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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNSELFISHNESS

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Astrology, 237:and the spread of self-control and the growth of unselfishness (and these surely are the goal,Bethlehem, 120:nature, a tendency to self-forgetfulness, and unselfishness which puts others first, a wisdom whichBethlehem, 283:for each [283] to make that extra effort towards unselfishness, and that mental push towardsDestiny, 61:selfishness of a materialistic regime and the unselfishness of a mystically and spiritually mindedDiscipleship1, 24:an earnest endeavor on your part to love with unselfishness will gradually perfect in you a similarDiscipleship1, 570:life of personal comfort. The way of considered unselfishness lies open to you - a way you neverExternalisation, 515:faith is oft the subject of scoffing, in which unselfishness is regarded as the attribute of aFire, 738:during which an Ego reaps the reward of his unselfishness on earth. He is completely engrossed inFire, 976:race has reached a point of greater purity and unselfishness, the more detailed explanation of theGlamour, 121:glamor of self-sacrifice. The glamor of selfish unselfishness. The glamor of self-satisfaction. TheHealing, 367:decentralization, transference of interest, and unselfishness. Neurasthenic tendencies are likelyHercules, 108:self-protecting instinct, has to give place to unselfishness, which is literally the subordinationIntellect, 67:eventual realization. Prayer, plus disciplined unselfishness, produces the Mystic. Meditation, plusMagic, 174:an outpost of His consciousness requires an unselfishness and a self-surrender for which few areMagic, 259:through example and precept, of sacrifice and unselfishness, and the martyr spirit (tinctured as itMagic, 408:will be characterized by political and national unselfishness. This universal state of mind willMagic, 542:assure you that as men learn to think with more unselfishness and with greater purity, and asMagic, 543:heart, love of truth, and a life of service and unselfishness, are prime prerequisites, and whereProblems, 103:it evokes the whole problem of selfishness and unselfishness, of consideration and of justice, andPsychology1, 203:[203] Virtues to be acquired: Love, compassion, unselfishness, energy. This is called the ray ofPsychology1, 206:Serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, unselfishness, accuracy, mental and moral balance. ThisPsychology1, 284:of cooperation with his brothers, necessitating unselfishness, understanding and completePsychology1, 293:the individual will be the important unit, and unselfishness and cooperation will steadily take thePsychology2, 10:selfishness, leading finally to an ultimate unselfishness. The separative entity begins hisPsychology2, 60:sacrifice for the good of the world, unselfishness, intuitive understanding, cooperation with thePsychology2, 71:for self-control, for tolerance and for unselfishness. But these are elementary stages and shouldRays, 446:for self-control, for tolerance and for unselfishness. But these are elementary stages and shouldRays, 467:goodwill, or to demonstrate the qualities of unselfishness and high aspiration. Many esotericists
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