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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNTRAINED

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Destiny, 37:principle, we find the susceptibility of the untrained masses to this mental imposition and theDiscipleship1, 728:not out of the group. It is the unready and the untrained who do the waiting, not the ready and theDiscipleship1, 760:He is aware of the dangers incident to the untrained neophyte endeavoring to distribute forces, toDiscipleship2, 296:aspirational prayers and the meditation work - untrained or as the result of training - done byDiscipleship2, 337:as the sentimental sixth or second ray untrained aspirant is prone to interpret it. It can takeEducation, 104:because the minds of men are as yet practically untrained and undeveloped, they have little powerExternalisation, 251:the issue. To the casual thinker and the untrained occult student it might appear that - given anExternalisation, 267:By so doing, the problem was simplified for the untrained mind. It also produced, spirituallyGlamour, 59:about by wrong perception. The cause is an untrained, unillumined mind. The cure is training in theHealing, 601:healers will have a great advantage over the untrained healer, because their diagnosis of theHealing, 602:of a center. This, however, especially with untrained healers, is sufficient. Too detailed aIntellect, 231:work. The call for too great a quiescence of the untrained personality, and the energy they evokeMagic, 14:view and meet with a ready acquiescence from the untrained mind, and that is the average mind.Magic, 430:personality. This involves necessarily an untrained mind and a feeble intellect. Second: a sense ofPsychology1, 92:and inexplicable psychic happenings, the mass of untrained opinion and the findings of visionaryPsychology1, 207:loves color, and can generally produce It. If untrained as an artist, a color sense is sure toPsychology2, 623:emotional emphasis - and the will force of the untrained magical worker who is influenced by
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