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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNUSED

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Discipleship1, 371:desire and spiritual will (qualities present but unused). Such a disciple are you, my brother andExternalisation, 60:mineral wealth of the world was undiscovered and unused, we had the stage of tamas at its deepestExternalisation, 443:and garnished, it remained empty (as symbol of unused opportunity and ignored responsibility) andExternalisation, 655:mental capacity which is latent in and hitherto unused by the masses of men everywhere. It can beIntellect, 131:the exercise of a higher and hitherto probably unused faculty must take its place. The seed thoughtMagic, 462:be [462] found to be related to the inflow of unused and unrecognized energy which is capable ofMagic, 527:The mass of men are like the millions of unused brain cells which the psychologists and scientistsProblems, 110:will be retarded for many years. The hitherto unused and unorganized power of the countlessProblems, 171:to the nature of true goodwill and its hitherto unused potency. This will mean the deflecting ofPsychology2, 268:up in his divine nature and hitherto remaining unused. This impact is called the "Touch ofPsychology2, 430:right activity, for all the innate, and unused faculties of man will be swept into integratingPsychology2, 513:about in three ways: The discovery of the unused resources and vital reservoirs of strength, latentPsychology2, 610:the power that is flowing through them remains unused or misapplied. Much of the physical blindnessPsychology2, 610:of the light of the head - unrecognized and unused - and thus producing or exciting a definitePsychology2, 642:exists for world betterment, and constitutes an unused power which has never yet been organizedPsychology2, 665:that spiritual perception which is latent but unused in the average man. They have to catch the newPsychology2, 742:Their united good will (at present latent, unused and unorganized) can become a world force andRays, 430:political maturity); it finds the United States, unused to power, somewhat arrogant, with a strongSoul, 98:Prana to enable it to form new combinations, the unused Prana returning to the great universalSoul, 108:void of the animating breath (prana), as so many unused instruments, he can animate more than one
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