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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNSELFISH

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Statement:until he has transmuted emotional devotion into unselfish service to humanity - not to the Master.Atom, 127:so very different in Him from the other good and unselfish people whom we know. We have not yetAtom, 131:before the right time. Only as man becomes unselfish will this tremendous power be permitted toAutobiography, 269:receives attention. Character-building and unselfish aspiration are regarded as necessarilyBethlehem, 152:made aware of the divinity in man, through his unselfish acts, his kindness, his spirit of enquiry,Bethlehem, 203:must be based on right motive, be actuated by unselfish purpose, and be carried forward in theBethlehem, 228:the Disciples it was merely a question of [228] unselfish subjection: in the case of Jesus it meantBethlehem, 252:from the death of self-absorption to the life of unselfish love, the transition from the darknessDiscipleship1, 23:isolation and [23] selfish seeking, that is new. Unselfish people are not rare. Unselfish groupsDiscipleship1, 23:that is new. Unselfish people are not rare. Unselfish groups are very rare. Pure detached devotionDiscipleship1, 280:this germ of the intuition from the purely unselfish motive of group usefulness, remembering thatDiscipleship1, 506:to the group? I answer: The gift of a pure and unselfish spirit and a rare capacity to give. NoDiscipleship1, 516:not hinder. Your gentle nature and your loving unselfish attitude militate powerfully against whatDiscipleship1, 715:inclination is not present; there is no true, unselfish desire to serve. There is only a vagueEducation, 89:directed) can from its earliest days assume an unselfish attitude towards his associates. It can beExternalisation, 13:beyond computation when they are single-minded, unselfish, pure and dedicated to service. But inExternalisation, 136:is purely wrong and evil or purely good and unselfish. There are mixed motives everywhere.Externalisation, 136:world understanding, peaceful relations, and an unselfish and beneficent spirit also in allExternalisation, 151:they are doing. The focused aspiration and the unselfish struggle to serve which characterizesExternalisation, 217:duality of selfish, material living and that of unselfish spiritual objectives. This is now clearlyExternalisation, 281:it will mean the conquest of selfish desire by unselfish love and sacrifice. This is the reward ofExternalisation, 374:human relations, in economic interchange, broad unselfish international politics and the growth ofExternalisation, 447:Where goodwill is present, and where there is unselfish intention and a broad point of view, thoseExternalisation, 450:stimulation of both the selfish and the unselfish aspects will evoke a tremendous emotional andExternalisation, 466:to human betterment, and by representative [466] unselfish people. It is they who must receive theExternalisation, 500:of the men of goodwill and in those who have unselfish purpose everywhere. This release of energyExternalisation, 506:His interests lie with all those who, with unselfish intent, strive after the ideal, and who liveExternalisation, 639:super-government, nor can it yet provide the unselfish and trained statesmen that such a governmentFire, 603:of in terms of quality, good or bad, selfish or unselfish; the effect of his "emanation" duringFire, 870:the man in his personal life) of some form of unselfish love, and of a love for some object, personFire, 993:lost where: One good aspiration is present. One unselfish deed is done. The life is strong inGlamour, 76:of the people who are desirous of being unselfish is great. So many contributing sentiments gatherHealing, 16:the debt of humanity to the wisdom, skill and unselfish attentions of the physicians is great. TheyHealing, 96:because saints and sinners, the selfish and the unselfish and all kinds of people, can achieveHealing, 127:to the decentralized life of the man who is unselfish (centered in the Self or soul), aware of hisHealing, 364:and to identify himself, through an act of pure unselfish will, with the dying person. None of thisHercules, 32:Now he has to learn to use the life force with unselfish intent, and not for the satisfaction ofHercules, 185:in some measure the man is not an initiate. 1. Unselfish service. This is not the service that weIntellect, 52:an active will towards spiritual Being, unselfish service (for that is the mode in which theIntellect, 97:of conscience, prompting us to higher and more unselfish living, and sounding a quick note ofIntellect, 223:in thought and word and deed, [223] when he is unselfish and knows the meaning of poise - emotionalMagic, 68:take their place. The choice between selfish and unselfish action is the most obvious one to followMagic, 119:an apt expression, to the question of selfish or unselfish motive, and, as you know, motives varyMagic, 126:is truly group-conscious and actuated by pure unselfish purpose. Only the soul, with the open eyeMagic, 129:of speech and that calm poise that comes from an unselfish life motive and forget the selfishMagic, 343:consciousness of his Master. Then having with unselfish intent linked up with the Master, thereMagic, 420:is therefore subordinated to that soul, unselfish purpose, purity of life, conformity to law andMagic, 482:to mankind. This group is constituted of the unselfish and intelligent men and women in every fieldMagic, 484:desire, either good or bad, either selfish or unselfish. Secondly, it should be borne in mind thatMagic, 519:work. Only the tested and the true, only the unselfish and the pure can be given the fullMagic, 557:or an organization and which is animated by the unselfish purpose and embodies some disciple's modeMagic, 558:motive can be entirely selfish and personal, or unselfish and spiritual, and in between, whereMagic, 576:acquired that acquisitiveness which is based on unselfish group work) become transmitters ofMagic, 602:will be demonstrated by a life of active unselfish service and by the manifestation of an illuminedMagic, 638:loving deed, every aspiring thought and every unselfish reaction is noted and known. Bear in mind,Meditation, 6:of highest aspiration and for purposes of unselfish endeavor) the higher and the lower form a lineMeditation, 48:to serve and to work among the sons of men. Unselfish service is the bedrock of the life of theMeditation, 100:but in pure thoughts, spiritual aims, and unselfish brotherly conduct, lie the fundamentals ofMeditation, 108:of nature; it may be the building in of unselfish devotion by the appeal of needy dependents; or itMeditation, 161:imparted formulas, and only when his object is unselfish, will he be trusted with these forms. WhenMeditation, 178:occult world that only those of pure life and unselfish motive can successfully reach the devaMeditation, 193:theirs. Only when united purity of motive and an unselfish adherence to the good of all can bePatanjali, 188:Christian, pledged to purity of life and unselfish service, can take up the practise of yoga muchPatanjali, 287:but are outgoing and inspired by an unselfish heartfelt desire to serve and aid. This state ofPatanjali, 288:of the race. It involves [288] active help, unselfish intent, wise judgment and loving activity. ItProblems, 17:demonstrate a new capacity to think in terms of unselfish international relations and not solely inProblems, 17:the international attitude to France in terms of unselfish human relations, summarizes theProblems, 63:directed) can from its earliest days assume an unselfish attitude towards its associates. It isProblems, 73:the propaganda of the selfish capitalist or the unselfish humanitarian. It might be well to addProblems, 115:and the farseeing, those prompted by a sane and unselfish common sense, the idealist and the menPsychology1, 325:at the seventh stage. Here we have complete unselfish adaptation to the group need and purpose.Psychology2, 86:controlling human life - the selfish and the unselfish, the individual good and the group good, thePsychology2, 137:force will flood their lives with effective unselfish love and with devotion to the Plan, to thosePsychology2, 349:along the path of the higher integration. The unselfish, spiritually oriented man also integratesRays, 614:this capacity and these habits, these unselfish activities and these spiritual habitual attitudesReappearance, 22:to human betterment and by representative unselfish people. The success of the effort now being
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