [40] way of feeling.Education, 42:belief. The subtle influences emanating from the unseen realms, the forces of nature and man'sEducation, 42:material and the immaterial, of the seen and the unseen, of the tangible and the spiritual has everEducation, 43:while culture concerns the individual and the unseen spiritual man. Therefore a civilization whichEducation, 62:which is seen and experienced to that which is unseen, conditioning and determining. This is theExternalisation, 285:Science is rapidly becoming the science of the unseen and of the unprovable; religion has emergedExternalisation, 285:and must now emphasize the reality of the unseen as the efficient cause of the seen; politics andExternalisation, 470:the approach of mankind to the world of the unseen and to the spiritual realities. Before, however,Externalisation, 506:endeavor to strip the veil from the world of the unseen. He impresses the minds of those whoseExternalisation, 509:which divides the physical plane from the unseen world will be recognized as a fact in nature byExternalisation, 547:so essential to the recognition of the hitherto unseen Hierarchy. 2. I published books which gaveExternalisation, 696:staunchly convinced of the factor of the unseen worlds, is the man for whom search is at this timeFire, 175:- then "strikes the hour"; the seen becomes the unseen, the concrete resumes its precyclic state ofFire, 454:for its basis the scientific recognition of the unseen world and its due appreciation andFire, 454:hypothesis and religious dogma of the unseen world of thought and of spiritual existence. IncreasedFire, 474:him to recognize that which is now called the "unseen world," or the super-physical. Men in theirFire, 838:and by the solar Logos in the system. 67 Unseen Planets: "Not all of the Intra-Mercurial planets,Fire, 838:by their invisible radiations stars that are unseen and otherwise undetectable, hence planets also.Fire, 986:the Spirit - to produce material things from the unseen universe, and in such operations the AboveFire, 1058:matter of an etheric nature are unknown and unseen. Yet they are potent in influence and untilFire, 1269:of the dragon and serves His time... Unknown and unseen by Him, a greater disk becomes apparent,Healing, 48:into the physical body from the world of the unseen, and from the use, or misuse, of the subtlerHealing, 294:were and had, all that was seen and all that was unseen within the triple ring. (The three lowerHealing, 369:and, therefore, of the physical plane. These unseen particles of substance which can only be tracedHealing, 388:or the continuity of life on the other levels, unseen by the average man and regarded asHealing, 423:on the dividing line between the seen and the unseen. Again, that is not the way for you. You areHercules, 103:to death. That was an encounter that took place unseen by anybody; Hercules and the lion in theInitiation, 38:agencies which produce all that is seen and unseen, movable and immovable in the sphere of creationInitiation, 57:with those who heal, and cooperates unknown and unseen with the seekers after truth in the world'sInitiation, 59:movements that tend to strip the veil from the unseen. His is the energy which, through hisInitiation, 114:concerns the higher self, and through touching unseen things, habituates himself to them. Finally,Initiation, 118:fact. Faith is lost in sight, and things unseen are seen and known. No more can he doubt, but heInitiation, 119:immortality of the soul and the reality of the unseen worlds is for him proven and ascertained.Intellect, 16:our belief in its verity. These witnesses to the unseen world spoke with words of power and gaveIntellect, 37:starts with the accepted hypothesis of the unseen and the mystical. But science arrives at the sameIntellect, 37:the same point by working from the seen to the unseen and from the objective to the subjective.Intellect, 39:and responsiveness to a world, intangible and unseen, and to a new series of instinctualIntellect, 58:of, and a conscious contact with, his soul - the unseen factor which he senses, but of which heIntellect, 203:Religion are joining hands in the world of the unseen and intangible. These are steps in the rightMagic, 22:problem of the unknown, with that undefinable unseen part which we sense, but which remains in aMagic, 134:into a growing and profound realization of the unseen worlds without the balance that comes fromMagic, 134:to realize three things: The reality of the unseen worlds. The terrific power of thought. The needMagic, 331:vision, and a power to work on mental levels, unseen and unrecognized by men, it could also beMagic, 607:bridge the present gap between the seen and the unseen and so make the new world possible - a worldMeditation, 25:various approximations and differentiations unseen in a non-polarized atom. The matter is abstruseMeditation, 349:Complete dispassion, and a growing love of the unseen and the real. All this will be consummatedPatanjali, 315:or high adepts - able to walk through space unseen, are immediately brought to view,Patanjali, 365:of all forms to their environment, esoteric and unseen, produces the varying characteristics plusProblems, 133:serve that spiritual Hierarchy which stands - unseen and serene - behind all human affairs and feelPsychology1, 84:into the north remain wide open, for there the unseen Master stands with welcoming hand andPsychology1, 94:or does, somewhere, a part of him (hitherto unseen) live on? Does this aspect survive for a timePsychology1, 126:human eye, which will then see that which is now unseen. It will be a change within the eye, andPsychology1, 182:produces the interplay between the seen and the unseen; a God most surely transcendent, but at thePsychology1, 184:to annihilate the veil between the seen and the unseen than any other line of activity hithertoPsychology1, 186:to initiate the Plan, to wrest it out of the unseen and carry it into the realm of the seen, thenPsychology1, 195:of the atomic structures; these are latent and unseen and often unfelt; they are subjective. ThePsychology1, 196:which is beginning to enable him to contact the unseen, the intangible, and the unrevealed. HePsychology1, 370:of the seen and tangible from the world of the unseen and the intangible, the astral world. Just asPsychology2, 79:to love of self. Attachment to the unseen, the true, the subjective and the Real, which is onlyPsychology2, 168:within his darkened chamber. 'I realize the unseen beauty of the world. Color I know and sound IPsychology2, 171:him round until he faced the scene and room. unseen before... [172] Then through the center of hisPsychology2, 177:enumerated. Let us not forget their esoteric and unseen significances. The disciple will then learnPsychology2, 214:much a precipitation of an inner reality as an unseen factor, such as a germ, working within aRays, 79:the light. It is in reality devotion to an unseen goal, ever on ahead, and an unswervingRays, 195:down the ages, they are largely unrealized, unseen obstacles to his progress. They constitute theRays, 241:seven purposes might be called: a. The unknown, unseen and unheard purpose of Sanat Kumara. It isRays, 539:it enables him to contact and see the hitherto unseen, and on the basis of the newly acquiredRays, 758:situation, the urge to voice an appeal to the unseen spiritual Center, there is a fixed surety thatRays, 766:which is hidden by its light. The door is there, unseen, unknown, watched by the Lords of Flame.Rays, 766:The threshold of that inner door, the step unseen that must be reached, will meet the feet withinRays, 769:heart. That point is ever there, unnoticed and unseen. Dark is the night and drear, and sore theReappearance, 66:of the Wisdom and through His followers who toil unseen (and usually unrecognized) behind worldSoul, 16:is wandering in that borderland of the unseen which we dignify with the words energy - whetherSoul, 63:- Barrett, Sir William, On the Threshold of the Unseen, p. 274. The Eastern teaching regards theSoul, 66:point of view in that much criticized book The Unseen Universe. And that great mathematicalSoul, 124:of the world of spirit, of divine life, of the unseen world of spirits, and of that "cloud ofSoul, 125:and to bring the dead to life. Christ could pass unseen into rooms, and could raise the dead. (SeeSoul, 128:the etheric body with its centers, is subtle, unseen and beyond the reach of our five senses, andSoul, 130:the whole matter back into the realms of the unseen and the unprovable. But is this really so? HaveSoul, 160:Michael Pupin On the Threshold of the Unseen, Sir William Barrett Pagan and Christian Creeds,
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