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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNTHINKING

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Autobiography, 80:orthodox or - to use the more modern word - an unthinking Fundamentalist, for no FundamentalistAutobiography, 142:the best intentions in the world he exploits the unthinking. It dawned on me, too, that there wasAutobiography, 169:in 1939, many pacifists and well meaning, though unthinking, people among the students of theAutobiography, 179:and of the mind and is greatly needed by the unthinking people of the world. Prayer is of theBethlehem, 81:heaven which we can attain if we fall back upon unthinking faith and blind acceptance of all thatBethlehem, 117:triple manner. "It is written," He says, and the unthinking and small-minded regard this asBethlehem, 142:responsibility. The low-grade human being or the unthinking individual has a collectiveDestiny, 17:civilization. From this display of energy, unthinking humanity draws back in fear and likes it not.Discipleship1, 148:you, at this time and temporarily, I suggest an unthinking, detachment and an enforced refusal toDiscipleship1, 435:love of my brothers. That love I render back, unthinking and unattached. 4th month - Power - Like aDiscipleship1, 745:- a step forward indeed from that of the average unthinking person but one to which they clingDiscipleship2, 205:a compassionate recognition of human need. The unthinking man or woman, or those engrossed entirelyDiscipleship2, 219:yoga into the required cycle of raja yoga, from unthinking activity into a period of illumined mindDiscipleship2, 234:cities and agricultural areas? The need of these unthinking masses must be met by disciples of lessEducation, 114:expression, bringing about the deception of the unthinking. [115] The man who has a golden tongue,Education, 115:the balance of the community and lead a body of unthinking adherents to a transient success andEducation, 138:response to the sex urge and desire, and the unthinking procreation of children. The vastExternalisation, 113:question which is uppermost in the minds of the unthinking, occult students today: Why could notExternalisation, 126:of authority, of control, and remain relatively unthinking and childlike. This means that the trueExternalisation, 208:language, because it is the inert mass of unthinking people who will constitute the hardestExternalisation, 214:major views of the whole of humanity, plus the unthinking masses, swayed by propaganda, controlledExternalisation, 327:right ideals, and the educating of the usually unthinking masses (who are, however, today thinkingExternalisation, 379:have been exploited down the ages, for the unthinking and the emotional are easily swayed in anyExternalisation, 415:of them will reveal that the majority of the unthinking masses (an immense majority) do accept themExternalisation, 424:susceptible from innate weakness, and from the unthinking and emotional: the Forces of Light workExternalisation, 430:and unweakened, for it is aided by the mild, unthinking person, by the bewildered, the pacifist,Externalisation, 444:intent, implementing the massed intent of the unthinking, the terrified and the distressed andExternalisation, 466:of goodwill, and not on the shoulders of the unthinking, undeveloped and suffering masses. This isExternalisation, 473:reactions of millions, whilst the plight of the unthinking but helpless masses has reached anExternalisation, 476:hindered by the sweet sentimentality of the unthinking Christian and by the well-meaning, but oftExternalisation, 478:nations. Because of this decision on Their part, unthinking people claim that the statements ofExternalisation, 653:plans are laid, and They look for and expect no unthinking and unintelligent obstructions andGlamour, 22:are realized on etheric levels. It is that vital unthinking emotional MESS (yes, brother of old,Glamour, 138:in the world, unrecognized and unsought by the unthinking. Their need today is to "assembleHealing, 34:the world, and those whom we call the vast unthinking public, the dominating factors are the streamHealing, 255:of the average thinking (or again should I say, unthinking?) public. The field of medicine is aHealing, 272:old religious presentation suffices to guide the unthinking masses along certain broad lines ofHealing, 365:in our thought the dead weight of the unthinking masses who register desire but who as yetHealing, 401:of the human heart, very few are vindictive or unthinking enough to regard this presentation asHealing, 401:and of course among those we must class the unthinking people who escape from mental responsibilityHealing, 706:place only upon the periphery. Where the average unthinking man is concerned, the danger of "black"Intellect, 158:objective and discipline. For the vast and unthinking majority, it is perhaps true that the mysticIntellect, 208:to practice meditation, than it is for the unthinking mechanical worker, or for the woman who isMagic, 409:war and bloodshed, penury and vice may lead the unthinking into the depths of pessimism. But thoseMagic, 482:who are neither good nor bad, but simply unthinking, and entirely submerged in the evolutionaryMagic, 482:other time in racial history. The first group is unthinking; the two other groups are beginning toMagic, 502:plexus, used by the emotional, unintelligent, unthinking man and by those whose animal nature isMagic, 515:cyclic in their expression. They include the unthinking toiler and the uncivilized man. Then thereProblems, 126:these man-evolved interpretations upon the unthinking and the ignorant. Every religion - Buddhism,Problems, 150:made itself felt in the inchoate longings of unthinking man (literally unthinking at that stage),Problems, 150:inchoate longings of unthinking man (literally unthinking at that stage), it evoked a response fromPsychology1, 180:expression, bringing about the deception of the unthinking. The man who has a golden tongue, thePsychology1, 180:the balance of the community and lead a body of unthinking adherents to a transient success andPsychology1, 270:ideas on this vital matter. The attitude of the unthinking savage to the sex life, and the attitudePsychology1, 277:terms of modern usage as it is found among the unthinking and the average, sex is a word whichPsychology1, 282:in its effect. This is a hard saying for the unthinking and the illogical. Both the good and thePsychology1, 294:of the most advanced visionaries of today. The unthinking, the idle and the stupid will still bePsychology1, 361:kind" is the same motivation, applied to the unthinking masses. The seventh ray will bring to thePsychology2, 205:mass consciousness, because they are relatively unthinking. They can be regimented and standardizedPsychology2, 348:We are apt to bandy words about with unthinking lightness and inexactitude, but, dealing as we arePsychology2, 394:of the inner structure. Just as the average, yet unthinking human being knows that he is a personPsychology2, 472:realized on etheric levels. It is that vital, unthinking, emotional mess (yes, that is the word IPsychology2, 633:helpless, exploited and - because they are an unthinking, unreasonable mass of human beings, - theyPsychology2, 633:well know and as all governments realize. Blind, unthinking violence has hitherto been met by armedPsychology2, 654:food, raiment and housing facilities to the unthinking masses everywhere will bring about a changedPsychology2, 657:The remaining sixty per cent is formed by the unthinking masses, who are little more than emotionalPsychology2, 670:extremes the masses swing, - inert, helpless, unthinking, easily swayed, regimented andRays, 613:values of either group appreciated by the unthinking masses. Today, party politics are as selfish,Rays, 629:be done, in its revolt from all controls, in its unthinking acceptance of any information whichReappearance, 118:men to move forward from the grossest forms of unthinking materialism to a spiritual perfection andTelepathy, 8:work. The undeveloped human being and the unthinking, non mental man or woman can be and often areTelepathy, 116:spiritual in nature. The average, though still unthinking, human being works through his astral
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